How to Manage Subtitles on Disney Plus [All Major Devices]

From the outset, Disney Plus took the streaming industry by storm. The implementation of a streaming service wasn’t surprising, given the amount and scope of the included content and that it all came at an affordable price.

How to Manage Subtitles on Disney Plus [All Major Devices]

In terms of customizations, there’s little you can’t do with Disney Plus. This article explores all the nuances of subtitles and provides tips to make them fit your viewing preferences.


Enabling and disabling subtitles on Disney Plus is a breeze. The following sections provide a quick guide for various devices, including smartphones and Smart TVs.

Managing Disney Subtitles on a Firestick Device

  1. Pick a movie or a show you’d like to watch and play it. While it’s playing, click the Up button on your remote to bring up the menu icon and select it.
  2. The Subtitles option appears in the menu; navigate to it, and press the selection button to choose between On and Off. Once done, you need to press the back button to exit to playback.
Manage Subtitles for Disney Plus [All Major Devices]

Managing Disney Subtitles on a Roku Device

  1. Again, you start by selecting the content you wish to watch. Then, proceed to the content description page and choose Options or Audio & Subtitles. Of course, you navigate using the Roku remote or click on the corresponding icon via the desktop client or app.
  2. Within the menu, select Subtitles or Closed Captioning On or Off and hit the back button to return.
closed captioning

Alternatively, you can manage your subtitles for all apps from the Roku Settings menu; here’s how.

  1. On the Roku homepage, scroll down and select Settings.
    Roku Homepage
  2. Next, scroll down the Settings menu and click on Accessibility.
    Roku Settings menu
  3. From here, you can choose Captions mode, Captions preferred language, and Captions style.
    Roku Accessibility menu 2
  4. For instance, to manage subtitles, just click on Captions Mode and choose from Off, On always, and On replay.
    Roku Captions menu
  5. The other two options allow you to select your preferred subtitle language and appearance.

There are several options to choose from; it might help to take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the menu.

Disney Subtitles on Newer Rokus – Key Tip

  1. Press the Up or Down button on the remote to access the menu and select Audio & Subtitles. Other actions are the same, and this is the faster way to go.

You should also know that newer Rokus allow you to disable subtitles during playback.

Managing Disney Subtitles on an Android or iPhone

  1. Play a movie or a show and tap on the device’s display. This step applies to all Android and iOS devices, iPads included.
  2. Tap on the chat bubble icon and select Subtitle and Audio options, then tap the menu under Subtitles to turn them off and on.
  3. Hit the X in the upper-right part of the screen to go back to playback.
subtitles off

Managing Disney Subtitles on a PC

This method assumes you’re accessing Disney Plus via a browser. If so, the streaming service has the same interface, regardless of the operating system and the computer you’re using.

  1. To enable or disable the subtitles, click on the menu icon in the main window’s upper right section.
    Disney+ Menu Icon
  2. This process brings you to the Audio & Subtitles menu, where you can also choose the preferred language.
    Disney+ Audio and Subtitles Menu

If you want to turn the subtitles off, click the corresponding option under Subtitles.

Disney Subtitles on a Smart TV (Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Vizio)

Installing and using Disney Plus directly on your Smart TV is great, but how do you manage the subtitles? Below, you’ll get tips for some of the most popular Smart TV brands.


  1. Launch the Disney Plus app, select the content you want to watch, and hit the Play button.
  2. Now, press the Up arrow two times to open the language box in the upper right of the screen and navigate via the remote.
  3. Press the Select button and go to the Audio and Subtitles menu.
  4. Under Subtitles, choose Off or select the subtitles language you’d like to use. Samsung TV Disney+ Subtitle Settings


  1. Get your LG remote and hit the Home button.
  2. The settings cog should appear in the upper-right part of the screen; select it and proceed to Accessibility, then choose Subtitle.
  3. Ensure the Subtitles section is highlighted, and then choose to disable or enable subtitles. This action turns on subtitles for the TV.
  4. Next, you need to launch the app for any content you’d like to watch and repeat the steps.


Turning the subtitles on and off is done via the Panasonic remote. There’s a dedicated button, and it’s labeled STTL/AD or STTL. The button’s positioning may vary, but it’s usually in the middle of the remote, just above the Vol and CH rockers.


Pressing the button might instantly turn the subtitles on and off. But with some newer models, it activates the subtitles menu with more options. If you want to disable or enable them, navigate to the corresponding section and make a selection.

Finally, make sure the subtitles within Disney Plus are enabled as well.


  1. Grab the remote and hit the Home button, and then choose Settings. The subtitle option is at the bottom of the screen. For some reason, Sony prefers to use a briefcase icon instead of the standard cog.
  2. Once inside, select the Digital Set-up option and press the central button to confirm. Sony TV Settings
  3. Navigate to the Subtitle Set-up and press the central button again. You can now set the subtitle preference for the Smart TV and do the same with Disney Plus.
  4. Press the Home button twice if you want to go back to the last content source.


  1. Press the Menu button on the Vizio remote, usually located above the navigation rockers in the device’s upper section, to activate the subtitles. Vizio TV Settings
  2. Use the arrows to reach the Closed Captions option and hit the OK button to confirm. You can use the left and right arrows inside the menu to toggle subtitles off and on. Vizio TV Settings - Closed Captions
  3. The Closed Captions menu also features Analog and Digital Closed Captions and Digital Style. For your intentions and purposes, it’s best to keep these as default.

There’s also a CC button on the remote, and it should activate or deactivate subtitles with a single press. Nevertheless, don’t forget to enable the subtitles in the Disney Plus app itself.

Additional FAQs

By now, it’s obvious how simple it is to enable or disable the Disney Plus subtitles on any device. What’s more, this option usually works without a glitch. However, there are some specific customizations and troubleshooting options you should know.

disney plus

Can I Change the Subtitle Language?

The quick answer is yes, you can, and you already know how to do it. When you get inside the Audio & Subtitles menu, use the arrow keys on your remote to navigate right. Then choose the preferred language from the list and check it.

Most of the Disney Plus content supports more than twenty different subtitle languages. However, some exotic fonts and letters might not be available.

Anyway, you should see the subtitles language preview as soon as you make the selection.

Subtitles Keep Coming Back On. What Can I Do?

Once disabled during the playback, the subtitles should stay off. But this isn’t always the case, especially with certain streaming gadgets and Smart TVs.

To find the culprit, you should double-check the in-app setting. That is, make sure the Disney Plus subtitles are off. Then proceed to inspect the option on your Roku, Firestick, or any other streaming gadget you might have.

Afterward, you can resume playback to determine if the subtitles are gone. Sometimes this doesn’t help, and you’ll need to tweak the TV settings.

Mind you, turning off subtitles on streaming devices and TVs applies across the board, not just particular content. And the Disney Plus app should be able to override those to prevent annoying issues.

Can Text Size Be Adjusted?

Yes, you can adjust the text size. Within the Subtitles/ Closed Captions menu, you’ll be able to find different text sizes expressed in percentages. All you need to do is select the desired percentage, and the subtitles will automatically scale to that. But there’s a catch.

Depending on your device, the text might appear too big or too small. This issue is a common occurrence with certain Android smartphones, for example.

On the other hand, if your streaming device allows you to change the overall text size, you won’t need to tamper with the Disney Plus settings.

For example, if you’re using an iPhone or Android device, head over to the Accessibility Settings on your device. From here, you can customize your subtitles’ font, size, and even color in most cases. The same options are available on an Xbox and PS4/5 under the Closed Captioning settings.

Can the Font Size Be Changed?

You can easily change the font size from the Disney Plus Audio & Subtitles settings. Not only that, but the menu allows you to change the font color, opacity, and edge style.

1. To access this option, navigate to Audio & Subtitles and select Settings.

2. Choose the Font Size you like under the corresponding tab and check the preview in the window at the top of the menu.

For some devices, like Xbox One, you’d probably need to use a much bigger font than the original.

My Subtitles Aren’t Syncing Properly. What Can I Do?

First, know that this isn’t a common problem with Disney Plus. All the content has subtitles at a frame rate that corresponds with the video frame rate. Therefore, a quick restart of the playback or the app itself usually deals with the issue.

Some streaming devices might also allow you to change the frame rate manually, which can temporarily fix the issue. But as the video progresses, the subtitles might drop out of sync again. This goes double if you’re trying to use third-party subtitles.

When streaming content via mobile devices, you should ensure that the operating system and the app are up-to-date. Otherwise, the subtitles might trail behind the audio and vice versa.

Binge Streaming – Subtitles On

Disney Plus left no stone unturned when it comes to subtitles management. Access is easy, regardless of the device you’re using. Plus, the customization menu is hard to rival. The only limitation is the text size on select devices.

What Disney Plus content do you like the best? Did you have any trouble loading the subtitles? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

22 thoughts on “How to Manage Subtitles on Disney Plus [All Major Devices]”

Pavel Du Plessis says:
Hello, I’m watching Disney plus in Philip smart tv. I would like to change the background of the subtitles to black. I can’t find the settings for that. I have OLED 803, runs on Android smart tv. Thank you for your help.
Steve Larner says:
I believe that the Phillips OLED 803 TV does not have custom subtitle options. The manual does not specify custom options for subtitles—only language and on/off instructions for digital and analog signals.
lara says:
can’t read the subtitles as it is too small 😔 I’m using an Android phone
Chris says:
This information is incorrect. On Roku, the directions here are fir CAPTIONS, not subtitles. These are not the same thing. When turning on captions, the audio is automatically muted, and there is no option for subtitles, which leaves the audio on.
Melissa says:
I cannot figure out how to stop the captions from auto-loading. I can turn them off during playback but as soon as a new episode or movie plays, they are back. This is really annoying when my grandchildren are watching something like Mickey Mouse shorts where the episodes are particularly short. I’m constantly having to turn off distracting captions. I tried fixing this in the settings of my phone (iPhone 11 pro). I turned off Closed Captions and SDH under Accessibility. This is really driving me crazy because, much as I appreciate captions in certain settings, I don’t want them loading unless I *choose* to load them.
Fam says:
I turn the subtitles off and they only stay off for the one episode I’m watching. They turn back on when I click on another episode. How do I PERMANENTLY keep them turned off?
Steve Larner says:
Depending on the TV or device, it could be that you need to go into the main settings of the TV or device and turn subtitles off. Perhaps the device tells Disney to turn subtitles on, and you bypassed it for the current stream using the Disney settings.
Hema Ram kumar says:
Only half the sub titles, are visible , and the option of text size is unavailable. I have a fire stick and my tv is wide, Samsung
Lori Brown says:
Can I set the subtitles to only appear at non English speaking parts? Or do they have to be on full time or off full time on a show or movie?
Steve Larner says:
Subtitles are either on or off. You cannot create auto triggers for specific subtitle or language content.
Robbe Lheureux says:
When i cast Disney+ on my Google Chromecast from my android phone, is there still a way to edit the subtitle font size?
Diana Thompson says:
I have comcast cable and have cc on it but when I go to disney+ I don’t have cc on any program on disney+
Steve Larner says:
It is recommended that you always enable CC in Disney+ app as well. That is perhaps the issue. If not, try the CC button on your remote to se what happens. The app is completely separate from the TV or cable and has its own options. However, the TV or cable sometimes triggers it to the app but not always.
Laura F Peters says:
My father gas a tlc smart TV that has roku built in Dont know what kind no where in the app does it have an option to turn on captions. And I can’t turn them on in the tv itself cause he hates captions. Help?
Steve Larner says:
To help solve the issue, what is the model of the TV?
Mike S says:
with the subtitles switched off and the English audio, there is no automatic subtitles for foreign languages
for example, watching the Martian, when the Chinese space agency is talking, I have to switch on ALL subtitles to know what they are saying.
Steve Larner says:
A lot of it depends on the source. Some motion picture companies add a special subtitle to English movies for foreign spoken languages or invented ones, like for alien speech. They don’t do it for every release of a movie or for every film. And if you’re lucky, the CC or subtitle feature will contain such translation.
Doni says:
I have a Roku tv and I have tried changing the language on Disney Plus I selected English but it continues to display another language and it’s only on Disney Plus that I am having this issue can someone please help me
Steve Larner says:
It’s a problem with Disney+ or the streaming media source.
Kevin Donovan says:
Thanks. Tried everything to turn off CC on Disney+. Spent a couple of hours on this until I did a search.
Jim says:
I get no audio/subtitles menu on Roku and Disney. The down arrow key worked on Netflix, but I missed two years of TV before finding it. Roku has a centralized caption setting. Apps that don’t honor that should be charged with ADA violations.
lefthand says:
totaly agree there is nothing to set on playstation
Larry says:
I normally don’t want subtitltes, BUT I do when someone is speaking in a different language. My problem is that it’s all or nothing. Very annoying. Anyway to say “show subtitles if language is not [XYZ]”???
Steve Larner says:
Unfortunately, you cannot trigger subtitles on specific criteria.
PeterS says:
Subtitles are NOT available, on our AndroidTV 10.0 tvbox.

We have tried all possible ways, and only thing we get, is “the movie-playback ends”, and we need to “navigate back” to the movie.
F…. annoying!

Steve Larner says:
Did you try to go to “Settings -> Device Preferences -> Accessibility – Captions” and ensure the “display” slider is set to the “On” position? You can also set your preferences in the same menu. This is 2023 now, but the options should be there.
Jeremiah says:
trying to change the font size thru a firestick on a normal tv (not a smart tv) and it seems its not possible? this is very odd they are annoyingly big in disney plus.
Polly Foxx says:
Help. I cannot get the Audio/subtitles bar to vanish on Disney + once the movie starts ☹️ ps4
PS4Guy says:
While playing the movie, Hit the Up Arrow on your PS4 Controller. Top menu should display, select subtitles -> Off
Polly Foxx says:
Help. I cannot get the Audio/subtitles bar to vanish on Disney + once the movie starts ☹️
Steve Larner says:
Try going into your device’s settings and turning off subtitles/CC. Disney+ also has a CC option you can turn off before starting the stream.
Raikku says:
At least here in Europe(Finland) you can’r change anything from subtiitles on Android tv(Sony) or on PS4/Xbox one. You can only on/off or select language.

And with HDR-material that’s huge minus, texts are way too large and they are horribly bight, ruining whole screens birghtness level in dark scenes. Fo that reason I have to limit app to 1080p and watch without 4K/hdr.

THANK YOU X 1000000
Ive asked this several time now (im old) and it sorts me everytime xxx

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