How to Make a Chest in Terraria

Terraria is an RPG game that puts you in a magical world and has you encountering various quests as you progress through it. As is the case with any other RPG, Terraria is all about the items. You’ll encounter myriads of them, and you’ll be using many to craft various things – from weapons to furniture.

How to Make a Chest in Terraria

Your inventory is limited, though. You can’t expect to be able to carry all your items at all times. You’re going to need a chest to store them safely. In this article, you’re going to learn how to create chests.

How to Make a Chest in Terraria

There are various chest types that you’ll encounter and craft in Terraria. They hold up to 40 items stacks in a 10×4 grid on desktop, console, and mobile versions of the game and in 5×8 grids on 3DS. Old-gen console chests hold up to 20 item stacks.

To make the most of basic chest types in Terraria, you’re going to need 8 Wood items, 2 Iron or Lead Bars, and a Workbench. All these materials are Pre-Hard mode, so you don’t have to wait until you’ve progressed further in the game to store your items safely.

Here’s how to make a standard chest in Terraria.

1. Find the Resources

Wood is easy to harvest. Just stand by a tree and chop it. On the other hand, Iron, and Lead are a bit more challenging to find. Don’t worry, though; it’s available in abundance throughout Terraria. Find a natural cave, and you’ll get access to either of the two ores. If you don’t have any caves in your proximity, go ahead and dig down into the ground. Iron and Lead ore shouldn’t be too hard to stumble upon and they usually lie close to the surface.

While you’re mining for Iron/Lead, go ahead and get some Stone, as well – you’ll need 20 for the furnace. You’re going to need three pieces of Lead/Iron ore to create a Lead/Iron bar. So, you’re looking for either three Iron ores and three lead ores or six Iron/Lead ores.

2. Go to the Workbench

Now that you’ve gathered all the necessary items, head over to a workbench. Then, using the 20 Stone that you’ve gathered, craft a furnace. The furnace takes twenty Stone, four Wood, and three Torch items. Once you’ve crafted the furnace, place it wherever you want and stand next to it. Smelt two Iron/Lead bars using the previously gathered resources.

3. Craft a Chest

Now, go back to the workbench. Standing next to it, look for the chest icon. Place the chest close to the crafting equipment (workbench, furnace, etc.). Use it at your convenience (it works just like looting).

How to Make a Gold Chest in Terraria

You can’t craft Gold Chests. They are generated naturally in Underground Cabins in the Underground, Cavern, and Jungle areas. You can also find Gold Chests in the Dungeon location. Locked Gold Chests require a Golden Key for access.

However, if you already have a Gold Chest, you can upgrade it to a Trapped Gold Chest. You need a Heavy Work Bench and 10 Wire items to create one.

How to Make a Chest Statue in Terraria

Chest Statues are available in Pre-Hard mode in the game and spawn mimics. The Chest Statue is crafted using a Wooden Chest, 50 Stone items, and five Wire items. However, it cannot be crafted at a standard workbench. You’re going to need the Pottery Wheel tool.

How to Make a Chest in Terraria on Xbox

Regardless of which console you’re playing Terraria on, chests are crafted in pretty much the same way across the board.

How to Make a Glass Chest in Terraria

Glass Chests work similarly to any other chest but feature appearance differences. To craft a Glass Chest, you’re going to need 8 Glass items and two Iron Bars. To craft Glass, you need two instances of any Sand type and a furnace. Then, you can use the workbench to create a Glass Chest.

How to Make a Cactus Chest in Terraria

Cactus Chests also work like any other chest type in Terraria. To create one, you need to harvest Cactus from Cactus plants. You need 8 Cactus items for this and two Iron Bars.

How to Make a Crystal Chest in Terraria

Crystal Chests boast a unique purplish appearance. They are crafted using any two Iron Bars and 20 Crystal Block items.

How to Make a Granite Chest in Terraria

To create a Granite Chest, you need 8 Smooth Granite Block items and any two Iron Bars. Smooth Granite Blocks are created using Granite Block at the workbench.

How to Make a Mushroom Chest in Terraria

Mushroom Chests are made out of 8 Glowing Mushroom items and any two Iron Bars. Glowing Mushrooms can be found in the Glowing Mushroom biome on Mushroom grass.

What Is Crimson Key in Terraria?

The Crimson Key is a drop item used for opening Crimson Chests. Kill any enemy in the Crimson biome to have a chance at getting a Crimson Key drop.

Can You Craft Chests in Terraria?

As you can see, some chests can be created in Terraria. Keep in mind that they all work in a similar/identical way and that you may have to go out of your way to craft them.

How Do You Build a Chest in Terraria?

To create most chests in Terraria, you need two Iron Bars and another item type, depending on the chest type we’re talking about.

How Do You Stack Chests in Terraria?

Chests cannot be stacked. However, there is a quick stack option that will automatically send the items from your inventory to the item of the same type inside a chest. Go to a chest and select the Quick Stack command. Alternatively, press the button below the number of your coins to “Quick-stack to nearby chests,” which will automatically stack the items of the same type across all nearby chests.

What Are All the Terraria Items?

Terraria features more than 3,800 obtainable items that range from pickaxes and blocks to Piña Colada and various kites.

Chests in Terraria

As you can see, most chests in Terraria work based on the same principle. The differences are mainly aesthetic.

We hope that we’ve helped you learn how to craft chests in this fun RPG 2D game. If you have any questions or tips to add, hit the comments below and tell/ask us about it.

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