How to Turn Off Bedtime on iPhone

Apple regularly pushes out tweaks and upgrades to improve an iPhone’s capabilities. Many of those upgrades make the user’s life easier in one way or another. With iOS 13, one of the most convenient updates was the Bedtime feature.

How to Turn Off Bedtime on iPhone

Instead of a standard alarm that just wakes you up in the morning, Bedtime lets you set a fixed sleeping schedule. In turn, your iPhone reminds you when it’s time to sleep and wakes you up at the same time every morning.

As convenient as that sounds, not everyone finds the feature useful. And if you’re among them, there’s a simple way to turn it off.

How to Turn Off Bedtime?

The first thing that you want to do is open the Clock app from your home screen. If you haven’t performed any rearrangements, the app should be on the first page. When you open the app, you should automatically see the Alarm section. And at the top, you’ll see the Bedtime feature.


All you have to do to turn Bedtime off is simply toggle the switch on the right. Once you do so, Bedtime will be off, and you won’t have any notifications or alarms related to it.

Another way to turn Bedtime off is to navigate to the dedicated Bedtime pane. There, you’ll see your schedule along with the sleep analysis underneath.


Tap anywhere within the Schedule section, and then toggle the Bedtime Schedule switch off. From the same screen, you can also adjust your sleep time and choose the days when Bedtime will be active. Once you toggle the Bedtime Schedule switch off, you should see that Bedtime is also turned off on the Alarm screen.


How to Remove Bedtime from the Alarm Screen?

Turning off the Bedtime feature is easy enough. But there’s a much more common issue that iPhone users encounter. Namely, many of them don’t want the Bedtime section to be at the top of the Alarm pane. It takes up quite some space, making fixed alarms much less visible.

This is especially true with smaller devices such as the iPhone SE. The Bedtime section eats up quite a bit of screen real estate, making it less convenient for users to reach their alarms.

So is there a way to remove the Bedtime section from the list of alarms?

Prevention Is the Best (And Only) Medicine

When you turn Bedtime off, it would make sense for it to disappear from the Alarm submenu. Sadly, Apple doesn’t think so. Whether the option is turned on or off, the Bedtime section will remain above the list of alarms.

The only way to get around this is to never set up Bedtime in the first place. And if you’re reading this article, it’s safe to assume that that ship has already sailed. Until Apple rolls out an update with more customizability features for the Clock app, the Bedtime section will stay where it is. And if you’re reading this out of curiosity, think twice before setting up Bedtime. If you don’t want it to stay in the Alarm submenu for good, it’s better not to use it at all.

The iPhone X and newer models all have the screen aspect ratio of 19.5:9. This means that these newer models still leave enough room for your alarms to be visible and reachable without too much scrolling. But if you’re using an older device, or the Bedtime section annoys you, you don’t have to use the stock Clock app at all. There are all sorts of good third-party options in the App Store, so you can switch to some of them.

Rise and Shine

As you can see, it’s possible to turn off the Bedtime feature without hassle. Sadly, the same can’t be said about removing it from the Alarm submenu altogether. The best we can do is hope that Apple will give the Clock app more customizability features in the future.

iOS 14 is still a few months away – we expect it to roll out in mid-September. The developer preview should be available in June, though. So we’ll see if the major update does something to fix the Bedtime situation.

Are you using Bedtime? How would you like to see it improved in the future updates? Go ahead and share your ideas in the comments section below.

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