How to View Your Delivery Fee on GrubHub

As one of the most popular food delivery apps around, Grubhub has established itself as a go-to app for those who prefer ordering from home. It’s popular because it’s that convenient – pull out the app on your smartphone, start browsing through restaurants and food options, and order your meal.

How to View Your Delivery Fee on GrubHub

That said, you might encounter delivery fees of around $3 – $4. Sometimes, even higher. Of course, when hunger strikes, you’re not going to complain. You’ll disregard the fees and make the order, regardless. However, knowing all about Grubhub delivery fees is still be important.

Where to Find the Delivery Fee for My Order?

As you scroll through Grubhub, searching for a restaurant option to order from, you’ll come across the delivery fees. Furthermore, when you’re on the order delivery confirmation screen, you’ll be able to see all the additional fees involved with the order. Of course, this includes the delivery fee, as well.

Whether accessing Grubhub via the smartphone app or through the website, you can view the delivery fee for any restaurant. It should be located at the top of the page, but may feature elsewhere. In any case, it’s going to be apparent. All you need to do is open the restaurant page and look for the fee.


How Much Can I Expect to Spend on Delivery Fees?

There isn’t a single, universal figure for delivery fees. As it’s not up to Grubhub but the restaurant in question. Otherwise, Grubhub would be a paid subscription-based service.

In reality, the fees can vary. In fact, in some cases, there won’t be any delivery fee involved (although there might be an order minimum). On the other hand, the delivery fee will be more than $10.

In the vast majority of cases, however, the fees will range from $1 to $10. If most delivery fees won’t exceed $7.

However, the fees vary in terms of which city you’re in. For restaurants in bigger cities, allowing lower-fee or no-fee options doesn’t make any sense, with the distances involved.

Other Delivery Costs

Unfortunately, the delivery fee isn’t the only cost that you need to take into account when ordering from Grubhub. There are minimum order limits, delivery fees for small orders, as well as the driver gratuity to consider. Here’s a bit more about the other fee expenses that you should keep in mind.

Minimum Order Amounts

Let’s say that you want to order a single Coke from a restaurant. If they were to confirm this order and bring you the single Coke, their expenses would significantly exceed the money the restaurant would get from such a small order. This is why the majority of restaurants on Grubhub feature minimum order amounts. In other words, you’re going to need to fulfill an order amount requirement to place the order itself.

In many instances, these minimum order amounts are somewhere around the $10 mark. Therefore, your order is going to have to be at least $10-strong.

When browsing through restaurants, you’ll see the minimum order amount displayed as $[amount] min. So, if you see “$0 min,” this means that there’s no minimum order amount for the restaurant in question.

Small Order Delivery Fee

The fact that a restaurant has a ”$0” min doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to make ridiculously small orders just like that. Grubhub and its featured restaurants have found a way to make even the small orders to pay off. They’ve introduced something called “small order delivery fee.”

If your order is lower than a certain amount (usually somewhere around $10), you’ll have to pay an additional fee to your total order amount. Yes, this fee is in addition to the standard delivery fee (if there is any).

grubhub see delivery fee

There is a way to see whether a restaurant implements such a fee if you’re looking to make a small order. Find the restaurant in Grubhub (app or website) and take a look at the fees and minimum order section. Hover over or tap the information bubble. This should tell you what the minimum order amount is if you want to avoid an extra fee.

Don’t worry, though, the minimum order fees aren’t too hefty. They’re usually around $2, although they vary from restaurant to restaurant and from location to location.

Tipping the Delivery Driver

This isn’t a “fee”, in essence. It isn’t obligatory and you don’t have to offer a gratuity. However, tipping your delivery driver is considered a common courtesy. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but a bit extra on top. This is an especially cool thing to do if your order came in quickly. Everyone likes their takeout meal to be hot on arrival – so doesn’t this justify a gratuity?

Tip the driver in cash – if you pay them an extra amount via Grubhub, it’s the restaurant that’ll get the tip.

Who Sets These Fee Amounts?

As mentioned earlier, Grubhub has nothing to do with any of the mentioned delivery fees. These are solely up to the featured restaurants, as the restaurant takes care of the delivery.

You could blame this on Grubhub, for leaving the restaurants to take the fall here. When you think about it, though, Grubhub is perfectly fine with those restaurants not charging any additional fees, even giving away their food for free. Because this isn’t how Grubhub gets paid.

Grubhub charges the restaurants for its service, though. For that reason, the restaurants are somewhat inclined to beef up the fees at times. In an indirect way, therefore, Grubhub does have something to do with setting these fees. The service isn’t obligatory. It’s the cost of doing business.

Grubhub Fees

When all is said and done, learning all the delivery fees involved with a restaurant is as easy as finding it on Grubhub, locating the fees section, and hovering over it.

Did you understand how delivery fees with Grubhub work? Do you mind paying for them? What supported restaurants do you like ordering from? Feel free to join the discussion in the comments section below.

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I am a Grubhub driver, I do receive the tips left on the app not the restaurant. However we can no longer see exact tip amount, but after doing it awhile, you know about what the tip is on each order. I dont accept orders with out tips, sorry but it cost me gas and vechicle maintenance to drive you your food, and none of these companies pay us that well.

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