Who’s that dog? Google Lens thinks it can guess your pet’s breed

My dog isn’t the most obscure breed of pooch (he’s a big cockapoo) but Gatsby looks similar enough to others that he’s often confused by self-proclaimed dog aficionados for something else. So when a new Google Lens feature claimed to be able to accurately guess the breed of my dog, I couldn’t help but let out an audible ‘ha, impossible’.

Who’s that dog? Google Lens thinks it can guess your pet's breed

Instead, Google Lens wiped the grin right off my face, guessing his breed in a quick couple of seconds.google_lens_pets

Google Lens, which uses AI and deep machine learning to identify people, places, text, objects and now… dogs and cats, is a feature built into the Google Photos app that gives contextual information about your photos.

When you analyse your pet’s photo using the app, Google Lens will display a row of breeds, placing its best first guess on the left. For Gatsby, cockapoo held top spot, with labradoodle and Goldendoodle being the AI’s next best guesses.

Here’s how Google Lens fared when we tested it on some of Alphr’s other lovable pets.

It was correct at guessing Vicky’s Border Collie, Murphy; and spot on with Alan’s insta-famous cat, Humphries.google_lens_identifies_cat_and_dog_breeds_2

But it definitely wasn’t purrfect, Emma’s springer spaniel, Darcey, was only half correct; Nathan’s Tonkinese, Fudge, was all wrong; and poor Elfie – Ed’s Jack Russell terrier – couldn’t even be identified as a dog at all.google_lens_identifies_cat_and_dog_breeds

It did seem to recognise the dogs from Wes Anderson’s new film, Isle of Dogs, however. They do sure look like Tibetan terriers. Quadruple tick.isle_of_dogs_google_lens If you want to try it out for yourself and see if Google Lens knows your pet’s breed, follow the below steps.

  1. Download the Google Photos app on iOS or Android.
  2. Tap on a photo of your pet.
  3. Tap on the lens icon on the bottom toolbar and your pet’s breed will be identified.

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