How to Open Cages in Genshin Impact

Some missions in Genshin Impact require opening cages, draining water, or melting ice. However, the game doesn’t give players any clue on how to do that. Our guide will help you to complete the quests and progress to the next level.

We will explain how to open cages and how to perform other actions necessary to complete different Genshin Impact quests. We will also answer the most common questions related to some of the missions in the game.

How to Open Cages in Genshin Impact

To open cages in Genshin Impact, you will need to find a key. The instructions to finding the key are different for every quest. Most likely, the first quest involving a cage that you will come across is the “And This Treasure Goes To”. To open the cage, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the enemy camp at the Lingju Pass.
  2. Get rid of enemies in the camp and open the chest located in the camp.
  3. You will find the cage key in the chest.
  4. Talk to the woman in the cage to get directions to the next treasure.
  5. Release the woman.

How to Open Cages in Genshin Impact in Dragonspine

To get one of the three Ragged Records in the game, you will have to visit Dragonspine and open a cage. Make sure to prepare for the weather, as your character can take environmental damage. To open the cage, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit a bridge with Cryo pillars at the south-west outskirts of the Entombed City.
  2. Activate all of the four Cryo pillars to unlock a sealed device next to the bridge. Two of the pillars are on another side of the bridge. One pillar is located in the stone wall nearby.
  3. Find a wall next to the exit and break it.
  4. Take a Scarlet Quartz from the wall and use it to melt the ice inside the cave.
  5. Find a cage inside the cave and melt two switches above the cage.
  6. The cage door will open. Take the item inside and collect crimson agate from the chest.

How to Open Cages in Genshin Impact Equilibrium Quest

Another quest where you have to open a cage is “Equilibrium”. To unlock the cage, follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit the Dunyu Ruins.
  2. Defeat enemies in combat and collect the cage key.
  3. Take the extra-sweet flower next to the cage.
  4. Talk to the person in the cage.
  5. Open the cage to release them.

How to Drain Water in Genshin Impact

To open the hidden underwater door of the Taishan Mansion, you will have to drain the water first. To do that, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the mansion located at Jueyun Lake.
  2. On the right side of the bridge, find a pillar.
  3. You may have to engage in combat with enemies along the way.
  4. Press the orange switch on the pillar. A section of the water will drain.
  5. Find the next pillar with an orange glowing stone.
  6. Gather three orange glowing stones around the lake and place them in lamps that surround the second pillar.
  7. Interact with the second pillar. The remaining water will drain.
  8. Go to the mansion door and unlock it.

How to Melt Ice & Open Cages in Genshin Impact

The Dragonspine area features several objects covered in ice that won’t melt from fire. The Statue of The Seven is one of them. To melt the ice, follow the instructions below:

  1. Climb the mountain and go to The Statue of The Seven.
  2. Find a Scarlet Quartz beside it.
  3. You will see a red aura around your character. While the effect is lasting, go back to the statue and melt the ice.
  4. Collect the Scarlet Quartz around the map to melt other objects covered in ice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know how to open cages in Genshin Impact, you may want to know more about quests in the game. Read this section to get answers to some of the most common questions related to side missions in the game.

What Are the Side Quests in Genshin Impact?

There are four types of quests in Genshin Impact. Archon quests are the main story missions, while Story quests are related to storylines of specific characters, and World quests and daily commissions are side quests. Genshin Impact side missions are numerous and diverse – most of them are located in Monstadt and Liyue.

Reputation requests are a specific type of side quests. In Monstadt, they are unlocked after completing the Knight of the Realm quest. In Liyue, you have to complete the Ministry Missions. Each reputation request gives 20,000 mora. Additional side quests are available during events.

How Do You Open the Secret Door in Dragonspire?

The secret door is one of the most interesting objects in the Dragospine region. First, visit the Starglow Cavern and climb a pathway to reach the top of the cave to find the secret door. To open it, you have to find three objects – the Princess’ box, the Priest’s box, and the Scribe’s box.

The Princess’ box is located on a small island beside the Snow-Covered Path. To take the box, eliminate three Abyss Mages beside it. The Priest’s box can be found in a chest at the top of a tower between the Wyrmrest Valley and the Entombed City Ancient Palace. Finally, the last box lies near a fast-travel point beside Starglow Cavern. Lay three Cecilia flowers beside the gravestone to collect the box. Then, put the boxes in a device next to the secret door to open it.

How Do I Get to Dragonspire in Genshin Impact?

The Dragonspine region is located between Mondstadt and Liyue and can be accessed from either side. However, you need to be prepared – the climate causes severe damage, and your character can freeze to death.

Choose the characters wisely when you enter the region and use cryo debuffs. To unlock the new area, you have to activate the quest line leading to Dragonspine. Open the special events menu and select an option to show the quest location. Go to the Mondstadt alchemy station and complete the quest.

What Else Can I Find at Dragonspire?

Dragonspire holds a lot of secrets. You can collect the remains of Ruin Guards across the region to unlock the Futile Endeavor achievement. When you find the first Ragged Record in Dragonspire, you will get directions to the next two records.

To gain access to the ruins of an ancient civilization of Dragonspire, collect three boxes to open a secret door. Finally, you can defeat the snow boar boss by hunting three snow boars.

How Do I Find the Second and Third Ragged Records?

After finding the first record at Entombed City, you will receive hints on finding the next two. The second record can be found by using Elemental Sight while following a water path from the first record’s location. If you go along the sea from the Dragonspine’s eastern warp point, you will find a chest with the third record.

As opposed to the first record, you don’t have to solve quests to get the second and third records – simply collect them from the chests. After receiving all of the records, you will be able to collect a crimson agate from a chest next to the third record.

How Does Genshin Impact Co-Op Work?

The co-op mode is one of the features that make Genshin Impact so enjoyable. It allows you to travel around the map completing quests and fighting enemies with friends. Furthermore, you can play using different platforms, as long as you are in the same region. To unlock the mode, both you and your friends have to reach the Adventure Rank 16.

There are some limitations to the co-op. You can only join players who are on the same World Level. Certain rules apply, too – if your team consists of three players, the host can use two characters, while other players are limited to one each. In the case of four players, each player can only choose one character. You can’t play with more than three friends simultaneously. The number of enemies scales up depending on the player party. That said, some of the main story quests can only be completed solo.

Which Activities Can Be Done in the Co-Op Mode in Genshin Impact?

You can complete domains, daily commissions, world quests, and ley-line outcrops with friends in Genshin Impact. The co-op mode also allows players to collect resources, cook, hunt, earn achievements, use the Statue of the Seven, and defeat enemies together.

The character switching feature is only available if you aren’t in combat. Some co-op events are only available in the co-op mode. You will also have to play with friends to unlock the Unswerving achievement. Of course, the mode has limitations. You can’t talk to the majority of NPC’s, pause the game, adjust the time of day, open other player’s chests, and more when playing with someone else.

Complete the Quests

Some missions in Genshin Impact require more thought than others. However, not all players like riddles. Hopefully, with the help of our guide, you will easily complete any quest involving cages, even if the solution is far from obvious.

Have you explored all secrets of the Dragonspire? What is your favorite place in the area? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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