How to Use Amazon Link Shortener For Affiliate Link

If you want to learn how to use Amazon link shortener for affiliate links to make those long affiliate urls shorter, using the Amazon link shortener is the best solution and is kind of similar to bitly. You can do this when you see the affiliate links popping up, and then edit the amazon link shortener amzn to what ever you want it to say. The following will help you learn how to use the amazon affiliate link shortener and get great links to have any website.

How to Use Amazon Link Shortener For Affiliate Link



How to use Amazon Affiliate Link Shortener: is a link shortener for Amazon that is hosted by Bitly (, the popular link shortening company. To shorten a link, do the following.

  1. Go to or
  2. Create an account, or log in.
  3. In the top right corner, select on the box that says “paste a link here”.
  4. Paste your amazon affiliate link into the box
  5. Wait, and it will automatically create an


Below is an example image of what it should look like to create an amazon affiliate link shortener on links with bitly.




Also, another way to use links for an amazon link shortener is to create more professional bitty codes. The way you can do this is after you have finished creating an amazon affiliate link shortener, then click the pencil icon and give it a custom name. For example, if you wanted to sell an iPhone, you can use the amazon link shortener amzn to, or something similar.



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