How to Make Your Overwatch Profile Private

Playing a team-based game like Overwatch is best with friends or guildmates. Most of the time though, you end up getting into Pickup Groups (PUG’s) with a bunch of anonymous users. In these instances, keeping your Overwatch Profile private might be a good idea.

How to Make Your Overwatch Profile Private

It allows you to play the game the way you want without getting roles pushed on to you, and gives you a chance to avoid gameplay drama in general. In this article. we’ll show you how to make your overwatch profile private and keep your stats hidden from view.

Why Would I Want to Keep My Profile Private?

The game has changed a lot since it first came out in 2016. During the first few months, players were feeling out the gameplay, and most were allowed to play the way they wanted. Nowadays, the environment is a lot more aggressive to say the least.

If you want casual games where you can play whichever way you want, stick to Quick Play Mode. But if you get into Competitive mode, expect other players to tell you that you need to play this role or that. Playing with a hidden profile is a good way to avoid this.


Making You Overwatch Profile Private

You Overwatch Stats are Private by default. It used to be automatically public, but that was changed in a patch a few years ago. If you somehow find that your Profile has become public, you can change the settings by following these steps:

  1. Once you’re logged onto the game, select Options from the home menu.
  2. On the top menu, pick the Social tab.
  3. Look for Career Profile Visibility.
  4. Clicking the right or left arrows on the menu will allow you to change it from Public, Private, or Friends Only.
  5. Once you’ve changed visibility settings, you can navigate out of the menu. Changes will be saved automatically.

What Exactly Is in the Career Profile?

Now that you know how to hide or unhide your profile, you might want to familiarize yourself with what exactly that profile shows. This will allow you to decide whether or not to turn your profile private in the first place.

The Career profile is divided into four tabs: Overview, Statistics, Achievements, and Player Icon. No matter which tab is open, your Player Name, Level, and Experience bar will be shown. Along with the previous info, Competitive Current, and Season High ranking, along with games won, and time played will also be displayed.

The other data that will be shown when you click on a particular tab are as follows:

A. Overview Tab

  1. Eliminations – Shows the highest number of opponent eliminations you have for one game. This will also show both average and total number of eliminations.
  2. Final Blows – Shows the highest number of times you’ve dealt the final blow, along with an average and total.
  3. Objective kills – Displays the highest number of objective kills in one game, also has average and totals.
  4. Objective Time – Displays the longest time you were on an objective, along with averages and totals.
    make overwatch profile private
  5. Damage Done – Shows the most amount of damage dealt to all enemies in a single game, also with averages and totals.
  6. Healing Done – This will display the largest amount of healing you’ve done to all teammates in a single game, and shows averages and totals as well.
  7. Time on fire – This will show the longest time the On-fire meter has been filled up, along with an average and a total time.
  8. Solo Kills – Shows the highest number of kills made without assistance in a single game, along with averages and totals.
  9. Hero Comparison Chart – This displays each hero along with a bar that shows individual statistics that can be used to compare them. The data currently displayed can be changed by clicking on the dropdown menu. Some of the choices include time played, Win-percentage, Kill Streaks, Deaths, and Damage among others.

B. Statistics – This provides in depth statistical information about each hero that the user has played as. The data shown can be switched between Competitive, Quick Play, or vs AI modes. Each hero has certain data that is limited to that hero alone, so that information will only be found in this tab. The gameplay mode, and hero info can be chosen using a dropdown menu.

C. Achievements – This tab will present all the achievements that the player has earned. They’re divided into General, Defense, Offense, Support, Tank, Maps, and Special. Each achievement type can be viewed by changing to the appropriate category in the dropdown menu.

D. Player Icons – This displays the available Icons that a player can use. New players start with two, icons can be earned by unlocking them from a loot box.

overwatch profile private

Why So Serious?

Overwatch is a very fun game as long as you don’t take it too seriously. But, as with any other game with a competitive mode, you’ll eventually run into someone that does. Knowing how to make your Overwatch Profile private is a good way to keep them from using your stats against you. At the very least, it warns you of people that may be toxic to play with. Then again, you can just stick to Quick Play.

Have you ever had to make your Overwatch profile private? If so, why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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