Wifi Not Working on the iPhone XR – What to Do

Losing your Wi-Fi signal can be disconcerting. You may miss out on crucial notifications while you’re offline. Since many smartphone users prefer WhatsApp to traditional messaging, your conversations will also be cut short.

Wifi Not Working on the iPhone XR - What to Do

Cellular data is an adequate stopgap measure, but relying on this option for long will result in astronomically high phone bills. So when your Wi-Fi is out, it’s important to start repairing it right away.

You usually can’t tell offhand what caused the connection to disappear. Hence, you may need to try many different things before you can fix your internet.

Five Things to Do When Your Wi-Fi Connection Goes Out

Try a Soft Reset

To begin with, you should turn your iPhone XR off and on again. This might repair minor glitches in your smartphone’s system.

If this doesn’t work, you should go through a soft reset. This may fix more significant software errors. Follow these steps to do a soft reset:

1. Hold the Power Off Button and the Volume Down Button

These are on opposite sides of the phone.

2. Release the Buttons When You See a Slider on the Screen

This is the “Slide to Power Off” option. Drag the slider to the right.

3. Wait Half a Minute

4. Hold the Power Off Button and the Volume Down Button Again

Now your phone has gone through a soft reset. Note that this doesn’t delete any of your files or preferences.

Reset the Router

If the soft reboot didn’t help, you should try to turn the router off and on again. Do this even if there’s no issue with other devices that are using the same Wi-Fi connection.

Press the power button on the router. This might not be enough, so you should also disconnect the router from the power source and the modem. When you do, wait a few minutes before reconnecting it.

Check If Airplane Mode Is On

Your phone might have gone into Airplane Mode by accident. Tap on the Airplane Mode option just to make sure. You can find Airplane Mode under Settings, but it’s also available on your Control Center.

Turn the Wi-Fi Off and On Again

Something about your iPhone’s Wi-Fi settings might be causing the problem.

1. Go into Settings

2. Tap on Wi-Fi

There’s a green toggle showing whether you’re connected to the network. Try to turn it off and on again.

Make Your Phone Forget the Network

It might be best to re-enter the details of your Wi-Fi connection. In this case, you want to do the following:

1. Go into Settings

2. Tap on Wi-Fi

Now you can select the network that you’re trying to connect to.

3. Tap on the Information Icon Next to the Network in Question

4. Select “Forget This Network”

5. To Proceed, Tap on “Forget”

It’s best to do this with every network on the list.

After this, your phone will look for available Wi-Fi networks in your area. You’ll have to re-enter your Wi-Fi password to establish a connection.

A Final Word

If the above steps didn’t work, consider deleting your most recently installed app. Even if the app seems fine, it might be impacting your connection.

But if none of these solutions worked, there might be a more serious error going on. Contact Apple support for more help or take your iPhone XR to a repair shop.

2 thoughts on “Wifi Not Working on the iPhone XR – What to Do”

chris chesham says:
it seems to be something to do with updates on ios
the last i did was 14.3 and the XR went wrong and before the 14.3 all was ok
it seems weak security
so i read and reread it first configure the router to use WPA2(AES)OR WPA3 security type
David Murphy says:
I had this same problem for a few weeks on my XR. Started by dropping only my home wifi, then the last week became frequent and finally would not connect at all (with the correct password all the time). My iMac and macPro worked fine all the time with the same wifi.

Dreading making the service call. Put it off just long enough.

None of the options with router restarts, phone restarts, reset network settings or total iphone reset worked at all.

The IOS update to 12.1.4 fixed the problem!

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