How to Log Into Linksys E1200 Router In Case You Forgot the Password

Linksys E1200 has a login password set by default. On all models, the default password is admin. It’s case-sensitive, meaning that it won’t work with uppercase letters.

How to Log Into Linksys E1200 Router In Case You Forgot the Password

You’ll probably want to change this password, though. But what happens if you do that and then forget it? What happens if the router comes with a previously changed password? Maybe you took over one or someone in the store messed with it? So, how do you access your router?

As it turns out, it’s relatively easy to do it.

Resetting the Router

Whether you’ve forgotten the new password that you’ve set, or the admin password doesn’t work, there’s no need to contact Linksys support or call your vendor. You can reset the password on your own.

It’s actually as simple as setting the router to the default settings. In other words, you need to factory-reset the E1200 device.

Here’s how to reset your Linksys E1200 router.

First, plug the router in and power it on. Once it’s up and running, flip the device to access the bottom. With a small and sharp object (a pin or a paperclip will do), locate the Reset button and insert and hold for about 5-10 seconds.

At this point, feel free to flip the router to the intended position. The router should reset automatically (about 30 seconds). Past 30s, unplug the router from the power source and wait a few seconds. Then, plug it back in.

Linksys E1200 Router Login In Case you Forgot the Password

Wait for about 30 seconds until the router powers up properly. Now, you need to log in with the default username and the admin password. To access the router, use the address.

Use the menu to change the router password to a new secure password. Make sure that you remember the password so that you don’t have to go through another reset.

What Does the Factory Reset Mean

Keep in mind that a router that has been reset has all the settings restored to the factory defaults. In essence, the settings are going to be those that you’d get out of the box.

Any customizations previously made will be gone, so you’re going to have to set them again. This includes the wireless network settings, port forwarding options, and DNS server settings.

You can back up the router configuration to a file if you want to avoid having to do this every time you factory-reset the E1200 router.

Linksys E1200 Router Login - In Case you Forgot Password

Can’t Access the E1200 Router

As mentioned earlier, is the default address that’s used for accessing it. However, not being able to access it using this address may mean that the address has been changed.

Moreover, you don’t have to reset the router to access the address information. The default gateway can be viewed and configured through a computer that’s connected to the Linksys E1200 router. The IP address used here is the same as the router’s new IP address.

Manual and Firmware

If you don’t have a manual on you and would like to install new firmware, you can access this information and software online. Googling “linksys e1200 manual” or “linksys e1200 firmware” should get you what you need.

Changing the Linksys E1200 Router Login Info

As you can see, all you need to do to change your login information for the E1200 is to factory reset the device. Keep in mind, though, that a factory reset will remove all custom changes made to the router.

Have you successfully changed the password on your router? Did you find the process easy? Feel free to join the discussion in the comment section below. Add your thoughts, tips, and questions.

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