iPhone Stuck on White Screen – How To Fix

iPhones are incredibly dependable gadgets, but even the finest might fail from now and then. One of the most dreaded issues is when it gets stuck on a white screen, essentially freezing your iPhone screen.

iPhone Stuck on White Screen - How To Fix

Fortunately, this isn’t as dire as it may first appear. Keep reading to learn more about this “White Screen of Death” and what you can do to remedy it.

Fix Your iPhone Stuck on White Screen by Charging

If your iPhone won’t switch on past the white screen, the first thing you should do is ensure that your phone has enough battery power. If not, you can charge your iPhone and reset it to see if the problem has been resolved. If your iPhone still doesn’t boot past the white screen, proceed to the following suggestion.

Fix Your iPhone Stuck on White Screen by Force Restarting

When your iPhone doesn’t boot past the white screen, the simplest yet most effective solution is to force restart it. This technique has proven useful when the iPhone freezes on the Apple logo and in various other minor iPhone issues. Because there are several iPhone releases on the marketplace, the exact instructions can differ depending on the model. We will illustrate how to perform a force restart for each version.

iPhone 6 or Earlier Models

Begin by holding the ‘Power’ and ‘Home’ buttons simultaneously. Continue repeating this for around 8-10 seconds. The Apple logo will appear on your screen. When you see this occurring, release the switches.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

These users must simultaneously hit the ‘Power’ and ‘Volume Down’ switches for eight to 10 seconds, or until the Apple logo appears.

iPhone 8 or Later Models

Press and rapidly release the ‘Volume Up’ switch and quickly press and release the ‘Volume Down’ switch. Next, press and hold the ‘Power’ switch until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Fix Your iPhone Stuck on White Screen Using Recovery Mode

You can also put your device in Recovery Mode and restore it with iTunes. However, this will delete all of the data on your iPhone. Download the latest iTunes version on your PC or Mac and link your devices to the computer.

  1. Force restart your phone.
  2. Release the buttons when you see “Connect to iTunes” on your screen.
  3. Select “Confirm” to set your action.
  4. Let your iTunes fix the problem.

If this technique does not work, you may need to verify your Apple’s hardware at an Apple shop.

Fix Your iPhone Stuck on White Screen Using DFU Mode

If none of the above methods work, you can try using the Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode. It differs from Recovery Mode because it does not enable the iPhone to launch its boot loader or iOS, but it can still interface with iTunes or the Finder.

Using this method, you may restore the iPhone to its default settings and then reload your data from iTunes or iCloud backups.

Entering DFU mode is challenging, and there’s a considerable possibility you’ll do it incorrectly owing to the complex combination of button pushes and timeframes necessary.

We will be showing this method on iPhone 8 or later models, but remember that the steps are model-specific.

  1. Link your device to your Mac or PC.
  2. Startup iTunes or iCloud and select the iPhone icon.
  3. Hold down the ‘Volume Up’ switch for a short while, and do the same on the ‘Volume Down’ switch.
  4. Turn off your phone using the ‘On/Off’ button.
  5. Continue to hold down the On/Off button, but now press and hold the “Volume Down” button.
  6. Count to five, then stop pressing the On/Off button. Keep holding down the “Volume Down” button for another 10 seconds or more.
  7. You should get a notice from iTunes or Finder indicating that it has discovered an iPhone in Recovery Mode on your computer.
  8.  You’ll see the option to “Restore iPhone.” Click on it, and this should be your finishing step.

If after Step 6 you don’t see a black screen on your iPhone but the Apple logo, you have gone into Recovery Mode, which you don’t want. To leave DFU, press the button combination that would typically put your device in Recovery Mode.

Additional FAQs

What causes the white screen issue on iPhones?

When it comes to this particular issue, there are two common culprits: software or hardware. Although almost all iPhone issues fit into one of two categories, the “White Screen of Death” or WSoD can be affected by either, making the diagnosis a bit more complicated.

Customers frequently see the WSoD whenever they attempt to download an update or jailbreak their phone on the software side.

A botched installation caused by a damaged file or something going wrong during the procedure might easily result in the situation. This is truly the best scenario because it is not too difficult to repair yourself.

The second possibility is a hardware issue, usually after the device has been dropped and incurred impact damage. In some cases, the user may still use DIY solutions. However, if the structural parts have been harmed or any of the connecting cords have become severed, you should take it to an Apple Store to have it properly serviced.

It’s Time to Go to the Apple Store

If you still can’t get your iPhone to operate after trying all of these methods, you may have a hardware problem. While there are various tutorials available for correcting problems, we recommend arranging an appointment at the Apple Store at the very least to figure out what’s wrong.

Hopefully, this issue will be fixable. If it isn’t, you may at least browse the latest smartphones while you’re there.

Has the White Screen of Death ever come knocking on your door? How did you fix it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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