How to Make Nest Hello Faster

We live in a time of smart homes. While there’s no one company monopolizing the advent of smart home products, there’s little doubt that Google is on a clear mission. With a massive array of products that have reached almost every consumer in the world in some way, Google’s entry into the smart home world has been smoother than those of its counterparts.

How to Make Nest Hello Faster

It’s for this reason that when Google decided to buy Nest Labs, it didn’t come as a surprise. The acquisition was Google’s chance to expand its offerings and become a serious player in the smart home department.

What Is the Nest Hello?

Once Google acquired Nest Labs, it decided against rebranding the company because Nest Labs had already made quite a name for itself in the few years it had existed. Google decided to bring all its smart home products under one umbrella called the Google Nest.

Today, there’s a wide range of products from smart speakers and doorbells to security cameras and smoke detectors named Google Nest.

One of these products, the Nest Hello video doorbell, has been quite a success with its 24/7 live streaming, HDR imaging, and night vision. The hardwired smart video doorbell lets you monitor any activity that happens outside your front door. So even if someone approaches your door without ringing the bell, you’ll get a notification alert about it on synced devices.

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Moreover, apart from motion and person alert, the Nest Hello also boasts two-way audio and can give automated responses if you don’t want to talk to whoever it is at the front door. The Hello works in tandem with Google Assistant on smart displays.

Google also offers an optional subscription service that gives you cloud storage. Starting at $5 a month or $50 a year, the service gives you the option to record and save your footage for five, 10, or 30 days, depending on how much you’re willing to pay.

But despite the smart doorbell being a great asset for both security and convenience purposes, some Nest owners reported delayed notification alerts. It’s particularly concerning because delayed notifications from your smart doorbell defeat the whole purpose of having a smart video doorbell installed in the first place.

Some Overwhelming Issues

Even a glance at Google Nest’s help page will show a large number of questions by Nest Hello users who’ve complained that notification alerts to their synced devices are consistently late. It appears to be a common problem for Nest Hello owners.

While there’s a possibility that it could be a technical, network, or server issue which is delaying notifications to your mobile devices, we’ll try and troubleshoot a few problems and provide possible solutions.

Here are a few things you can check to try and resolve delays with the Nest Hello on your own.

Check Your Wi-Fi Network

You should first check if your Wi-Fi network is uninterrupted. If possible, connect your Nest Hello to another Wi-Fi network to see if the alerts are still getting delayed. Even if you learn nothing else, you’ll at least know if the problem is with your Wi-Fi network or not.

Check Your Nest App

Open the Nest app on your phone. Check if the Background app refresh is on. While you’re at it, also check if you have not mistakenly toggled on the Do Not Disturb feature on your app. Doing so will automatically stop the alert notifications to your device(s).

Check Your Phone

There’s a slight chance that there may be some issues with your mobile device. To check if your phone is causing the problem, try signing in to your account using another device and then trigger a notification to test if it’s working well.

Other Possible Reasons

Google has acknowledged that there might be some issues with notification delays on the Hello Nest and has provided a few possible explanations for them.

The company points out that network delays from the camera to Nest’s servers and from Nest’s servers to the device affect the overall delivery speed. There are several possibilities here because each component might be causing or increasing the delay.

Another possible reason might have to do with the cooldown period. That’s because Nest appears to send a user the right number of alerts at the right times. Therefore, the doorbell camera will trigger a short cooldown period each time it sends a notification to your mobile devices. The arrival of these notifications is also dependent on your cellular network and your ISP provider.

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Full Speed Ahead!

Notification delays on the Hello Nest are a common problem. If it’s something that you’ve struggled with, too, please try and follow some of the methods described in this article. However, if your issues are still not resolved, feel free to reach out to your ISP, mobile carrier, or Google.

Have you had problems with delayed notifications with your Google Nest? Has any of the offered solutions helped solve it? If you know another method, feel free to share it with the TJ community.

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