This Lego Millennium Falcon kit is the biggest and most expensive set yet, and it’s back in stock

Update: The Lego Millennium Falcon Collector’s Edition sold out really quickly, but it’s back in stock right now in John Lewis if you act quickly, and happen to have £649 you don’t know what to do with. Click through here, and then explain it away later if you feel so inclined.

Read on to find out why Nathan was so smitten with it when he saw it in person back in September.

Just when you thought Lego couldn’t do any bigger, what with a gigantic Lego Taj Mahal and Lego’s own Ghostbusters Firehouse, the firm has again upped the piece count and subsequently, the asking price.

This is Lego’s new Millennium Falcon set, complete with 7,541 pieces and a wallet-shaking £649 price tag. This is the biggest, and most expensive, Lego set ever sold.

Buy Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon now

It’s a step up from the original Lego Millennium Falcon, which released ten years ago and had 5,195 pieces, costing fans $500. The set became a collector’s item after it was discontinued.


Star Wars Lego fans can now buy the new and improved set, which includes figures of Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia and C-3PO. Other features include a BB-8 droid and a buildable Mynock creature, the bat-like creature from The Empire Strikes Back.

The set also comes with weapons, including classic ones like Han’s blaster pistol and Chewbacca’s bowcaster, new blasters and a duo of new creatures – the Porgs, from Episode VIII

The characters and features can be switched between a classic version and a version from Episode VII and VIII.

Lego fanatics had the opportunity to snag the first 150 sets at a special launch event held at the Leicester Square Lego Store on 13 September, provided they were part of Lego’s VIP club. The queue was long, with one fan patiently waiting since 5am the previous morning to be the first to get his hands on Lego’s latest.


At the launch, I sat down with two of the Lego designers behind the monstrous set: Jens Kronvold Frederikson, Director of Lego Star Wars design and Michael Lee Stockwell, Design Manager of Lego Star Wars to hear what they had to say about Lego’s biggest ever set.

The Millennium Falcon’s design process, the building duo said, is a long time in development, with the first sketch model created well over a year ago. “The Millennium Falcon was more than a year in development, it has been built loads of times and it’s a long process, but quality is the main thing for us”, Jens said.

“Overall we added over 2,000 more pieces to this model than the original”, he continued.


Lego also holds regular feedback sessions with children, to make sure the set fits with children’s creativity and – crucially – kids will actually want to pick one up in the shops. “Children are in the Lego offices weekly”, Michael explained; “They’re a big part of the design process, if they don’t like it, we don’t like it”.

The pair also discussed their relationship with Lucasfilm, who need to approve the sets, and oversee each Star Wars Lego design until completion. The film company provide official reference points such as original designs, photos of original models from the movies and artwork, to help the Lego designers create these 3D models and figures as accurately as possible.

It’s not all about 1:1 movie accuracy, however. “Lucasfilm do want us to match the product as closely as possible but they respect our goal to make fantastic toys for children” Jens explained.


And finally, when asked if there was anything they wish they could have squeezed in, a fully functional hyperdrive wasn’t on the cards. Apparently.

The Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collector’s Series set can be purchased from the Lego Store online from 1 October, or in stores for VIP members now.

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