iPhone 8/8+ – How to Mirror My Screen to My TV or PC

Both the iPhone 8 and 8+ come with excellent graphics. They’re equipped with HD Retina technology, which makes the colors particularly vivid. The LCD screen on the iPhone 8 is 4.7 inches long diagonally, while the 8+ comes with a display of 5.5 inches and a somewhat higher resolution.

iPhone 8/8+ - How to Mirror My Screen to My TV or PC

All in all, these phones are excellent for watching short videos. In particular, the larger iPhone 8+ screen is easy and comfortable to watch.

However, it’s not a good idea to spend too much time hunched over your smartphone. If you want to enjoy longer videos, you should consider mirroring your phone. This means copying everything from your phone screen to a television or a computer of your choice.

The mirroring options you have depend on what kind of tech is available to you.

Mirroring the iPhone 8/8+ to Your Apple TV

Buying an Apple TV can be a great choice if you spend a lot of time watching downloaded videos or streaming content. You can use your iPhone or other Apple device to find the video and then mirror it to the big screen and watch it with the best possible image and sound quality.

To mirror your smartphone, do the following:

  1. Connect Your Phone and Apple TV to the Same Wi-Fi Network
  2. Open the Control Panel (You can open the Control Panel by swiping up from the bottom edge of your home screen)
  3. Select “Screen Mirroring”
  4. Choose Apple TV

You may need to enter your iPhone’s passcode before you proceed. You can stop mirroring your phone by repeating the same process.

What If You Don’t Have an Apple TV?

You can also mirror your phone to a different HD television, but you have to invest in an adapter and an HDMI cable. Use the cable to plug in Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adapter to your TV’s HDMI port, and then connect the adapter to your iPhone 8/8+. Again, you can go through the Control Center to activate the mirroring process.

Note that you can also use this process to play music from your television. An AV adapter is a good investment even if you’re not a video enthusiast.

Mirroring Your iPhone to Your PC

Instead of using your television, you might want to mirror your phone’s contents to your computer. This is a great option if you want to browse your photos. Note that mirroring won’t actually send the contents of your phone to your computer. To do that, you want to look into file transfers instead.

So what is the best way to copy your iPhone 8/8+ screen to your PC?

There are various apps you can use to achieve this. Here is how you can mirror the screen using ApowerMirror.

  1. Download the App on Your Computer
  2. Connect Both Devices to the Same Wi-Fi Network
  3. Go into the Control Panel
  4. Choose Screen Mirroring
  5. Select “Apowersoft”

A Final Word

There are many other apps you can choose if you want to mirror your iPhone to a computer. For example, you could go for Mirroring360 or Reflector 3. You can use these to mirror to a Mac as well as a PC.

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