How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft

Whether you want to celebrate a successful expedition or add a ton of style to crossbow combats, Minecraft fireworks surely come in handy. They are extremely fun to play with, and there’s no risk of ruining your castle or frightening your pets. But how exactly do you craft fireworks in Minecraft?

How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft

You’re about to find out! This article will show you how to make fireworks in your favorite sandbox game and cover some fun ways to modify them.

How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft

Here’s the basic recipe for creating a firework in Minecraft:

  1. Open the Crafting Table
  2. Add one gunpowder and one paper to the crafting grid.
  3. Your rocket will now appear in the field to your right. You can move it to your inventory and start blasting.

How to Make a Fireworks Star in Minecraft

A firework star is an item that determines the shape, effect, and color of your fireworks. To obtain one, you‘ll need to craft it or access your creative inventory. Making one is fairly straightforward:

  1. Go to your crafting menu.
  2. Add one gunpowder and one dye of your choice. Other ingredients are optional. For instance, you can include a head, feather, fire charge, gold nugget, diamond, or glowstone to add special effects like flickering.
  3. The Firework Star will appear in the field to your right. Place it in your inventory, and you’re good to go.

How to Make Fireworks Bigger in Minecraft

To spice things up, you can make your fireworks bigger. Let’s say you wanted to set up a firework explosion with three red bursts, here’s how the recipe would go:

  1. Craft a Firework Star using a red dye and add it to your inventory.
  2. Open another crafting grid and combine the Firework Star, paper, and three gunpowder.
  3. Place the Firework Rocket in your inventory. You’ll see that it’s noticeably bigger and produces a red burst effect when set off.

How to Make Fireworks Go Higher in Minecraft

Reaching greater heights is done the same way:

  1. Open your crafting grid.
  2. Combine one paper and two or three gunpowder, depending on how high you want your firework to go.
  3. Add the firework to your inventory, and you’re all set.

How to Make Fireworks Explode in Minecraft

There are no special modifications required to get your Minecraft fireworks to explode. Once you launch them, they fly vertically with some horizontal offset. After a few seconds, the fireworks explode and create a vivid display, depending on the star effects you chose during crafting. If you’ve added multiple stars to your rocket, they will all explode at the same time.

How to Make Fireworks for Crossbow in Minecraft

To shoot fireworks from your crossbow, you’ll first need to craft them:

  1. Access your crafting menu, combine one gunpowder and one paper and place the fireworks in your inventory.

You can now use your firework rocket as crossbow ammunition, but it will only deal damage upon explosion. Additionally, the more firework stars you have, the greater the damage your crossbow will deal.

To fire fireworks from your crossbow, you need to have the firework rockets in your offhand. From there, the shooting mechanic remains the same as usual:

  1. Right-click the crossbow to load it.
  2. You’ll know the weapon is loaded when the drawstring looks taut.
  3. Once fully charged, release the use button to fire the crossbow.

How to Make Fireworks Fly Longer in Minecraft

Changing the duration of your fireworks is another fun modification. To add more distance to your fireworks, you just need to add more gunpowder. The amount you add determines the height your firework will reach.

For instance, a rocket crafted with one gunpowder will reach up to 20 blocks. On the other hand, missiles with two and three gunpowder can cover up to 34 and 52 blocks, respectively.

How to Make Creeper Fireworks in Minecraft

Minecraft also allows you to create creeper fireworks. Here’s how to craft them:

  1. Open your crafting menu.
  2. Combine one white dye, one creeper head, and one gunpowder.
  3. If you want special effects on your creeper fireworks, add one diamond to create a trailing effect as the rocket explodes. You can also include glowstone dust to make your firework rocket seem like it’s flickering.
  4. Move your creeper star to the inventory.
  5. Open a new crafting menu and add one creeper-shaped star, one gunpowder, and one paper.
  6. You’ve now created a Creeper Fireworks Rocket. Transfer it to your inventory, and that’s all there is to it.

Additional FAQs

Coming up are some more fireworks-related details we may not have mentioned in the previous sections.

How Do You Craft Fireworks in Minecraft?

Once you’ve collected the necessary ingredients, crafting fireworks in Minecraft shouldn’t take you more than a few seconds:

• Go to your crafting menu and hover to the crafting grid.

• Place one gunpowder and one paper in the grid.

• Your firework rocket will then display in the field to your right.

• Move it to your inventory, and the fireworks are ready to be fired.

How Do You Make Elytra Fireworks?

A great way to boost your elytra while flying is to equip it with fireworks. By default, an elytra can’t cover a considerable distance, but with fireworks in the picture, players can glide much longer, gain more speed, and launch from the ground. This is what you need to do to enhance your elytra with fireworks:

• Equip your elytra winds.

• Place your firework rockets in the inventory.

• Find a high ground where you can start gliding.

• Jump off the mountain’s side and open your elytra wings using your game controls. For instance, you’ll need to press Space on your PC or Mac to start gliding.

• As you begin to glide, you’ll need to use your firework rockets to gain more speed using your game controls. On your Pc or Mac, you’ll only need to right-click to launch the missile.

How Do You Color Fireworks in Minecraft?

Aside from the shape and effect of your firework rockets, firework stars also determine their color. Therefore, you’ll need them as a staple ingredient during the crafting process:

• Start your crafting menu.

• Combine one gunpowder and one dye you prefer. This will craft a star you can now place in the inventory.

• Open another crafting menu.

• Add one gunpowder, one paper, and the star you just created.

• The result will be a firework explosion with the same color as your firework star.

How Do You Make Rockets in Minecraft?

The items you’ll need to make rockets in Minecraft are paper and gunpowder:

• Start your crafting menu, and you’ll see a crafting grid.

• There, place one gunpowder and one paper.

• You’ll see a firework rocket in the field to the right.

• Relocate it to your inventory, and it’s ready for action.

How Do You Create Custom Fireworks with Commands?

Another way you can light up the Minecraft sky with some fireworks is through commands. Here’s an example command:

give Isometrus minecraft:fireworks 1 0







By activating this command, you’ll summon a rocket that will explode after two seconds. The fireworks will create a yellow outside layer with a twinkling effect. There will also be an orange and red inner layer fading into yellow.

You Can Never Have Enough Explosions

Whatever the reason for crafting your firework rockets, firing them spells fun on many levels. Not only are they easy to craft, but they also stunning effects that will mesmerize all nearby players. Best of all, you can tweak your rockets to make them fly higher and reach greater distances. You can also modify them with other items, such as your elytra wings, and move the fun factor up a notch.

Have you tried crafting firework rockets? Did you have any trouble making them? What star effects did you go for? Tell us in the comments section below.

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