How to Automatically Add Location Data to Your iPhone Pictures

I’ve run across a few people lately who switched iPhones and were surprised to discover that their shiny new devices weren’t keeping track of the places where their photos were taken. The way I noticed this was by looking at the images after they’d been synced to Photos on the Mac; if you double-click on a picture to open it, you’ll see the place where it was taken on the toolbar at the top.
Location in Photos
Alternatively, if an image has no location info attached, you’ll find that data missing in the toolbar.
No Photos Location Data
Plus, if you click the “i” in the toolbar to get the item’s info…
Info Button in Toolbar
…you’ll note that the location section is blank, with the window instead asking you to “assign a location.”
Location Section of Info Window
On iOS devices, you can see if an image has location data by opening it from the Photos app and then, once opened, swiping up.

Location Data on iPhone

I swear there’s a map hidden beneath my redacting.

How to Automatically Add Location Data to Your iPhone Pictures

Obviously it’s handy to know where your photos were taken (assuming you aren’t paranoid about your device tracking your location), so how do you enable this if it’s off? Well, first you’ll visit the Settings app on the device you’re taking pictures with…
Settings App
…then tap on the “Privacy” section.
Privacy Section of Settings
At the top, you’ll see “Location Services.” Select that.
Location Services Settings
Finally, find and select the “Camera” settings on the subsequent screen.
Camera Location Info Settings
You’ll want to make sure that those options are toggled to “While Using the App” and not “Never.”
"While Using the App" Option
With Location Services enabled for your iPhone’s Camera pap, the pictures you snap with that device will have the location info attached if it’s available. Which is great, because that means you can search your Photos library by place! Or if you’re like me, it’ll mean that you can just remember where you’ve been. I’m forgetful like that.

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