How to Make Mora in Genshin Impact

Leveling up your characters and gear in Genshin Impact is easy when you’re early in the game. You may have so much Mora that you don’t think twice about upgrading anything.

How to Make Mora in Genshin Impact

Unfortunately, that mind-boggling Mora balance doesn’t last forever. As you advance in levels, costs exponentially increase to upgrade your characters and gear, climbing into the millions in some cases.

You know you need to keep up with the demands of the game, so you’re going to need to make some money.

Keep reading to learn how to farm Mora to keep up with your lavish Teyvat lifestyle. Find out which options are renewable sources and which ones are only valid once, as well as options that work best early and late in the game.

How to Make Mora in Genshin Impact?

One of the simplest ways to make more Mora in Genshin Impact is to play the game. Check out the list below to find out which activities are the most lucrative.

1. Complete Daily Commissions

Are you finishing your Daily Commissions? Completing all four of them each day can yield around 20,000 Mora when you turn them in with Kathryn at the Adventurer’s Guild. You’re looking at a minimum of 3,925 per with a maximum of 5,950 per commission.

The missions are available each day. You can find them in your Adventurer’s Handbook, quest journal, or simply look at your map. Daily Commissions are denoted by purple quest icons. You don’t receive rewards automatically upon completion of the last quest in the set so remember to turn them in each day to collect your earnings.

2. Open Ley Line Blossoms

As you explore Teyvat, you’ll come across trials near Ley Line Blossoms. These Ley Lines are a great way to farm Mora early in the game, but they cost Resin to open. Early players may think nothing of spending a little bit of resin to open the lines, but this strategy doesn’t work as well late in the game as the material becomes scarce.

While you can get up to 20,000 Mora for gold Ley Lines, you may decide that the trade-off isn’t worth it because Resin is harder to come by than Mora.

If you’re an early player, go ahead and open those Ley Lines as much as possible. Late game players, however, may want to steer clear of this farming resource in favor of another option.

3. Farming and Exchanging Sigils

Did you know that you can exchange Sigils at the Souvenir shop for Mora? Vendors will buy two Sigils at 1 600 Mora for the pair, and you can do it in both main cities in the game. Even better, Sigils are one of those infinite resources, so you don’t have to worry about hoarding them for future use.

You can find Sigils in chests and crates near the beaches of Teyvat.  Opening crates and chests are probably something you’re already doing for Adventure Rank XP, so the added Sigil surplus is a boon for Mora-hungry Travelers.

Statues of the Seven will also grant you a few hundred Sigils every time you turn in Oculi as well as give your character a permanent stamina boost.

4. Level Up Your Adventure Rank

One of the best ways to get Mora early in the game is to focus on leveling up your Adventure Rank (AR). Early ranks from AR 2-3 and again at AR 5 – 10 yield approximately 10,000 each time you hit a new rank. Mora rewards increase as you continue advancing your Adventure Rank, maxing out at 25,000 Mora at ranks 21 through 25.

5. Complete Investigations and Kill Bosses/Elites

Your Adventurer Handbook is a potential Mora mine of possibilities if you complete the Investigations section of the book. Some players overlook these Investigations completely in favor of completing the main story and side quests, but that’s a mistake.

Mora rewards start at 20,000 for completing Chapter 1 and can go up to 105,000 Mora with each chapter you complete. This is another one of those Mora sources that are not repeatable, but it’s a good source for new players in search of more money to use for upgrades.

Alternatively, killing monsters is one of those activities that you can do to farm Mora. These repeatable Bosses and Elites are found in your Adventurer Handbook under the Enemies tab. Most players use these enemies to farm Ascension materials; however, they drop a large amount of Mora, too.

Use the Handbook to navigate to the Boss of your choice and defeat them to reap the rewards. In a few hours, they’ll spawn again so you can rinse and repeat indefinitely – even for late-game players.

6. Trade Stardust for Mora

Every time you make a Wish, you get some Stardust as part of your reward. If you can’t find anything in the shop to spend your Stardust on, why not exchange it for Mora? Trading Stardust for Mora is a reliable option for players who spend a lot of time grinding for Fates or who aren’t shy about opening their real-world wallets.

As of now, you can exchange 10 Stardust for 10,000 Mora in the shop, up to 30 times per month. After that, the exchange will cost you 5 Stardust extra at 15 Stardust for 10,000 Mora. This method of obtaining Mora is repeatable and a great option for Wish-focused players with an excess of Stardust.

7. Participate in Expeditions

As you unlock new features in the game, eventually Kathryn at the Adventurer’s Guild will approach you about Expeditions. At first, assigning characters to these Expeditions may not amount to much. You may get a handful of resource material or cooking material for the trouble.

However, more places open up over time, and eventually, you’ll have options to send non-party characters to places that net a large chunk of Mora.

Talk to Kathryn to send your characters out on Expeditions and remember to pick the 20h time slot to net the most money – 5,000 Mora. It does take a while to get the rewards, but it’s not a bad way to generate a little passive income.

8. Killing Enemies

No matter where you explore in Teyvat, odds are that you’ll run across quite a few enemies who want to cut your adventuring short. Normally, you’d cut down any enemy mobs standing in the way of your latest quest objective or try to bypass them completely. These enemy mobs, though, are a great source of income; especially if you pair it with other Mora-farming activities.

Slimes and Hilichurls yield the least amount of Mora at around 15-30 per type. Taking out Hilichurl Bosses gives you a lot more income potential at 198 Mora per boss. It’s not a lot of money, but it is a nice compensation for something you were going to do anyway.

9. Clear the Abyss

A new challenge awaits you in the Spiral Abyss once you reach AR 20. It’s a popular place to farm both Primogems and Mora if you can clear all three levels on each of the eight floors. Once you hit Abyss level 9, you’ll be able to revisit some levels for a little weekly Mora and Primogem farming.

Honorable Mentions

  • Special Events, Maintenance, and Updates
  • Genshin Impact Codes

These honorable mentions are not necessarily a reliable way to farm Mora, but they can net you a large sum when they’re available. Maintenance and Update rewards are typically found in your in-game email. Check it regularly so that you don’t miss out since rewards do have an expiration date.

Genshin Impact code redemption is another way to get a large chunk of Mora without having to put in the work. Unlike other F2P games, though, the Genshin Impact developers don’t release codes that often. If you do happen across a new code, head over to the official website and login to redeem them.

Additional FAQs

What Can You Do With Mora in Genshin Impact?

Most of your Mora will go towards upgrading, leveling, and ascending gear and characters. The exact amount of Mora required to upgrade artifacts and weapons depends on the materials you use during the upgrade process. The actual costs for leveling characters also depend on the materials or experience book used.

Additionally, you can use Mora at the Forge to buy new weapons or upgrade the ones you already own. It’s not as pricey as upgrading or ascending your artifacts and characters, but it is nice to have money in the bank when you want to shop at the Forge.

Where Can I Farm Mora in Genshin Impact?

You can farm Mora doing a variety of activities from completing Daily Commissions and defeating Elites and Bosses. The majority of your Mora will probably come from opening chests and crates as you explore the game, though.

How to Make Mora Meat in Genshin Impact?

You can obtain the recipe for this food item while exploring Liyue or at Mt. Aozang while completing a quest called Custodian of Clouds. Alternatively, you can also buy the food item ready-made from Mr. Zhu or Su Er’niang for 430 Mora.

Mora Meat grants players revival and restoration perks up to 150 HP, depending on the quality. If you happen to have Ningguang in your party, she may make a special variant of the dish called Qiankun Mora Meat. This special food not only revives and restores fallen characters at 10% of their maximum HP, but it also has a bonus of giving an additional 150 HP.

Fans of the game have also created their own real-world recipes of Mora Meat. It won’t revive you, but it may make for a tasty break while playing the game.

What’s the Best Way to Make Mora in Genshin Impact?

The best way to make Mora in Genshin Impact is to play the game. Defeating enemies, completing quests, and participating in Special Events are all sustainable ways to make Mora in the game.

How Do I Farm Mora Without Resin?

If you don’t have any Resin, you can still farm Mora in the game. Focus on Daily Commissions, fighting Enemies, and clearing floors in the Spiral Abyss. Stay away from the Ley Lines, though, if you want to keep your Resin count intact.

Mora Money for the Taking

While it’s true that Mora isn’t as plentiful late-game as it is for new players, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t farm this currency by conventional means. Activities like Daily Commissions, clearing floors in the Spiral Abyss, and defeating Elites and Bosses are viable and repeatable ways to reap Mora in the game.

Also, if you’re in a pinch and have an abundance of Stardust or Sigils, you can always trade them for Mora. You may not get the millions required to level your character in one go, but every little bit helps.

What lucrative activity do you participate in every time you play Genshin Impact? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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