How to Delete Albums on an iPad

If you check your Camera app on your iPad, you might notice the Album section. This feature organizes your photos into categories by date, subject, location, etc. It’s a convenient way to find your favorite shots from a week or even a year ago.

How to Delete Albums on an iPad

But perhaps you don’t use Albums or want to stop them from arranging photos on your Camera app. Also, some Albums may’ve old photos you no longer want to keep. Luckily, you can delete an album from your iPad in just a few minutes.

This article will explain the Albums app and explains how to delete albums from your iPad.

How to Delete an Album on iPad

Here’s how to remove Albums from your iPad:

  1. Launch the Photos app.
  2. On the top left side, tap the menu icon.
  3. Beneath “My Albums,” press “See All.”
  4. Touch “Edit” near the top right edge.
  5. You will notice a red circle with a white dash symbol inside in front of every album. Choose one of these.
  6. A pop-up message will ask if you’re sure you want to delete the selected album. Tap “Delete Album” if sure or “Cancel” to select a different album or stop the process completely.

The album will then disappear from the list once you tap “Done.” Repeat the above steps to remove all the albums you no longer need.

Deleting Individual Photos

You can select and erase many individual photos, rather than albums, from your iPad if you prefer. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the “Photos” app.
  2. Navigate to the bottom left area of your screen and touch “Library.”
  3. Navigate to “Photos” and tap it to view all your photos grouped by “Years,” “Months,” and “Days.”
  4. Tap “Select” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  5. Tap the photos you to delete. A checkmark will appear next to them.
  6. Touch the “Trash can” icon at the bottom of the screen to delete all the images you’ve selected above.

Note: If you’ve switched on the sync feature on your iPad, all the deleted photos will disappear from the Photos section of every iOS device connected to the iPad.

Adding Photos to iCloud

Another way to free up space on your iPad is to send photos to iCloud. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Launch “Settings” on your iPad.
  2. Choose “Account Name” and go to “iCloud.”
  3. Tap “Photos” and choose “Optimize iPad Storage” under “iCloud Photos.”

If you check the storage space on your iPad after this, you will notice that it has increased. And if the photos consumed considerable storage space on your device, it will be very noticeable.

How to Recover Deleted Photos on iPad

Sometimes you will delete a photo by mistake. You might do so without knowing you might need it later on. Luckily, Apple places deleted photos in the “Recently Deleted album category. You can recover any file or delete it forever from this folder. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the “Photos” app and touch “Albums.”
  2. Touch the “Recently Deleted” album.
  3. If you’re using iPadOS 16.1 or newer, you can open the “Recently Deleted album” with your Face ID or Touch ID.
  4. Touch “Select.”
  5. Choose the photo you’d like to restore and touch “Recover.” Tap “Recover All” to restore all photos.
  6. Tap “Recover Photo” to confirm changes.

What Are Albums on Your iPad and Other iOS Devices?

 An Album is an assortment of pictures arranged into different categories. For instance, your kids’ birthday photos may be in one album, your wedding or anniversary photos in another album, etc. Albums make photos easier to sort and retrieve. You can create a new album on your iPad whenever you wish.

Some social media apps or photo editors can request access to your camera roll and create new albums if you permit them. If you don’t want these apps to clutter your camera app, you can deny them permission or delete them.

Deleting Albums to Increase Storage Space on iPad

If you delete a folder on your computer hard drive, the move will also erase everything inside of it. However, the photos within an album on your iPad will remain even if you delete an album. Albums don’t consume space on your iPad. If you need to free up internal storage, deleting albums won’t make a significant difference.

Also, you can’t erase any album you want. Some are impossible to remove because the Photo app can’t function well without them. Any album under the “My Albums” section or the “Shared Albums’ is easy to erase. Any album outside this list must stay intact to help your app run properly. If you still want to free up storage space on your device, you should consider deleting photos. Another choice you have is to send photos to iCloud storage or delete them from the device.


How long does Apple keep deleted photos on my device?

Apple keeps deleted photographs in the “Recently Deleted” album for one month. During this time, you can recover any photo you deleted. Also, you can erase some photos permanently by tapping “Delete.” Alternatively, you can wait for the app to clear the photos automatically after 30 days.

If I delete photos from my iPad, can I see them on iCloud?

It depends if you have linked the device to iCloud. If you’ve synched them, the deleted photos on your device will also be deleted from iCloud. If you’ve linked your iPhone, the photos will disappear from there also. Hence, you can only recover them by opening the “Recently Deleted” album.

How can I rename and rearrange existing albums on iPad?

Just as you can delete albums on iPad, you can also rename and reorganize them. The shortest path involves swiping from the left side of your screen. Touch “All Albums” and then choose “Edit.” Give your album a new name by selecting the “Rename” option. Reorganize your album by choosing the “Rearrange” option. Tap “Done” to finish.

Delete Albums on iPad

If you want to delete some albums from your iPad’s Photo app for whatever reason, you don’t need any special software or skill. By altering a few settings within the Photo app, you can clear all the albums you no longer need in minutes. If you want to free up storage space, you can send some photos to iCloud and delete them from your iPad or simply delete them forever.

Did you recently try to delete albums on your iPad? Did any tricks in this article help you succeed? Let us know in the comments section below.

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