How to Fix Instagram Share to Facebook Stopped Working

Since Facebook bought Instagram, the company has tied the two together to support each other in many ways. One of the more valuable ways that Facebook and Instagram complement each other is by giving users the capability to share Instagram images directly onto Facebook.

How to Fix Instagram Share to Facebook Stopped Working

Well, you can share Instagram images directly to Facebook, in theory. In reality, the option is still a bit buggy at times but getting better.

If you’re having problems sharing images from Instagram directly on Facebook, here are some things you can try to fix the problem.

You have been able to link your Facebook and Instagram accounts for ages, long before Facebook bought Instagram.

However, the acquisition changed the system behind the scenes, and the feature that used to work reliably now seems buggy. Still, the integrations do seem to be improving over time.

The problem can take two forms. The first error states the image was shared successfully but never appears on Facebook. The other error doesn’t show any feedback that you’ve attempted to share anything to the other platform.

For personal accounts, you’ll connect Instagram and Facebook from Instagram.

If you also have a business Facebook Page, you’ll need to ensure that Instagram has permission to post to your Facebook Page.

Instagram Shares not Showing Up on Facebook Profile

When you share something from Instagram, you see a confirmation stating, “Your post was shared successfully,” and it appears on your Facebook page. Sometimes, you get that message, and nothing appears on Facebook at all, and sometimes nothing happens, period. Either way, here are some ways to fix it. Try each process step by step until you resolve the problem.

Fix Sharing Instagram to Facebook on Android/iPhone

  1. Log out of Instagram and Facebook, then log back into both. This simple solution often solves all kinds of problems with the apps individually, but it can also resolve issues with integration.
  2. Check the link between Facebook and Instagram. Open the Instagram app on your device and tap on the “profile icon” in the bottom right.
  3. Tap on the “hamburger icon” (three horizontal lines) in the upper right-hand corner.
  4. From your profile, choose “Settings.”
  5. Tap on “Accounts Center.”
  6. Next, tap on the “Accounts & Profiles” option.
  7. Verify that your Facebook account appears in the list.
  8. You may alternatively get asked to log into Facebook and check the link from there. When you first see Facebook in the Linked Accounts list, confirm that it appears blue with the logo beside it, along with your name associated with your account.
  9. If you tap on Facebook, you should be able to log in from Instagram by tapping “Login.”
  10. If the previous step doesn’t work, reset the link to ensure that Facebook is properly authenticated and linked to your Instagram account. Head over to the “Accounts Center.”
  11. Tap on your “Facebook account.”
  12. Tap on “Remove from Accounts Center.” This will link or relink your Facebook account to your Instagram account and enable you to share Instagram images on Facebook.
  13. Restart your phone.
  14. Relink Facebook to your Instagram account. Access your “Instagram profile,” then the “hamburger icon,” and then “Settings -> Accounts center-> Accounts & profiles -> Add accounts -> Facebook.”
  15. If sharing from Instagram to Facebook still fails, try clearing the app cache on both apps.

Clearing App Cache on Android to Fix Sharing Problems

If you’re still having trouble posting from Instagram to Facebook on Android, clearing the app cache is the final thing to try. This process can solve problems that have nothing to do with Facebook or Instagram.

On Android, follow these instructions for Facebook and Instagram separately.

  1. Tap on “Settings.”
  2. Tap on “Apps.”
  3. Tap on “Facebook” or “Instagram.”
  4. Select “Storage.”
  5. Finally, tap “Clear Cache.”

Clearing App Cache on iOS/iPhone to Fix Sharing Problems

Clearing app cache on iOS/iPhone does not exist. However, you’ll reinstall the apps to clear them.

On iOS, uninstalling Instagram and Facebook clears the app cache for both. Follow the steps below for both platforms.

  1. Tap “Settings.”
  2. Tap “General.”
  3. Select “iPhone Storage.”
  4. Tap “Instagram” or “Facebook.”
  5. Choose “Delete App.”
  6. Reinstall “Instagram” or “Facebook” from the App Store.

Instagram Shares not Showing Up on Facebook Pages

If you’ve linked Instagram to your Facebook account but find that you can’t get it to post to your Facebook Pages (personal or business), ensure you’ve given Instagram permission to do so. Rather than change settings in Instagram as you do when shares don’t post to your Facebook profile, you change settings in Facebook to link to Instagram.

Connecting Instagram Account to Facebook Page on Windows or Mac

Since you use any web browser, the functionality is the same no matter what device you’re on. You can even use your mobile browser if you like.

  1. Give Instagram permission to post to your Facebook Page. On your laptop or desktop using a web browser, click Settings” in the bottom left of your Facebook Page (not Facebook profile).
  2. Click Instagram” within “Page Settings.”
  3. Click on Connect Account on the right side of the page.
  4. Finally, type in your Instagram “username” and “password,” then click Log In.”

The steps above ensure that Instagram has permission to post to your Facebook Page(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

This section includes the answers to more questions you may have about sharing from Instagram to Facebook.

Can I share my Instagram Reels on Facebook?

Absolutely! When you post your Reel, toggle the switch next to Post to Facebook. If you’ve already posted the Reel, tap the three-dot icon and select the option to share on Facebook.

In closing, Instagram and Facebook don’t always get along when it comes to sharing content. However, this scenario isn’t always app-based, but it can be. Sometimes, cached data gets corrupt or communicates the wrong information that leads to problems sharing Instagram to Facebook. Other times, it’s an issue with the device. In any case, the suggested processes above should fix the problem, whether it is sharing to your Facebook profile or your Facebook Page(s).

30 thoughts on “How to Fix Instagram Share to Facebook Stopped Working”

Janna says:
My problem is different, I can share anything from my IG’s post and stories to my Facebook account, my problem is I can’t see my Facebook’s friend story that created in their Instagram Account. What do you think the problem is?
Gemma says:
I can not share my stories and reels to my Facebook account, i have tried everything suggested and still not working, please help.
Laura says:
I have the same issue. I can’t even get my Instagram app to show an option for reels.
Julie Siegrist says:
My issue is I have two side accounts on insta that I used to have linked to pages I manage on Facebook. They were all linked through my personal page and I never had problems in the past – now they’ve unliked and when I try to go through and reset them Instagram tells me I can only have one account linked to Facebook (which is contrary to what their ‘help’ center says). My personal insta is still functioning normally and I could post to those facebook pages from it because they’re still linked, but they’re no longer linked to their respective instagram accounts.
Elizabeth says:
This is the same issue I have. I accidentally sent a post from my public instagram to my personal Facebook account instead of my public Facebook page. I haven’t worked it out yet…
Deborah says:
Sigh. I have tried every single idea in this feed and in IG under Share to/Facebook Profile/ it still says “No Manageable Facebook pages found.” I only have one personal FB acct. What’s weird is that it worked fine and then just stopped working and I can no longer share. However MY IG posts ARE still automatically posting to FB. I so don’t get it.
tom thumb says:
My problems slightly different. after applying an adroid update. I can no longer share IG posts into my Facebook Profile. IG only giving me options to share it Group pages i manage in Facebook. Been broken for the last 2 months. Tried all the solutions but looks like its more of a server side issue then something that can be fixed on the client end.
there is no way at all to report said issues to either FB or IG unlike almost every other dev app.
susanna says:
I have the same problem as Ammm;
November 29, 2019 at 11:00 am
“Sorry this was not helpful. The problem I am having is that “I can not connect my IG account to my FB account. I mean I literally can not do this. When I go to “Accounts” then “Linked Accounts” and then Facebook I get a pop that says “Connect to Facebook” I then click “connect” and then there in lies the problem…Nothing Happens. I just get a spinning wheel that just spins and spins spins and spins and spins…no connection. When I click ANY other app Twitter, Tumbler, Ameba etc it takes me to the next screen. Facebook? Nada. Always a problem. Anytime I can do something it always FB.”
I can sign into my instagram with facebook on desktop but cannot on the app and signing in this way on desktop didn’t link my accounts. Please Help! I have a SE iphone and a professional account trying to link to personal profile on Facebook. I have been able to do this successfully before and all of a sudden stopped linking.
Scott says:
I had the same “Spinning Wheel” issue. My account was set up as a business account. After I switched it back to a personal account I was able to link to my facebook account no problem. You can switch back to a personal account from the same page in the settings menu where you find the “Linked Accounts” button.
Florence Myers says:
My problem is that when I share a post from Instagram to Facebook, it shows up on Facebook as a photo.
No description, no hashtags, just a photo. And then Facebook has put it in a collage with other photos, usually from a year ago. Up until July 2, 2020 I had no problem sharing between the two. I’ve tried all the resets, linking and un-linking then linking back, logging out of both and then logging back in, resetting the sharing…changing passwords, plus all of the above instructions, but nothing is helping. What changed in the past 2 weeks?
Antti says:
It’s truly an Instagram bug that doesn’t seem to be fixed for a long time.

Android + Facebook business page + Instagram business account

This worked for me:

– Make sure the Facebook page is connected with your Instagram page from Facebook using your computer
– Make sure you have both Instagram and Facebook apps installed on your phone
– Open the Instagram app on the phone, sign out and make sure the home screen does not remember your account (if it does, remove the account from there)
– Open the Facebook app on the phone and sign out
– Go to phone settings and select “Applications”
– For apps named “Facebook Services”, “Facebook” and “Instagram” repeat the following:
* Click “Force Stop”
* Click “Storage” and then “Clear Cache”
* Make sure you do this for ALL APPS listed above
– Open the Instagram app
– On the login page, click “Sign in with Facebook” and sign in with an account that has permissions to administer the page that is connected with the Instagram account
– After successful Facebook login, Instagram should ask if you want to continue as the “BusinessAccount”, continue as “BusinessAccount”
– Go to Instagram app settings -> click “Account” -> click “Linked Accounts”
– Facebook should show as connected now -> we don’t want that -> click “Facebook” -> click “Unlink Account”
– Kill the Instagram application once again on the fly (just open the Android apps view and kill it there)
– Open the Instagram app again -> you should be now logged in automatically
– Go again to Instagram app settings -> click “Account” -> click “Linked Accounts”
– Facebook should NOT show as connected now -> click “Facebook” -> wait a while -> a popup appears where you can click “Start sharing on Facebook” -> click that
– The popup disappears and YOU WILL NOT SEE A BLUE CHECKBOX -> don’t care about that
– Now close Instagram settings -> go back to the home view -> make a new post
– The “Share on Facebook” should show up as checked

Rebecca Harris says:
This didn’t work for me I didn’t get a few of the prompts. I wonder if I’ve missed something?
Kathy says:
None of this works for me. Instagram, please fix it!
Marsha Willis says:
I am experiencing the same problem, i.e., after clicking on connect to FB, IG turns and turns then gives up. Anyone find the solution?
mayra pizarro says:
i got my singular pics to post/work but my multiple pics still don’t post to fb.
Christian says:
If you try to connect and it just keeps spinning, switch your account back to a personal account, connect Facebook, then back to business after that.
Amanda says:
What was the fix, mine is doing the same?
Chaisse says:
My prob now with FB and IG os whenever somebody post photos in their IG acct and shared it to FB their photos do not appear in may feed, only their caption. Pls if someone knows how to fix this pls let me know. thanks.
Stefanie says:
I have the exact same issue! My friends share photos from Instagram to FB. I can see the photos on Instagram, but no photos show on FB. I can only see the their caption or check in. Fix this!
Tay says:
Same issue here! Please let me know if anyone has found a fix for this!
Alina Belousova says:
The last advice for clearing cache for my business account worked! Thank you so much!
Ammm says:
Sorry this was not helpful. The problem I am having is that “I can not connect my IG account to my FB account. I mean I literally can not do this. When I go to “Accounts” then “Linked Accounts” and then Facebook I get a pop that says “Connect to Facebook” I then click “connect” and then there in lies the problem…Nothing Happens. I just get a spinning wheel that just spins and spins spins and spins and spins…no connection. When I click ANY other app Twitter, Tumbler, Ameba etc it takes me to the next screen. Facebook? Nada. Always a problem. Anytime I can do something it always FB.
Chris says:
I have the same problem
Jackson says:
I’m having the same issue! So frustrating! Have you found a way to fix it?
Susan Ross says:
Is anyone else having issues sharing @Instagram posts with multiple photos to
@Facebook? I’m finding out that I can share one picture posts from IG to Facebook, but my posts with multiple photos are not showing up on FB. Not sure why, but this has been happening for several weeks. I reported this to Facebook Help but as usual, i have not received a response. #FacebookHelp #FacebookSupport #InstagramHelp #InstagramSupport
Hi Susan – I have exactly the same problem – where it used to post all the photos it now only does the one – REALLY frustrating and like you I have reported it but nothing – have you found a solution yet please as I have gone back to loading everything on instagram then seperately on Facebook afterwards ….thanks
Tina says:
I’ve been having this issue as well. The last multiple photo IG post I was able to share was in Oct. I can still share single photo/video posts, but the multiples are no longer showing. Has anyone figured out a solution to this? Again, reported, but big surprise, no answers.
Angela says:
Hello All!!
I am having a little bit of a different issue but somewhat similar.
I am able to connect my IG account through Facebook, however when I go to post something (on Facebook) the option to share to IG does not show.
I’ve searched everywhere in the settings and can not seem to find where to allow this option.
The Facebook page is a business account and I am the admin on it.
Any ideas on how I can get the option to post to IG from Facebook??
Aeiphryl says:
same issue. stories post but not pics. so frustrating.
Jo says:
SOLUTION. You have to connect your business page in instagram settings. Instagram has different types of accounts (personal, business etc).
Joshua Rottschafer says:
Even though my account on IG says I am linked to FB, the “share story to facebook automatically” button keeps resetting….I tried loggin out of IG and loggin back in thru FB and it still doesnt work…This is driving me CRAZY!!
Eema Alvi says:
same thing is happening with my facebook. i have unlinked and linked and unlinked a million times done everything but it just wont link my instagram to my facebook and the same thing has happened with my business account on facebook and on instagram
Linda Paice says:
Everyone, I found a solution!!! I’d tried all the things you guys had as well, also to no avail. Such a waste of time and SO frustrating!! But your comments gave me comfort lol, so I had to come back here and share what I just discovered. On a desktop, log out of your Instagram. Then choose “Log In with Facebook”. Then fill in your Facebook login info, and make sure you also select the box asking if you want to link your Facebook and Instagram. When I did that, suddenly it worked, and I could share from Instagram to Facebook! Hope it works for you too!! Good luck!
mary says:
it didnt show the box asking linking facebook and instagram.. it did’nt show me that option …
Chris says:
The issue seems to be common, but the solutions are not solutions at all. Neither Facebook nor TechJunkie is very helpful in this situation. Frustrating.
Linda Paice says:
TOTALLY understand! See the solution I posted as a separate comment!
Elizabeth says:
I’ve been having this issue since May. I unlink and link and still the post won’t share to Facebook. I’ve deleted the apps, done soft resets, (actually got a new phone in the meantime soo completely new), and changed passwords. My notification page just gets filled with “Your post wasn’t shared to Facebook…” One of the more frustrating oddities is that Insta stories will share to my Facebook story ‍♀️ I just don’t get it. Any thoughts/suggestions???
Linda Paice says:
Hi Elizabeth, Not sure if we were having exactly the same issue, but you could try the solution I posted here in a separate comment, as that worked for me after nothing else did! Good luck!
Elizabeth says:
I tried from the browser on my iPad and it didn’t work. But, when I switched to my laptop, I wasn’t prompted to select share to Facebook. So, now I’m wondering if it’s still that my account is set up/screwed up in some way that I can’t actually fix on my end :/ Of course I always seem to try and tackle this late at night smh. I’ll try again and keep you posted! Thanks for following up – you’re the only one that has!!
Nick says:
My problem is that even though I have linked my Facebook and IG, IG is not showing up in my APPS list, making it impossible to change the privacy to Public. So when I post a photo to Instagram, it shows up on Facebook for only me to see. I am having to manually change the privacy for each post. I hAve linked and unlinked, deleted and reinstalled. Nothing is working!
Linda Paice says:
Hi Nick, Did you ever post a photo directly to Facebook with an “Only Me” privacy setting? I notice whatever setting I last used on a desktop is what FB automatically uses next time I post from a phone. So perhaps a similar thing is happening in your situation. I would try unlinking FB & IG, then posting a photo to FB from a desktop on whatever setting you want to be the default setting, then re-linking and seeing if that solves it. Not sure if it will, but may be worth a try! Good luck!
David H says:
Go to your profile

There should be buttons for things:

Timeline About Friends Photos Archive More

Click on the More and at the bottom should be Instagram

Click on Instagram and it will take you to your Recent Posts from Insta

There should be a pencil that says Manage when you hover over it .

Click the pencil and go to Instagram Settings.

A window will pop up and under App Visibility and Post audience you can change who sees what!

Had the same problem man.

David says:
Please can someone help me.

I have an Instagram account linked to a Facebook page and pretty much everything works except the messenger which says the Instagram account is linked to another page – is there something I am missing or need to be doing or is there a check I can undertake?

Ashley B says:
Bless you man this finally helped
Matevz says:
SOLUTION. You have to connect your business page in instagram settings. Instagram has different types of accounts (personal, business etc).
Boaz says:
It works! Thanks!
Jon Osborne says:
Same issue. Where my Facebook used to be, it says “unmanaged page”.
Linda Paice says:
I had a similar situation. See the solution I posted as a separate comment – hopefully it works for you too!
Guillermo Serra says:
I have them connected and the option to share them is just not there. Nor in settings, nor anywhere else.
Dávid Stefanovszki says:
Same here! It looks like everybody have this problem right now . It is going to be a glitch or something ..
It’s been three weeks for me also ..
Guillermo Serra says:
The good old Facebook Quality ™
Delphine Rule says:
I’ve been trying for 3 weeks to get them connected.. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled… I’ve changed the passwords…. I don’t get a blue facebook button… I just has a bubble to pops up saying to connect I say connect and it just turns and turns and then gives up… I”ve updated the apps. I also get a Claim your Facebook Page notice. When I look on the app on the Laptop I am connect but can’t share the posts and on my phone it work work point blank. Iv’e just spent two hours again this morning trying to get it to work…. GRRRRRRR
Erica Chiovarou says:
I am having this exact same issue. My IG had been connected to FB just fine…this week, it stopped posting to FB. I “unlinked” it to start over and now am getting the turn turn turn give up reaction too. GRRRRRR is right!
zainab says:
did you manage to fix the problem? because i have the same issue
Jhoana Garcia says:
Mine connect to share post but the blue on sprite doesn’t not stay on! 🙁 what can i do??
Dominique Wilson says:
It didn’t work, can you guys help?

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