How to Install LeapFrog Connect on a Mac

To be able to access parental features on some LeapFrog devices, you might want to install the LeapFrog Connect application to your computer. This will allow you to manage the files on your device and create your children’s user profiles, among other settings. LeapFrog Connect is available for Windows and Mac operating systems.

How to Install LeapFrog Connect on a Mac

In some cases, there may be some issues when installing this app on a Mac, usually due to the system’s higher security. Depending on the error message, it will take a couple of changes to the system settings before you can use LeapFrog Connect on your Mac.

System Extension Blocked

If you’re running High Sierra (Mac OS 10.13), after installing the LeapFrog Connect app you may end up with a “System Extension Blocked” notification.

extension warning

To sort this out, you’ll need to change some settings in the Security & Privacy menu as soon as possible. Make sure to do it within 30 minutes of the installation.

  1. Open “System Preferences” from the Apple menu.
    system preferences
  2. Go to “Security & Privacy”.
    security and privacy
  3. Click the “General” tab.
  4. In the lower left corner of the menu, you’ll find a padlock icon. Click on it.
  5. Enter your username and password for Mac OS X.
  6. Click on the button “Allow” next to the notification “Some system software was blocked from loading.”
  7. You will see a list of blocked software, including two LeapFrog entries.
  8. Check them both and click “OK”.
  9. Exit the “Security & Privacy” menu.

With the LeapFrog files allowed to run on your Mac, you can finish the installation of the Connect app.

If you still can’t use the application, disconnected the tablet , uninstall the Connect app, and install it again.

Mac Install Error: Leapfrog Connect Setup Is Damaged

You may get this message on older Mac OS versions.

  1. Follow steps 1 to 3 from the previous section.
  2. In the General tab, find the option “Allow applications downloaded from:”
  3. Set it to “Anywhere” and exit the menu.

Now you’ll be able to install LeapFrog Connect. After the installation is complete, make sure you change the security setting back to its previous value.

Database Corrupt Installation (Error 4)

If you get this message while trying to install the LeapFrog Connect app, it might mean that your Mac has been configured to use the “case-sensitive journaled” setting for your file system. This option is commonly used by developers and generally isn’t the best way to configure a standard startup disk.

To use the Connect app on your Mac, you’ll need to change these settings back to the default, but first, make sure that it’s the case.

  1. Open Finder and go to the “Applications” folder.
  2. Go to “Utilities”.
  3. Open “Disk Utility”.
  4. From the list to the left, click on the main boot drive.
  5. Click the “Info” button.
  6. In the section “Format”, check and see if your drive is formatted to “Case-sensitive, Journaled”.
    case sensitive

If it is, the only way to go back to a compatible file system is to reformat your drive. This means that you will lose all the data on that drive. If you want to do this, either back up all your data to another drive or make a clone and restore it later.

If your drive is not using the problematic format, you’ll be able to make the Connect app work by following the steps below.

  1. Download LeapFrog Connect Utility from this link.
  2. Install and run this program.
  3. Select “Uninstall LeapFrog Connect”.
  4. Select “Complete..Like it was never there”.
  5. Wait for uninstall to complete and restart your Mac.
  6. When it restarts, open the Disk Utility (Finder > Applications > Utilities)
  7. Click on the startup disk in the list to the left.
  8. Go to the “First Aid” tab.
  9. Click “Repair Disk Permissions” to repair any files and folders that have incorrect settings.
  10. Install LeapFrog Connect.

If you’re still not allowed to install it, make sure you’re logged in with administrator rights on your Mac, which allows you to add applications to the system. If not, log in as an administrator and proceed with the installation.

Installation Error – Failed to Install UPC Shell

You can resolve this error just like Error 4 from the previous section. Use the LeapFrog Connect Utility app to uninstall the application, then repair the system files using the “Repair Disk Permissions” option in your Mac’s “Utilities” folder.

Error Message 23

This one usually appears when you try to launch LeapFrog Connect right after installing it. The solution is quite simple, as you only need to delete one file from your computer.

  1. Open Finder and go to the “Library” folder on your drive.
  2. Go to Application Support > LeapFrog > LeapFrog Connect.
  3. Here you’ll find a file named Delete it.

This will allow you to start the LeapFrog Connect app without any issues.


Security Is the Key, Always

Bumping into errors such as these may be quite frustrating, not to mention the time spent sorting them out. But be aware that these hurdles are there to protect your computer from both installing and running unauthorized and potentially suspect software. At least you now have first-hand experience of their effectiveness.

Did you have any issues while installing LeapFrog Connect? Have we covered all the errors? Please share in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “How to Install LeapFrog Connect on a Mac”

Beth says:
Did anyone manage to get it working on the mac? I also do not have the allow button..
brooke says:
if your mac computer is not showing the allow but you must restart your computer and go back into security and privacy and it should be there. if you dont restart, it will not ever show up.
shion says:
Leapfrog connect will not work on the Mac OS High Sierra. Tried all the steps above, and restarted, uninstalled and reinstalled over 5x. Doesn’t seem to work at all. There is no option for me to “Click on the button “Allow” next to the notification “Some system software was blocked from loading.”” That option is not available.
Emily C says:
I am also having this issue.
Young says:
same. very frustrating

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