Instagram Filters Are Not Working [A Few Easy Fixes]

Instagram filters add a fun and exciting element to your Stories. But sometimes, your filters fail to load or appear. Fortunately, there are ways to fix Instagram when the filters aren’t working.

This article will review ways to fix your Instagram filters and answer some more frequently asked questions below.

How to Fix Instagram Filters Not Working

Before we dive into our tutorials, let’s take a minute to troubleshoot the problem. Troubleshooting will give you an idea of what’s causing the problem and help you to fix it quickly.

First, is your Instagram app outdated? Whether you’re using iOS or Android, head over to the native App Store on your phone and type Instagram. If you see the option to Open, the app is updated. If you see the option to Update Instagram, you need to update it.

Next, check your internet connection. Instagram filters may not load properly. Run a Speed Test on your phone. If the Speed Test indicates an issue with your connection, try switching WiFi networks or to a mobile network.

Check for any Instagram outages. You can use the DownDetector website to see if Instagram has a platform-wide issue. Open the website, type Instagram, and review any massive issues that affect filters.

Lastly, investigate whether other applications are having issues. If other apps have problems, the issue is with your device’s software, not just the Instagram app. Check for system updates in the Settings. While the Instagram app updates, the device’s software must follow suit. Otherwise, the app will not be compatible anymore, causing problems.

Assuming all checks out here, we need to try some things that will fix Instagram’s filter woes. Let’s go!

Power-Cycle Your Device

After basic troubleshooting, the first fix to try is turning your device off and on again. Power cycling your device refreshes the app’s data and the device’s software. Restarting your equipment often fixes the problem quickly.

Clear the App’s Cache

Cached Data are essentially file fragments that can cause apps to misbehave. Android users can clear the cache without losing any important information. iOS users can Offload the app.

If you’re an Android user, do this:

  1. Head over to Settings and tap on Apps.
    Note: These instructions may vary depending on the version of Android you’re running and your device’s manufacturer.
  2. Tap on Instagram.
  3. Tap on Storage.
  4. Tap on Clear Cache.

If you’re an iOS user, do this:

  1. Open the Settings on your iPhone and tap General.
  2. Tap Storage.
  3. Locate Instagram and tap Offload.
  4. Tap Offload data.

After you’ve cleared the app’s cache, open Instagram and try using the filters.

Restart the Instagram App

Restarting the app is always a winner. If you’re on iPhone, just closing it is enough. Android users will need to go to “Settings -> Apps” and “Force Stop” within Instagram to get the full effect. This will fully restart the app and fix all kinds of errors you might not have noticed.

Reinstall Instagram

If nothing else works, a reinstall of Instagram may be in order. This is generally a last resort, but it may be necessary if those filters are missing after following all other suggestions. 

If you wish to go forward with reinstalling Instagram, make sure to back up any images, Stories, and anything else you have within the app and uninstall it.

Reboot your phone to clear it from memory, and then visit the Google Play Store or the App Store, select Instagram, and Install it. Set it up again and hope that the filters return.

Check Your Device Storage & Settings

Another culprit that can cause Instagram filters to fail is device storage. If your phone is overloaded with cached data, apps, and photos, Instagram will have problems. Go to your device’s settings and tap on Storage. Ensure there is ample space for Instagram to work correctly.

Next, check your Time Zone settings. Instagram filters are often location-based. If you traveled recently, updated your phone’s software, or installed a random third-party app, Instagram might not recognize that you are authorized to use the filters. Head to Settings and type Time Zone into the search bar. Ensure your phone is set to Automatic. If it is, try manually setting your time zone. Then, try Instagram filters again.

Have you experienced this issue with Instagram, filters disappearing? Fixed it some other way? Tell us about it below and help others!

24 thoughts on “Instagram Filters Are Not Working [A Few Easy Fixes]”

Benji says:
I have uninstall instagram, clear cache, clear storage, updated the app but I can’t unlock the new instagram filters
Lilly says:
Wendy 98 says:
Instagram filters do not wanna work
Aanchal says:
My Instagram effects are just unable to load
I have tried reboot ,uninstall, clear data, cache
But it still doesn’t work
I have reported the problem also
What should I do
Anei says:
I try everything but still my Instagram story filter is not working at all m getting son much fraustrated
Mehak Anandani says:
Still not working
Amirah says:
Hi! This solution didnt work for me 🙁 i tried clearing the cache and re-installing IG but nothing worked. Anyone knows what to do?
Alina says:
Same issue. Idk what’s wrong. The next thing would be leave reviews for them to get some response
Caro says:
I’m having the same issue. Maybe a problem with last update?
K says:
Omg thanks a lot it worked just by clearing the cache
joanne says:
It’s dasame of my essue too
Haleigh says:
My effects button never appears during video calls only. I have literally tried everything. I think the app is just defective.
Sarah says:
Similar issue but different. I can use the filters but they make my face go blurry as if they cannot apply the filter correctly. I have cleared cache, rebooted, re installed…help!
Maf says:
Yes same issue here did you get a solution
Tasha says:
Clearing the Instagram app cache worked for me and got the filters working again! Thanks so much!
Anthony says:
Please help! I reinstalled my instagram app, check to make sure my app was up to date. and I still cannot access the new “browse effect” option. So frustrating. PLEASE HELP!
Tropicanine says:
i reinstalled IG several times for different issues i do have all the filters for making videos or taking photos with Ig BUT not when i use an existing photo, i am stuck witth a small number of ugly basics and others not, seeing they repost pics and use all those filters/effects i dont have in the list for existing shots.
Jon says:
I cannot get filters in video chat on IG. I have access to them everywhere else (stories, taking a picture) but dont have the effects button when in a call. Has anyone experienced this and had a solution? 🙁
Raj Gowtham says:
Yes same issue for me
elena says:
this is also happening to me i cant get the filters on the video chat, trying to find a solution…
Sman says:
Please let me know if you get a solution
jalal rehman says:
same issue with my iPhone 7. i can see filters but not on video call or live. any solution other than re installation/cache clear/ space?
Jordon izzo says:
I’m having the same issue of “browse effects” option gone in the filters I’ve looked all over for solutions to this, no luck! Has anyone else had any luck?!
Sman says:
Please let me know if you get a solution
Rafaela D says:
My filters appear on the camera but they dont work and a loading symbol is there forever..
Kb says:
Having the same issue! Irritating.
KA PO says:
It seems like I m the only one who cannot use the new browse effect function. Like I have tried log in to other accounts on instagram and they all can use this function. But only the account that I use most often are unable to use this function. May I know how to solve this ?
Tatum says:
I seem to be having this exact same issue. Looking for a solution please.
Ev says:
Not working for me as well. When in login to my other Instagram account i do see the browse effects… don ‘t understand it?!

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