How to Connect to Wi-Fi on an LG TV

If you have an LG TV, one of the key features is the ability to connect to the internet and use your TV as a browsing and streaming station. The TV shows and movies streamed will look better on the larger screen compared to relatively small monitor sizes.

How to Connect to Wi-Fi on an LG TV

Find out how to connect your LG TV to a WiFi network.

Connecting Your LG TV to WiFi

If you want to connect your TV to WiFi, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Gear button on your remote to bring up the Quick Menu on your TV.
  2. Press the down arrow key on your remote until you hover over Network.
  3. Hit the center button on your remote to select Network.
  4. Your TV will now open Settings. Click on the right arrow to enter the hovered Network menu.
  5. Select the option Wi-Fi Connection by navigating down and selecting with the center button of your remote.
  6. Hit the center button again to turn on the WiFi on your TV.
  7. Select the WiFi network that you want to connect to. Again, use the up and down arrows to scroll through all the Wi-Fi networks and press the selector button in the center to connect to the desired network.
  8. If your Wi-Fi is password-protected, use the virtual keyboard to put in the password. Once you’re done entering the characters, go to the Enter button on the keyboard and press it.
  9. Once you’ve entered the password, select the Connect option on the menu, then press the center button on your remote again to connect to your desired WiFi network.
  10. Test your Wi-Fi network by pressing Home on your remote and going through your TV’s app store, browser, or streaming services to check if you’re connected to the internet.

Connecting to a WiFi network shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Make sure to have your WiFi password written down beforehand, or at least know where to find it.

If you have hidden your WiFi network, you need to select the option “Add a Hidden Wireless Network” in the WiFi Network options. You’ll then be able to manually insert the name and the password of your hidden WiFi network and connect your LG TV to it.

LG TV Connect to WiFi

What to Do If I Can’t Connect?

If your LG TV can’t connect to a WiFi network, there are a few steps to try and troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Turn off the Quickstart feature. To do so, press Settings on your remote, then go to All Settings > General > Quickstart. Press the center button on the remote until the Quickstart feature is off.
  2. Power Cycle your TV: Turn off your TV, unplug it, then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.
  3. Turn the LG TV back on.
  4. Try connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

Alternatively, check the Date & Time setting on your LG TV:

  1. Press Settings on your remote.
  2. Select All Settings.
  3. Go to General.
  4. Select Time and Date.
  5. Make sure the time and date settings are current.

If your router has a lease expiration date, an incorrect time can be why you can’t connect to a network.

Also, make sure that your TV has all the software updates needed:

  1. Press Settings on your remote.
  2. Go to All Settings.
  3. Select General.
  4. Select About this TV.
  5. Press on Check for updates.
  6. Power cycle the TV, then turn it back on.

If you still can’t get a connection, use an Ethernet cable to connect your LG TV directly to the router. A direct Ethernet connection works better if your internet router or modem is farther from your TV.

If you can’t get an internet connection with an Ethernet connection either, turn your internet modem off and on. You can also reset your WiFi network on the modem by pressing the WLAN button twice.


Stay Connected

We’re confident that one of the above would have solved your problem. Smart TVs have plenty of options if they’re connected to the internet. You can use the full array of apps and streaming services that come with your LG TV to enjoy your precious free time.

Did you manage to connect your LG TV to WiFi? What do you use your internet connection for? Let us know in the comment section below.

6 thoughts on “How to Connect to Wi-Fi on an LG TV”

Mary says:
still not solved…..LG TV 65″ wireless wi fi…a software update came on the screen and I ok’d it………..within a few seconds the electric went out……panic time cause the tv said do not turn off the tv while updating………..I turned the tv back on and it said software completed but…………the screen now says no connection…………..I have tried everything under the sun with you tube, google and LG site and still nothing…………………………funny though…I am now able to see the channels but the main screen still says no connection…..what’s up?
Steve Larner says:
The update corrupted data. The only option is to try and manually update if it is possible.
Vimala Chengapen says:
Wifi interruption (on and off)

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