How to Tell if You’re Blocked in Line

Nobody likes to be excluded by their friends. Sadly, this is sometimes inevitable and everyone will experience it at least once in their life. This exclusion used to mean you do not get invited to a party or a sleepover, but now it is different.

How to Tell if You're Blocked in Line

Since people are spending more time hanging out on social media than in person, avoiding friends has taken on a new, online form. Rather than not inviting you out, people can now quietly block you from interacting with their online accounts. Same as other popular social messaging apps, Line has this feature as well.

It’s never nice being blocked, but not knowing you are blocked is even worse. Read on to find out about the different ways to check if you are really blocked on the Line chat app.

What Happens When You Are Blocked?

When somebody blocks you on Line, you will not be able to interact with them in any way. This includes texting them, calling them, starting a video chat with them. You will be moved from their friends’ list to their Blocked users’ list.

However, this does not mean you are permanently removed from their account. Think of it more like a timeout. If they wanted to remove you, they would need to take additional steps. In other words, they are not entirely sure if they want to remove you from their friend list entirely just yet. As such, they can change their mind and unblock you at any time.

5 Ways to Find Out If You Are Blocked on Line

There are some simple ways to check if you are blocked on Line, but there are also some that probably have not occurred to you. Let’s start with the most obvious one.

Try Messaging the Person You Suspect Has Blocked You

As you know, blocked users can’t send messages or call the person that has blocked them, so try this first. You can try to send them a text or call them and see what happens. You may think they are offline or away, when they have, in fact, blocked you.

If the recipient receives and reads your message, you’ll see the ‘Read’ option. If this does not appear they’ve either figured out how to view messages without alerting you, or they’ve blocked you.

Create a Multi-Person Chat with Them

A multi-person chat is similar to a group chat, but it is better for finding out if you are blocked. You just need to add the person you think has blocked you along with someone else. Try adding an official account instead of a random friend, because when you make a room with them and the blocker, it will be empty if they really blocked you.

Unlike groups, the person you invite does not have to confirm to join a multi-person chat, unless it’s an official account. You will instantly know if they blocked you or not.

Check Out Their Profile

If you could see this person’s posts before and now you suddenly can’t, you can assume they blocked you. To see their posts, tap on their name on your friends’ list. After that, select Posts at the bottom of your screen. If you are blocked, this page will appear empty. You can also check Photos/Videos next to Posts and see if it is the same.

Try to Send Them a Theme

You cannot receive gifts from a blocked user, so you can try sending a theme to the person you believe has blocked you without actually having to spend money. Tap on More in the bottom-right of your screen and then choose Theme Shop. Choose any theme and tap on Send as a gift. Then select the recipient and proceed to tap Next.

If you are blocked, you will get a prompt saying they already have the theme. They might have it, but it is more likely they have blocked you. If you haven’t been blocked, the next screen will ask you to confirm the purchase of the theme. Simply exit the screen and you won’t be charged for the theme.

Buy Them a Sticker

This trick is similar to the previous one. Instead of choosing ‘Theme Shop,’ select ‘Sticker Shop.’ Choose any sticker and send it as a gift to the person you suspect has blocked you. If they have done it, you will not be able to confirm the purchase, and you will get the same prompt saying they have the sticker already. You can cancel the purchase at any time by exiting the store if your suspicions turned out to be wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

If someone unblocks me, will they get the messages I sent?

Based on our tests in November of 2020, no. The person who blocked you will not receive any messages that were sent while you were blocked. But, as soon as they un-block you, any messages sent will go through. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eUnfortunately, you won’t get any alerts that the other person un-blocked you so you’ll need to continue using the methods above to see if your friend had a change of heart.

Are my messages still visible to the other person?

Yes. Even if the other user blocked you, they’ll still have access to any messages you sent pre-block. However, if you’re concerned about lingering messages in another users’ chats you can ‘Unsend’ a message. Simply long-press the questionable content and tap ‘Unsend.’ Line will give show you an alert that this may not work but proceed anyway.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe other user will see that you retracted a message but they won’t have access to the content anymore assuming it was successful.

I See What You Did There

In case you were right, these five tricks will help you know for sure that someone has blocked you. While the realization that you have been blocked by a friend is never pleasant, there’s no point in feeling bad. Maybe they will come to their senses and unblock you.

Have you ever been blocked by a friend on Line or any other messaging app? If so, how did it affect your friendship in real life? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “How to Tell if You’re Blocked in Line”

Maria says:
How bout the new updated line app? B4 i used to tell im im blocked by giving gift to them but now i have to have money b4 i can purchase to give a gift
Rohan says:
Hi. Love this article. It drives more sense into me than expect others to get into their senses. Life was supposed to be simple till the time people had to deal with trouble. The developers created tools to filter virtually everything, we also found ways to understand how things work – sending stickers and themes… 55. Let’s for a moment accept that we are replaceable. That we aren’t of the same value as before. Do we accept our fate and move on or we scamper for answers. There’s no real pain until we attach a sense of rejection.
Kevin monk says:
I have accidentally blocked and deleted contact on line app ..I would lick them back .but I do not know names or telephone numbers. Can you please reinstall them all thank you.
Ven says:
But can the Line app ban a user from the entire app itself? It seems this has just happened to me as I suddenly cannot contact ANYONE! Nor can I validate my phone number any longer.
Heral says:
Thank you your help
Ammari says:
I have been blocked from a girl that I love her… She said to me I will delete you so you can forget me… Because she can not love me and she wants me to have normal life… She said I see you as a friend… So she care about my feeling and asked me can I block you? I said yes.. Then she did…now I don’t know anything about her… I am texting her every single day… Adding her to group I really cant stop thinking about her… I love her from my bottom of my hear t… I wish line company help me to contact with her that I miss her.. I can’t stop think f of her…
David says:
i hope u will be fine soon.
Hannah mae says:
Thank you my boss didn’t block me si I continue work lol this helps
I am blocked by person on LINE.. i invite that person to the group..can that person Read the group name before joining the is important because i sent my message as a group can that person see group name before joining my group (because i am sure they will decline the invitation anyway so at least i want to send my message across to them)
Todd says:
You cannot attempt to purchase a theme for somebody without coins. In order to attempt to use the coins, you have to buy them first. So it’s not possible to attempt to buy something for somebody without spending real money upfront. When I try to buy a theme or sticker for somebody, LINE asks me to buy coins first.
Shel says:
You could send free sticker though

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