How To “Unstuck” A Facebook Page You Can’t Unlike

Sadly, you cannot unlike a page that is not accessible, whether it is due to a temporary lock, deleted account, or a removed page. However, there are some things you can try if the page is active but you are having trouble unliking it. If you want to know why you can’t unlike dead pages or learn what you can try for active pages, keep reading!

How To

Unliking Nonexistent Facebook Pages

On Facebook, you can “like” something someone posted as a status update, a photo, an app, and so on. One notable problem that has been around since Facebook was created is your “Like” history on pages you liked that you cannot unlike. Sure, most liked pages are unlikable, but the ones that are no longer available leave your “Like” status as a permanent stamp to your profile.

Active pages allow you to unlike and like as much as you see fit by going to your profile and heading into the “Likes” section. You either click on the vertical ellipsis (three vertical dots) and select “Unlike” or click on the page link to open it up and click on “Unlike.” Unfortunately, dead pages don’t offer an option to unlike them using the ellipsis or the actual page.

Furthermore, there is no popup when hovering over a dead page’s link in your “Likes” list that lets you click “Liked” to unlike it.

So, what can you do to unlike nonexistent pages in Facebook? The answer is nothing. You are stuck with that stamp on your profile forever, at least for now. However, the “for now” status has existed for numerous years. Obviously, Facebook has no intentions to fix the popular issue or cannot add a feature to existing code based on its design. Therefore, you cannot get a “Like” on a nonexistent page unstuck in any way. Yes, there are claims that you can, but the truth is that they don’t work. More details are available below.

Troubles unliking Active Facebook Pages

Active pages, on the other hand, can occasionally give you problems like when you click unlike and it reverts back to like status or you can’t get the status to change at all.

What can you do to fix an unlike changing back to a like status or fix Facebook not letting you like or unlike an active page? The answers may or may not work, depending on your particular scenario.

Facebook Unlikes Keep Changing Back to Likes

In the past, many Facebook users mentioned that they were stuck with a “Like” on a page and could not get it unstuck because it reverted back to the previous status.

They’d click on the blue “Like” icon to unlike the page or post, and it would turn gray but automatically revert back to a blue “Like” status again.

If you’ve been searching the internet for issues with unliking Facebook pages, you have surely seen plenty of these comments. Why is this problem mentioned here? It’s because the issue was mainly occurring during the 2020 transition to a new Facebook pages layout with new functionality.

Users were caught in an old/new incompatibility problem during the 2020 Facebook upgrade where some pages and accounts were on the old system while others were transferred or “in transfer” to the new Facebook layout. Don’t let that confuse you and make you think you can get your “Likes” unstuck based on any old comments to these problems. Anyways, nobody ever had an actual solution to it.

As for other circumstances where an unlike changes to a like status, there are a few things you can try, although there is no guarantee, and it depends on your particular situation. Here’s what you can do to possibly identify the source of the problem and hopefully correct it.

  1. Try launching Facebook in your mobile phone using the app and a browser. Try launching facebook in several browsers on your PC, tablet, or laptop. This helps determine if a device is the issue.
  2. Try logging out of Facebook from all devices, Relaunch the website or app, and check if the problem still exists.
  3. Try scanning devices for Malware using several antivirus/malware tools in order to obtain the best results.
  4. If the Facebook app is causing the issue, try cleaning the phone’s storage, cache, and history. Sometimes, cache and history causes issues with app actions, and functionality, and low space can affect functionality too.
  5. If the Facebook website (in a browser) is causing the issue, try refreshing the browser or clearing the cache and history. Relaunch Facebook and log in to check if the problem still exists.

Note: Sometimes, you try to like or unlike a page and it doesn’t change the icon. In that instance, it often does change on Facebook servers and others can see the activity. Your device isn’t functioning properly at that particular moment.

Can’t Unlike a Facebook Page Due to a Redirect Issue

Another scenario where Facebook users were trying to get their “Likes” unstuck involved redirects when going to the liked page from their profile. This problem was also part of the new Facebook layout transition in 2020 when Facebook tried to redirect people to the newly designed pages and they got a “Too many redirects…” notification. Regardless, the redirect problem was also reported as far back as 2012 by many users, except it was under different circumstances.

To begin with, Facebook never allows internal or user redirects in the app or online, except when they need them. One exception was during the 2020 Facebook old/new transition when page owners got redirected to the new page that failed to load, ending with that so-called “This page isn’t working… Facebook redirected you too many times…” notification. That new page design wasn’t working properly yet.

Aside from the above redirect issue of 2020, those that suffered from a liked page going to a different URL faced browser hacks and malware problems. Even if they removed the infected files, traces were often left behind during the removal process or went undetected. Facebook was not to blame. In other words, it was not inside of Facebook; it was in your device. Why is this scenario mentioned here? It is important to know about this problem because when searching online to get your likes unstuck, you’ll find it mentioned many times.

Several online answers to Facebook page redirects had mentioned tricks to successfully unlike a page. One notable solution included capturing the original URL during the redirect process or seeing the original URL on the newer page. You’d see the original URL and then copy/paste it into your browser. That process supposedly let you unlike the page, but that dated as far back as 2012. The same scenario was mentioned in this article the same year. Obviously, it doesn’t work today in 2021 or the solution would still be listed here. Facebook doesn’t show a “Redirected from…” URL.

Unliking a Deleted Facebook Page Shown in Your Profile

Unliking a deleted Facebook page was mentioned above, and no matter what you try, you cannot delete the “Like” status.

Some FB users have tried to find the activity by going to “Connections -> Pages, page likes and interests.” Unfortunately, removed pages don’t appear in that area—tested August 4, 2021, but they do remain in your profile’s “Likes” section.

Others have tried removing any other activity from the liked page using their “Activity” menu, but that also does not remove the like status from the removed page.

Using the “Old” Facebook to Unlike a Removed Page

Another attempt to unlike deleted Facebook pages involves installing browser add-ons or extensions that switch the webpage from the “New” Facebook to the “Old.”

The “Old” Facebook menu allowed you to delete likes from removed pages. The problem with using a browser extension today is that Facebook, for some reason, makes changes to prevent such applications from doing what they are intended to do. Seven different “Old Facebook” extensions were tried in Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, such as ‘Change design to old version for Facebook™,’ ‘Old Layout for Facebook,’ ‘Old Layout for Facebook2020,’ and more. Not a single add-on was able to convert the new Facebook to the old Facebook. Most publishers added related comments to their extension (some worked in 2020) and mentioned that they are working on fixing it.

As you can see, there is no possible way (as of August 5, 2021) to remove likes on your profile from pages that are no longer available. However, you can potentially fix issues like an “Unlike” status reverting to a “Like” under certain circumstances. Regardless, the purpose of this article was to inform you of failed attempts and debunked solutions to save you time and hassle testing them out or even sorting through search engine comments. On a last note, there are times when server problems exist or devices act up and lead to problems you may or may not be able to correct, such as redirects from hacks or unlikes that won’t activate.

15 thoughts on “How To “Unstuck” A Facebook Page You Can’t Unlike”

QaFarius Abramowitz says:
Yes, you can, as the first comment above explains.
So says:
There is a ways dudes, go in your profile/ activity log/Pages, page likes and interests, there you can unlike all pages you liked, even those that don’t exist anymore.
Martha Befriends Squirrels says:
You are correct! You are a genius! You solved my problem when everything/everyone said it was not possible…. thank you!
LaDarius Biscuits says:
This worked! I’d like to thank you, thank this page’s authors and I’d like to thank Hitler.
Frankie Lasagna says:
I did it! It worked! I’m so happy and relieved.
Cat says:
Thanks for thorough expanation. Sometimes bad news is still good to get.
Liz says:
How can you get rid of or unlike pages that isn’t there no more as there seems to be no way of removing them and I just want a clear up on my likes page with them all thank you
Steve Larner says:
There is no way to unlike closed pages on Facebook at the moment. There used to be a way in which you could switch to the classic Facebook user interface, but that no longer applies.
Cece says:
I have old liked pages that no longer exist they are not accessible and do not show up under my liked pages when I filter by category activity. So how can I get them removed?
htmlgifted says:
or a page you have been blocked from i can access the same page from a different account on facebook..
Michael says:
Please update this to include how to unlike a deleted page – the pop-up menu doesn’t appear and you go to a dead-end Facebook page that has no ‘unlike’ option. You’re left with a page listing on your Likes list and have no way to get rid of it. Facebook simply doesn’t think things through.
Laurel Rohrer says:
This is an issue. You can’t unlike a page that no longer exists. I tried an extension that supposedly reverts to the old layout, but it didn’t work. So I am stuck with a few likes that no longer exist. Stupid.
Pattynac says:
I want to clean up my LIKES—make it to where I can delete this dead page. Makes me not want to ever LIKE anything again. shows “Content Not Available” page which has no options to unlike. Thus, on your list of likes you have a bunch of dead-end likes. Make a different ‘delete’ or ‘unlike’
Hosea says:
For any page/s which you want to ‘unlike’ go to your profile page, look for the ‘likes’ in your profile. Click on it, all the pages which you have ‘liked’ will be there. If you want to ‘unlike’ certain pages, simply click on the page you want to unlike, on that homepage you will find the ‘thumbs up (like)’ sign/logo. Click on it, and there it will be unlike and removed from your time line.
However, there are some pages where you will not find the ‘thumbs up (like) ‘ sign/logo. For such page/s you will have to login to Facebook from a browser (chrome, Firefox etc), do not use the Facebook app already installed on your phone. After login, you follow the same procedures as explained above. Don’t forget to logout after completing your task. Hope this help
Michael says:
This doesn’t seem to work: in my case you click and go to the dreaded “Content Not Available” page which contains no options to unlike. Thus, on your list of likes you have a bunch of dead-end likes. Facebook needs to think things through on what happens when someone deletes their page and you’re left with essentially a gravestone image of what was a page.
Please Help says:
How can you unlike a post from either a deleted account or an account you’re not longer friends with, but still show up in activity log?
Kerim Perdomo says:
Thanks so much, it works fine for me…wow…I had more than 20 pages, that I can´t delete from my profile…thanks so much for sharing the trick. June 28th, 2020.

Andrew October 2, 2019 at 2:41 am
For 2019—go to the Page and click the three dots under Cover photo. Then click Switch Region (switch to the region you might have liked originally, for example KFC – United States). You should now see that you still “Like” the page. Click unlike and that should do the trick!—

Mieke says:
Is there a 2019 update for this by any chance? These instructions do not seem to work. I cant find the redirect url on these pages.
Andrew says:
For 2019—go to the Page and click the three dots under Cover photo. Then click Switch Region (switch to the region you might have liked originally, for example KFC – United States). You should now see that you still “Like” the page. Click unlike and that should do the trick!—
Drax says:
When I click on three dots under cover photo, there pop up just – create page, invite friends, block page and find support or report page?
Maybe solution for this?
Lizzy says:
Oh my god, this has been bothering me for soo long, and you have helped me out tremendously!!! There were these 2 pages that I somehow couldn’t get rid of but it turns out there is a “switch region” option.
They’re finally gone, thank you so much!! I know this is an old article but I still wanted to say thank you!
Sierra says:
Where does it say where the page was redirected from?
UT says:
THIS REALLY HELPS! Thank you! : “For 2019—go to the Page and click the three dots under Cover photo. Then click Switch Region (switch to the region you might have liked originally, for example KFC – United States). You should now see that you still “Like” the page. Click unlike and that should do the trick!”
Terri says:
I have some old “Like” aka “Fan” pages that are now directing me to third party sites. How do I “unlike” them?
PCMech says:
Hi Terry – welcome to PCMech! Does this link directly from Facebook help at all?
SoGrateful says:
Thank you SO MUCH! I was getting very frustrated, trying to unlike a certain page that wouldn’t go away. You are a lifesaver!
Msongs says:
awesome way to remove “likes” that turn out to be spammers in the sense that they post tons and tons of stuff onto your page. don’t these people have real lives?

BTW this is what FACEBOOK should be telling people what to do in help but does NOT.

The Art of Being a Mom says:
I am also trying to remove a couple of likes I accidentally liked on one of my facebook pages. When I try to press unlike I get an error that something went wrong and it’s getting fixed. Please help!
Holly says:
I’m trying to do what you advised but no luck on anything showing that I was redirected. I’ve got SEVERAL pages that I need to unlike because a friend of mine was on my computer entering giveaways and having to like facebook pages and didn’t realize that it was MY facebook account that was still logged on. Please help!
Rodden says:
Since you can’t get an answer here from anyone, I thought I would share what I did. First, are you trying to Unlike from your page or profile? If it is your Page that you want to remove the group or page you liked then follow the instructions below.

From your “profile” page go to the page you want to unlike and next to the Unlike button is a little gear. Click that drop down arrow and select “Remove from my page’s favorites. That should remove from your page. Let me know if you have any question or problems with the instructions. I am on Facebook

The South Devon Players theatre company says:
Also trying to do this from our page, the suggestion above is not working
nan says:
THANX!!!!! Finaly rid of those damn pages!!
NotAgain says:
I think things have changed again. Its now Feb 2015 and I can’t unlike a Page. hovering over the “Like” menu, just opens a blank menu which looks like its loading. I’ve tried different browsers, and different accounts, and the same problem persists. Anyone have an update on how to Unlike ?

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