Enter the Simpsons Sphere: A 360-degree vortex of 500 episodes

I don’t know about you, but the way I like to kick back after a long day at the office is to immerse myself in a 360-degree orgy of bright colours and discordant sounds. It is with genuine relish, therefore, that I present to you: The Simpsons Sphere.

Created by YouTuber Omni Verse, who seems to specialise in this kind of thing, The Simpsons Sphere is a 360-degree video built up of 500 different episodes of The Simpsons, all playing at the same time. Because life’s too short for sanity.

The video lets you move your vision in every direction, but if the idea of being hemmed in on all sides by The Simpsons doesn’t appeal, you can also watch all 500 episodes play simultaneously in 2D.


Try and make it to the end of the ten minutes without falling into a Groening-induced stupor. I dare you.  

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