How to Use an IR Extender Cable with a Samsung TV

The Infrared Extender cable from Samsung, commonly known as the IR Extender, lets you bridge the gap between your Smart Touch Remote and your cable box or other AV devices. What the IR Extender cable essentially does is it enables you to control your cable box with the Smart Touch Remote, instead of having to use the cable remote.

How to Use an IR Extender Cable with a Samsung TV

What’s the Big Deal?

So what exactly is the benefit of using the IR Extender? Why not simply use your cable remote, instead? What is it that sets the Infrared Extender cable apart? Well, for one, you get to use the Smart Touch Control. This controller is much superior to your standard cable remote, allowing the user to use its touchpad, voice control, and, among a variety of other features, Edge which is arguably a better browser than the built-in android option.

The biggest advantage of using the Smart Touch Control, however, is that you can use it with various devices, including your set-top box, Blu-ray players, and many other devices.

Another great thing about the IR Extender is that it works with an IR sensor. This means that the IR signal will always reach the right external device.

Finally, the IR Extender Cable can work with devices that are not in plain sight, devices that are stashed away in your cabinet, for instance.



Of course, the IR Extender, like every other piece of technology, comes with its own set of downsides. These might not be enough to deter you from opting for this type of a cable, but it is good to know them.

First, the IR Extender cable needs to be relatively close to the remote in order to work. All external devices need to be connected to the Samsung TV, too.

Second, the IR Extender isn’t great at dodging obstacles. This means that you should avoid placing an obstacle between the IR Extender’s sensor and its receiver.

Connecting the IR Extender Cable with Your Samsung Smart TV

There are three different parts of an IR Extender cable – the IR Emitter, the IR Receiver, and the USB-based power extension that can also be plugged into a wall socket with a DC5V adaptor. You’ll notice adhesive tape on the IR Emitter and the IR Receiver. This is for glueing them to other devices.

Physical Setup

Peel off the adhesive tape on the IR Emitter and stick it onto your Set-top Box’s IR sensor. Peel the tape from the IR Receiver and stick it in the line of sight of your remote. As mentioned, make sure that there are no obstacles between your remote and the IR Receiver.

Keep in mind that some TVs and set-top boxes come with IR ports in the back, so some IR Extenders have a jack instead of the adhesive tape. However, the ones with adhesive tape tend to perform better because you can place the Emitter/Receiver wherever you want.

Finding the Universal Remote

Once the physical setup is done, you need to turn on your Samsung TV and press the Menu button on your remote. This will start the Universal Remote Setup. From this window, navigate to the System option and hit the Enter button. Now, select the Device Manager and press Enter again. Find the Universal Remote Setup entry here and hit Enter to get it started.

Finding the Service Provider

Turn on the device that you want to connect the remote to. Select Start using the Smart Touch Remote and confirm by pressing Enter. Locate the emitter on the device and press OK. Now, select the device type that you want to connect to and confirm. To find your service provider, type its name into the Search for your service provider box. A list of available providers will appear on the screen. Select the one you want and press Enter.

Completing the Setup

In order to connect the set-top box, you’ll need to select a TV port to connect to. After you’ve pressed Enter to set the set-top box, press the Channel Up/Down buttons on the Smart Touch Control to see if it’s working. If your Samsung TV is responding to these commands, it means that you’ve successfully set up the IR Extender Cable and your Smart Touch Control. In the Set-top box Control Test menu that appears, select Yes to confirm.

The IR Extender Cable and the Samsung Smart TV

The IR Extender cable allows you to use the Smart Touch Control remote, making it easier to control your Samsung TV from the couch. The IR Extender technology is affordable and it’s a fantastic solution for all peripheral devices you can connect to a Samsung Smart TV.

Do you use the IR Extender Cable? What type of a set-top box do you use? What are your thoughts regarding this device? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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