How to Get Ragebot in Kik

The creation of Ragebot was mainly aimed at helping Kik group management. Kik group chats sometimes grow in members, and managing them can become challenging. Getting Ragebot is valuable, especially in the case of large chat groups.

How to Get Ragebot in Kik

Ragebot automatically removes “thot bots” and other unsavory actors that find their way into a group. Other features include posting messages to welcome new users and having an open spot for new members. To learn more about getting Ragebot and setting it up on Kik, read on as this article covers that and more.

Get Ragebot on Kik Through Search

It’s possible to add bots and people through the search options available in the chat menu. You can find Ragebot by searching without going through the “Discover Bots” option, which is convenient.

  1. Enter chat.
  2. Select “Find People.”
  3. Enter the specific name of the version you are looking for and want to run in your chat.
  4. Once a Ragebot has been added to the chat, it’s time to set it up. Use specific commands like “Set Rules,” “48 Mode,” and “Substitutions” in this step. This is covered later in the article.

Use the Discover Bots Option

This option gives you more bot options and can be used to add a Ragebot to a chat.

  1. Open your Kik app and log in.
  2. Select the “+” icon on the chat list set by default on the home screen. Choose “Discover Bots.” You can pick any bot found under the “Discover Bots” option.
  3. Select the profile or name of the bot you want. Tap the “Start chatting” option in blue.
  4. Follow the instructions that are offered to test it out.

The above steps allow you to test bots before adding them to groups or chats. Once you understand how things work, the bot can be used in conversations.

Purchase Ragebot Premium

The next option is to get Ragebot premium by purchasing it. You can access three price plans under this option. The features are uniform for all the plans available, the only difference being the maximum number of groups you can have.

Payments are made through PayPal, and you must set things up first. You can contact Kik for more details if you need to pay a year in advance. Once you have made the payment:

  1. Send a message to @RaygAndNyxie on Kik.
  2. Include the PayPal email address through which the money was sent.
  3. Wait for your Ragebot to be set up in two working days.

When everything is ready, you will receive a message with the bot username, which you can customize.

Ragebot Free Features and Commands

The basic Ragebot version has various critical functions to keep a chat as simple as possible. The basic version can remove any unwanted bots while keeping a spot open within a group. It can display welcome messages and execute different commands.

To enjoy Ragebot to its full potential on Kik, you’ll need to allow administrator privileges. When this is done, different behaviors can be set for the Ragebot through commands in the chat. Here are some of the most essential commands.

  • Set Rules: You can type “Set rules Hi,” followed by more commands to set group rules. By typing, “Set rules Hello!” Ragebot greets newcomers, “Hello!” you can use this function to inform any new members about the rules in the group.
  • 48 Mode: Typing “48 mode on,” the bot will always ensure an open spot for new members. This is achieved by removing the least active members from the chat once a determined member’s cap has been reached. The number can be further specified, for example, “48 mode cap 40.”
  • Substitutions: With this command, a Ragebot can be set to respond to a specific sentence o word. The format is “Trigger->Response.” If you add “Question->Answer,” when someone writes “Question” within the chat, the Ragebot responds with “Answer.”

Ragebot Premium Features

Ragebot Premium offers more functionality combined with the free version features. Possible customization, censored expression and words, and safety features exist. The Ragebot premium offer includes the following:

  • A unique bot that won’t be shared with anyone else. You can also pick a custom background, picture, and name for the bot.
  • Premium bots can do more than send welcome messages. They can be customized to show a goodbye message if someone wants to leave the chat.
  • Some sentences or words can be blacklisted to avoid appearing in the chat.
  • It’s possible to whitelist individual users so they aren’t kicked out of the chat when 48 Mode is activated.
  • Group settings can be imported between groups.
  • New accounts can be restricted from getting into a chat. In the premium package, groups can be closed entirely so no one can join.
  • Several other features can block spam messages and crash codes.

Identifying Fake Ragebot

Ragebot is a trusted and popular choice for many people. Due to this, some people try to fool other users by creating fake accounts. This way, they get admin permissions to groups and end up causing harm. To avoid fake accounts, keep an eye out for several things:


Official free Ragebots have to be listed within the status board. It’s pretty easy to view it from this point. It could be a fake bot if you can interact with it and it’s not on the board. Note that premium Ragebots aren’t listed on the board.

Official Ragebots Don’t Act by Themselves

Some commands work in personal messages (PM). However, an official Ragebot never initiates PM with the users. It only PMs you when responding to commands. If a Ragebot PMs your first, it’s a fake. It is even more evident if it’s threatening or requesting something. It’s a fake rage, even if it PMs you claiming to be an updated rage version. All bots have similar back-end systems, and they are updated together.

An official Ragebot never joins a group all by itself. They need to be added.

Enjoy Safety and Anonymity With Ragebot on Kik Groups

Kik offers a high anonymity level, which can be good and bad. Your privacy on Kik is protected since the only information you are required to give is an email address. However, anonymity, especially on online platforms, can lead to troublesome behavior in some users. Groups can also quickly get bloated with bots. Adding Ragebot to your Kik groups can significantly improve group safety and administration.

Have you tried to add a Ragebot to Kik chat groups? Was it a success? Tell us in the comments section below.

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