Microsoft’s new Surface is an iMac rival, not a Surface 4

Microsoft could be looking to build its own version of the iMac as its next Surface device. Rumours suggest that, instead of building a successor to the 10in Surface 3, Microsoft is going to develop an all-in-one desktop PC to complement its Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 devices.

Microsoft's new Surface is an iMac rival, not a Surface 4

An all-in-one PC may not seem like the most logical step forward for Microsoft, but desktops are still popular in businesses and many families are fond of a shared desktop in the home. A Surface PC would also fit well between the Surface Book and Microsoft’s still-to-come-to-market Surface Hub.

If the new Surface PC does come to market, it’s likely Microsoft will hold off refreshing its Surface Book for another year. This plan would work rather well for Microsoft as Intel’s Kaby Lake CPUs have been delayed, meaning any chance of a 2016 refresh on the Surface Book has been thrown out of the window.

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It’s also believed that a Surface all-in-one PC could help revive the floundering desktop market. Just as the Surface Pro managed to prove that hybrid tablet devices are worthwhile, a Surface PC could do wonders for Microsoft’s desktop market.

Of course, as this rumour comes from DigiTimes, it’s always worth taking with more than just a pinch of salt. Generally, DigiTimes rumour reporting has been shaky at best – and it doesn’t help that its only proof is the line “according to industry sources”.

Still, we can only wait to see what Microsoft announces later this year in regards to new Surface hardware and Windows 10 updates.

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