Huawei P9 – WiFi Not Working – What to Do

With so many apps and features depending on an internet connection, having your WiFi signal dropping out can be nerve-wracking. If you are experiencing problems with WiFi on your Huawei P9, the troubleshooting tips below could help.

Huawei P9 - WiFi Not Working - What to Do

Quick Troubleshooting

Sometimes the simplest things may affect your WiFi connection. Before you try some more in-depth actions, you may want to check to make sure that the following things are in order:

  • The WiFi is turned on
  • Airplane/Flight Mode is switched off
  • You have power-cycled/rebooted your router
  • There are no wireless network issues on your provider’s end

Once you’ve eliminated these as the possible culprits for your WiFi connectivity issues, it’s time to try some other methods.

Tip 1 – Wipe Cache Partition

Wiping your cache partition may seem daunting, but it’s easy to do and doesn’t harm the personal data on your phone. Essentially, it removes the temporary files on your Huawei P9 to free up disk space.

This method may be effective if you are experiencing performance issues for your phone or if you noticed problems after a recent firmware update.

Step 1 – Access Recovery Menu

First, power your phone off all the way by holding the Power button for a few seconds. When it is fully shut down, power it on by pressing both Volume Up and Power button at the same time. Hold these buttons until you see the Huawei logo come up on your phone screen. After a few seconds, the Recovery menu will load.

Step 2 – Clear Cache

From the Recovery menu, use the Volume Down button to scroll down to “Wipe Cache Partition”. Select this option by pressing the Power button.

Clearing the cache will take a few seconds. When it is done, you will see the Recovery menu again. Select “Reboot System now” using the Power button to turn on your phone with the cache cleared.

Tip 2 – Forget Network

Additionally, you can also forget the network that you’re having a problem with and then sign in again.

Step 1 – Access Settings

First, access the Settings menu by swiping down on the screen to open the Notifications Panel. Select Settings from your menu options and then scroll to the Network Connections section.

Step 2 – Forget the Network

Tap on WiFi and switch it on if it isn’t already. Finally, tap on the network you want to forget and tap on Forget to erase your network profile.

After you delete your network information, you can reenter the login key and try to connect to your WiFi network again.

Tip 3 – Network Settings Reset

You may also want to try to reset your network settings to see if it helps with your WiFi connection problems.

Step 1 – Access Advanced Settings

Go to the Settings menu and tap on Advanced Settings.

Step 2 – Reset Network Settings

In the Advanced Settings menu, scroll down and tap on Backup & Reset. Near the bottom of the screen is the “Network settings reset” option. Tap on it to reset.

Final Thought

As a last resort, you may want to do a factory reset of your Huawei P9 smartphone. Keep in mind that this will erase everything from your phone and restore it to factory settings. So if you do choose to do it, you may want to backup your information first.

Performing a factory reset often takes care of a myriad of software problems. However, if you are still experiencing connectivity issues after a factory reset, you may want to seek tech support from the manufacturer.

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