How to View Your “My List” on Netflix

When you log in to your Netflix account, no matter what type of device you use, the first thing you’ll see is an extensive list of video content. If you want to find an exact TV show or movie, you need to use the search function. This can be tedious at times, especially if you’re accessing Netflix from your couch, without a keyboard.

How to View Your “My List” on Netflix

This is why Netflix has created the My List feature. All you need to do to access your favorite Netflix content is to select the appropriate button.

How to View My List on Netflix Across Devices

Whether you’re accessing Netflix from a Roku stick, Firestick, computer, smart TV, smartphone, or a tablet, viewing content is pretty much the same on all devices.

  1. Start the Netflix app/go to
  2. Navigate to the upper part of the screen. Click/tap/select My List.

A list of shows and movies will be displayed. On it, you can see the series and movies that you’ve added to it for easy access.

You may have some trouble finding My List on some older devices. If you can’t, don’t worry. Look for Instant Queue. It’s the same thing.

A quick way to navigate to My List via desktop browser is to simply go to

If you still can’t find My List or Instant Queue, you may be using the kid-friendly version Netflix. My List isn’t available in this mode. Switch back to standard Netflix, and you’ll gain access to My List again.

How to Add Content to My List

My List isn’t some computer-generated list of suggestions for your viewing pleasure, like what you might find on the home page of Netflix. My List is essentially a bookmarked list of content that you choose yourself for your personalized Netflix experience.

So, it’s you, the user, who adds content to the My List page. But how do you add items? Well, it’s very simple.

When you come across a series or movie that you wish to add to My List, you’ll see a plus icon below it with the words My List underneath. Select it, and the plus will turn into a checkmark. This means that the piece of video content has been added to My List.

Go to My List, and you’ll see the added show/movie there.

If your device has Instant Queue instead of My List, you won’t be able to add movies or TV shows to it from the device. Use the Netflix website to add items to My List, and they will show up in the Instant Queue menu.

How to Remove Content from My List

There are various ways to remove a movie or series from My List. However, this might be the easiest way.

  1. Locate the show or video in question.
  2. Select it or hover over it then click the checkmark button called Remove from My List.

However, bear in mind you may stumble upon My List content as a part of Netflix’s Browse screen (most notably as a part of the Continue Watching list). You can follow the same directions to remove the particular item from My List as mentioned above.

Can You Rearrange My List Items?

Yes, if you are in the U.S., you can enable manual My List ordering. You’ll have to use the browser version of Netflix for this, though. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Go to your Netflix profile icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. Select Account from the drop-down menu.
  3. Go to Your Profile.
  4. Click Change beside Order in My List.
  5. Choose Manual Ordering.
  6. Go to your My List and start rearranging the titles.

Netflix automatically also makes various Browse lists for you, according to what you’re most likely to watch. Your My List generally works the same way. Netflix will arrange movies and TV shows in My List by the above-mentioned principle.

You’re My List items may be subject to change, and there are a few reasons why. Netflix may add a new movie or season of a TV show and move it in place of content that was previously on that spot.

If you’ve connected your Netflix to your Facebook account, your list might change if a friend watched a title on your My List.

A series or a movie may also be moved to the front of My List if it’s set to become unavailable soon.

Can You Remove My List?

The My List menu is always there, but if you don’t want to use it, you don’t have to. If you were hoping to remove My List, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do in your browser. However, on portable devices, My List won’t be displayed if there are no items added to it. So, if you really want to remove My List and you’re using Netflix on one of the newer devices, you can erase it by simply removing all items from your My List menu.

Some Titles Might Disappear

Occasionally, Netflix will prepare to remove a title from its offerings. This will prompt it to move content to the front of the list for a while before it is removed permanently. When it’s finally removed, it will disappear from Netflix and, therefore, from your My List screen as well.

On some occasions, multiple items may disappear from My List? Why might this happen?

Although it’s unified under one banner, Netflix doesn’t offer the same content everywhere in the world.

My List is a globally supported feature, but it will not display TV shows and movies that you’ve added that aren’t available in your current region. This is a common occurrence when you’re traveling. But don’t worry, when you get to a region that supports the titles in question, you’ll get them back in My List. Another possible reason for items disappearing from the list might be the U.S.-only feature that allows manual ordering. Switch it off just as you’ve switched it on to fix this issue (explained in the “Can You Rearrange My List Items” section, above).

Are My List Items Listed on One Page?

Although there are exceptions with older devices, all newer devices, as well the browser versions of Netflix, allow you to view all items on your My List on a single page.

There is no feature that turns this off or on, though, so you’ll have to view My List the way it’s presented.

Additional FAQs

1. How many TV shows and movies can I add to My List?

My List allows you to “store” as many as 500 titles on your profile. How will you know when you’ve reached the limit? Well, when you try to add the 501st item to the list, Netflix won’t allow it. If you have managed to reach that number, start removing entries that you don’t need there.

2. Can I share the Netflix account?

Yes, multiple users can share one account and create multiple profiles on Netflix. However, this is different than being able to watch Netflix on different devices simultaneously. To see the available subscription options, visit, and choose the option that suits you best.

3. Do you get notified when someone uses your Netflix?

If you’ve allowed someone to use your Netflix account or are sharing an account, you won’t get notified when someone uses the service. If you and your friends are already watching Netflix on the maximum number of devices, and someone else starts watching something, some of the previous users will be notified, and their playback will be paused. This is why you shouldn’t share your Netflix subscription with more people than the number of simultaneous streaming devices dictated by your subscription.

However, if there’s an unauthorized login attempt to your Netflix account, the service will recognize this and notify you via email.

Netflix’s My List

The options that you have for customizing your My List on Netflix are somewhat limited. Still, there’s some wiggle room for personalizing your experience. Follow the instructions listed above and try to tailor your Netflix experience to suit your needs. My List is an incredibly useful feature that can reduce the need to search through multiple lists for your favorite shows or movies.

Have you managed to open your My List? Have you rearranged the items? Do you have any other questions about the subject? Feel free to hit the comments below and let us know.

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