How to Install and Enable Hulu on Echo Show

The Echo Show is designed to be a lean, mean media-consumption machine. Listening to music, placing/receiving calls, checking the weather, a quick search via Alexa – you name it, Echo Show has got it all. The coolest thing is that the gadget allows you to install one of the most popular streaming services.

How to Install and Enable Hulu on Echo Show

This write-up tells you how to install and enable Hulu, but the Echo Show offers some other options for TV and video streaming services. The required actions are pretty much the same as with Hulu, so let’s dive straight in.

Video Skills Explained

Enabling Hulu via Voice Commands

Hulu is part of the Video Skills suit on the Echo Show. If you’ve never used it before, Alexa asks you to enable the option first. For example, if you say: “Alexa, play ESPN on Hulu”, and the AI automatically takes you to the Video Skills menu.

echo show

There you need to tap on Hulu and provide your login information. Once the Hulu screen appears, tap on Log In in the upper right corner of the screen, type your password and username, and hit Log In again.

log in

As soon as the system recognizes your credentials, there’s a notification window to inform you Hulu has been enabled. Hit OK in the notification window and move onto the Hulu home screen.

install and enable hulu

Now, you can use the voice commands and ask Alexa to play any channel or TV show on Hulu. The important thing is to be patient because it takes the system a few seconds to execute the command. There’s usually a short buffer period before the video starts, where it turns off about three seconds after you say: “Alexa, stop”.

Useful Hulu Voice Commands

When the Hulu skill has been enabled, you can say: “Alexa, open Hulu”, to get to the app’s main menu. But as hinted, you can jump to a specific channel or show. Here’s a list of the commands you might find handy.

  1. “Alexa, tune to + the name of a channel”.
  2. “Alexa, play + the name of a program/series”.
  3. “Alexa, search for + the name of Hulu content”.
  4. “Alexa, change to + the channel name”.
  5. “Alexa, show me episodes of + series’ name”.
  6. “Alexa, show me channels”.
  7. “Alexa, rewind to the beginning”.
  8. “Alexa, play next episode”.

Things to Consider

The great thing about using Hulu is the super simple set-up. In fact, there’s no need to download and install the skill before you enable it. Assuming you’ve recently updated the software, the Hulu icon should appear under Video Skills.

This all sounds like fun and games, but Hulu isn’t actually compatible with all Echo Shows. According to the company, you can only take advantage of the service on the first- and second-generation Echo Shows. These are the 7” and 10.1” models, respectively.

Some users complain that they struggle to connect to Hulu after a software update. In case this happens to you, try restarting the device, then log in and out of Hulu. Keep in mind, a similar issue may appear if you’re using two Alexa-enabled devices – the Fire Stick and Echo Show, for example.

Don’t forget, Alexa connects to one device at a time and it can take commands for one device only. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you’re talking to your Echo Show and Alexa triggers the Fire Stick.

Can You Install and Enable Hulu via the Alexa App?

The quick answer is yes, you can. Plus, there are a bunch of other streaming or TV services you can install and enable via the app. Of course, you’ll first need to check if they’re compatible with your Echo Show. Other than that, the process is a walk in the park. Here are the necessary steps.

Step 1

Launch the Alexa app, open Settings and navigate to TV & Video under Alexa Preferences. The following window lists all available providers and you’ll need to swipe down a bit to get to Hulu.

Step 2

Tap on Hulu and log in, the process is pretty much the same when you do it on your Echo Show. But you also need to connect the Hulu account to the physical device. To do so, you tap “Link Your Alexa Device” at the bottom of the screen and choose the Echo Show from the list.

When that’s done, a confirmation screen should pop up on your Echo Show telling you Hulu is enabled. Now, you can use voice commands to play your favorite content and browse Hulu.

Installing Other Streaming Services

NBC, DirectTV, or Dish, the method to enable the services is the same as with Hulu. Select the service provider from the Alexa app, enter your credentials, and connect to the Echo Show. These appear under Video Skills on the device itself and you can log out or disconnect each service from the Settings menu or the Alexa app.

“Alexa, end this article”.

It’s safe to assume that more service providers will allow for Echo Show integration. Plus, Amazon Prime Movies work on all Echo devices with a screen, even the smallest Spot.

Which channel on Hulu do you watch the most? What other video skills did you enable on your Echo Show? Share your preferences with the rest of the TechJunkie community in the comments section below.

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