Man discovers end of Excel spreadsheet after nine-and-a-half hours of scrolling

Ever wondered just how big an Excel spreadsheet really is? Well, one YouTuber with, presumably, nothing much to do with his day set out on a quest to find out and, nine-and-a-half hours later, he reached the end of his perilous journey.

Hunter Hobbs, the intrepid YouTuber in question, decided to undertake his scrolling journey by simply pressing the down-arrow key, shifting through Excel one cell at a time. As any brave adventurer would, Hobbs took no breaks, nor skipped screens of rows by tapping control. No, this man simply sat at his desk, holding the down arrow on his keyboard, for more than nine hours straight.

To keep himself occupied during that time, Hobbs undertook marginally less mind-numbing tasks such as paddle ball, phone calls and copious amounts of five-hour energy drinks.

Still, like the first Arctic explorers or the founders of the New World, Hobbs reached his Earth-shattering discovery when Excel stopped loading rows after row 1,048,576. This may well be the biggest, and most important, discovery of 2017 yet.

Congratulations Mr Hobbs, although you could have just visited Microsoft’s Office support website to find out

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