How To Fix Internet That’s Slow Just on a Phone

Are you out on the streets trying to surf the web on your phone, only to find your mobile internet connection is super slow? The issue may happen now and then, and it’s usually no big deal. But sometimes, you may notice that your phone’s internet is simply too slow compared to your computer, for example.

How To Fix Internet That's Slow Just on a Phone

In the article below, find out why this happens and what you can do to get a fast internet connection again.

Fast Internet, but Slow Phone

There are many reasons your internet connection may slow on your phone, but not the computer or TV.

Listed below are the most common reasons along with solutions for each problem.

Problem 1: Too Many Active Tabs or Apps

Opening too many apps or tabs inside a browser can result in a slow internet connection. This is because your phone trying to establish a connection with all the servers that host all the different pages.

Regardless of the speed of your data plan, if you stuff your browser with so much data, a poor internet connection is guaranteed.


Close all the tabs and apps you aren’t currently using. If possible, clean the cache as well and restart the browser app.

Problem 2: Bad Connection

You may notice that your phone only shows one bar or none when you’re having problems with internet accessibility. This indicates poor reception, and when this happens, it’s almost impossible to connect to a network regardless of how robust your data plan is. This is especially true if you’re in a remote area or trying to connect to a public network with many other people trying to do the same.


If you’re in a remote area, wait until you approach the city again to try connecting to the network. For places with public bandwidths, try to find an alternate network that not as many people connect to.

Problem 3: Too Much Cache

The cache normally doesn’t cause too many issues for mobile devices. However, if it’s been ages since you cleaned it, then all the data it contains can drastically increase website loading time. When your cache is too full, it slows down your phone, so the overall internet experience is jeopardized.


Cleaning your cache, or at least the cache for your browser should help speed up your internet if this was the initial problem.

Problem 4: Network Setting Issues

Sometimes, the network settings can cause the internet to slow down on some devices. The settings can be configured in a way that results in a poor connection.


The only way to fix this issue is to reset your network configuration. Here’s how you can do so for Android and iOS devices.

For iOS
  1. Navigate to “Settings,” then “General.”
  2. Scroll down and tap “Transfer or Reset iPhone” then tap the “Reset” button.
  3. Hit “Reset Network Settings.”
  4. Enter your password and tap “Reset Network Settings” again.
For Android
  1. Go to the “Settings.”
  2. Open the “System” or “General Management” sections depending on your Android device.
  3. Navigate to “Reset.”
  4. Press “Reset options” or “Reset network settings.”
  5. Hit “Reset Wi-Fi, mobile, and Bluetooth.”
  6. Press “Reset settings” to confirm.

Problem 5: Being Too Far From the Router

Laptops normally have better reception than mobile devices. If you notice your phone having a slow internet connection while the laptop works just fine, check to make sure you aren’t located too far from the router.


Find a way to get closer to the router or get a router extender to make sure the Wi-Fi signal can reach your phone to provide a speedy network experience.

Problem 6: VPN or Antivirus

If you’re using VPN or antivirus software on your phone, this may well be the reason why your internet connection is slower.


Turn off the VPN or switch to the fastest available network to boost your internet speed if you absolutely must use the software.

For antivirus, try switching the protection off for a few minutes to check if this will fix the issue. If it does, consider getting a different program that won’t slow down your internet as much.

Problem 7: Outdated Phone

If none of the reasons above seem to fix the problem, you may be dealing with an old phone that simply can’t handle the modern-day hardware and software requirements for an uninterrupted internet connection.


Consider replacing your phone with a newer one.

Pro Tip. Before making the new purchase, you can test if this is the problem by placing your SIM card in a friend’s or family member’s phone and testing your internet access. If everything works fine, the problem is in your phone, and you should have a professional check it out. If they confirm that there’s nothing to be done, then your only solution is to get a new phone.

Fixing the Slow Internet Issue on Your Phone

Experiencing slow internet on a smartphone is nothing new, and the issue can appear for several reasons. Most of the time, the fix is relatively fast and simple. However, sometimes you may have to be patient and wait for the network to come back, or may even need to buy a new phone.

Hopefully, this article has helped you identify and solve the slow internet issue on your smartphone so you can enjoy a stress-free online experience.

Which of the solutions above helped you eliminate the poor internet connection on your phone? Share your experience in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “How To Fix Internet That’s Slow Just on a Phone”

Foufoutos says:
Yeah none of them work 😀
Kam says:
Hi. Thanks a lot for a helpfoul tips. I started to look in my apps and In my case it was the google play services. Speed of 2-3Mb was the max which i could get. After clearing memory in google play services suddenly Im able to reach 7-8Mb. I still have to check which other app is slowing my wifi as I remember that the same phone with the same router could even reach 20Mb

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