The Best Minecraft House Ideas

Some people play games for fun, but Minecraft has more to offer than just entertainment. This is a type of game that can also boost your creativity, enrich your imagination and enhance problem-solving skills. In Minecraft, players can create their own worlds and experiences with nearly limitless possibilities.

Here are some ideas and tips for creating your house in Minecraft.

Minecraft House Ideas: Survival

Minecraft has two main modes: Survival and Creative. The first one is the default mode.

In Survival, the player needs to explore the world, gather new resources, craft increasingly complex gear, and survive unpredictable enemy mobs. Keep in mind that you need to build a strong survival base or starter house since it will be vital for your overall gameplay.

No matter how strong or sophisticated you want your house to be, the trick is to start simple. Your house can be upgraded as you gather more resources, but don’t forget that the main idea of building the house is to have a safe spot when things start developing.

In Creative mode, you get the freedom to do what you want, and it’s the better way to get sprawling designs.

Here is what you need to consider when building your starter house.

1. Compactness

Building your first house is always exciting, but you also have to make sure that it can be done effectively. You may need to detach yourself from the urge to build something huge and artistic immediately. While it would be nice to have a mansion, it seems less achievable for a start. Start small and work your way up.

2. Material Availability

Make sure that you use attainable materials to build your starter house. Cobblestone and wood are the best and most readily available options when starting. Material requirements also apply to essentials such as crafting stations, chests, beds, torches, etc. Bear in mind that excessive use of wood blocks is less advisable for the walls and roofs because the building will be more susceptible to fire.

Once you’ve progressed further into the game and have more luxury components, you can start thinking of more advanced house builds.

3. Bare Essentials for Survival

Make a list of the bare essentials you need to survive such as a crafting table, bed, and food storage. You will also need light sources to keep the house safe. Increasing the light level is one of the most basic ways to prevent mobs from spawning. You can also use a single block hole as a window if you don’t have any glass. It is not penetrable for the monsters, but arrows might get through it if you are unlucky.

4. Building a House

Here are the basic steps on how to build your house in Minecraft:

  1. Use a sturdy foundation – Don’t build on top of sand and gravel, since they can collapse if dug into. However, you can use regular soil as your foundation to reduce material fetching.
  2. Build the walls – Stack blocks on top of each other. The number of blocks you put down will affect the height and length of the walls.
  3. Make a roof – Placeroof blocks on top of the walls once they are finished. The blocks must be laid side-by-side. One of the simplest ways to make the house looks appealing is to make a pattern in the roof tiles, or you can use stairs to imitate a slope.
  4. Add doors and windows. Make doors from wood and use glass panes as windows. However, you might find some players leave their windows open without any glass. This is a risky move since it allows mobs, like skeletons, to attack you from a distance. Since glass panes require a manufacturing process of their own, sealing the house without any windows is the best protection.
  5. Light your house – A house in Minecraft may prevent the hostile mobs from reaching you, but you still need extra protection. If there isn’t enough light inside the house, hostile mobs can randomly spawn inside. There are various options for light sources. Torches are the most popular one, but you can also use glowstones and lanterns.
  6. Complete the basic amenities – After the construction is ready and you have a safe base, you should consider furnishing it by adding some items that can make it more convenient and safer. You can choose from a variety of items, but these ones are the must-haves:
    • Crafting table
    • Chest (at least one)
    • A bed to rest and set a spawn point
    • A basic farm as a source of food

Minecraft House Ideas: Easy

In Minecraft, your creativity can grow as you gain more experience in playing the game.

You might struggle in the beginning as you still try to understand and adapt to the game. Dealing with complex designs doesn’t seem favorable for you in this situation. Instead, you need to find simple designs that you can apply quickly.

These houses are some of the simplest and easiest designs that you can build in Minecraft.

Stylish and Compact House

Making a small Minecraft house is always a good choice after passing the starter hole-in-the-wall phase. This model doesn’t take much resources and time to build. The house uses stairs to create recessed walls for the windows, and primarily uses wood and basic stone blocks.

You can start building the house by following this YouTube link.

Simple Square House

This house doesn’t require a lot of expertise and you can build it quickly despite its imposing size. You will only need basic materials to build the house such as cobblestone, cobblestone slab, oak flanks, glass pane, and oak door. This house has three small rooms and a farm.

You can use step-by-step video instructions and have an overview of everything you need by following this YouTube link.

Minecraft House Ideas: Modern

Modern doesn’t necessarily mean being complex. If we take real-world examples for modern houses, the concept of modern could also be translated as practical or utilitarian. While you can certainly create an expansive modern residence, we wanted to share some less complicated house ideas that can be easily executed even by beginners. Keep in mind that these can be heavily improved with texture packs and mods to give a more realistic appearance.

Simplistic Modern House

This could be an ideal option for intermediate players who want a simple house that requires little more than basics. Even though this house is easy to build, it still looks appealing and elegant. The materials are mostly concrete and wood bricks. This is a two-story house with two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom, and a balcony. It also has a swimming pool and a small garden outside the house.

To help you build the house more accurately you can follow the instructions on this YouTube link.

Large Modern House

If you want a more spacious modern house with a sleek design, this one could be a good fit for you. It has two stories, a swimming pool on the roof and a garden outside the house. It is relatively easy to build and uses simple materials.

You can get valuable information on how to build this amazing house in Minecraft by following this YouTube link.

Minecraft House Ideas: Small

Players who want to build something small may consider modern designs as their ultimate reference. A small house doesn’t need to look unattractive. The great thing about Minecraft houses is that you technically don’t need a lot of room to start with, and a basic 3×3 can usually make do for a bed-crafter-furnace setup.

However, why not spruce it up with some intuitive yet elegant designs? Here are some ideas you can use.

Simple 5×5 House

In Survival Mode, players have limited resources and time to build something extra as their safe base. Thus, simplicity is key to survive. The Simple 5×5 House is an excellent example to serve that purpose. Despite its simplicity, the house has an appealing look. It is a two-story house with two different entrances. The first story can be used as a storage room and the second one is where you can take a rest and sleep.

To help you create a similar outcome, you can follow step-by-step video instructions by clicking on the following YouTube link.

Compact House With Porch

If you’re going for comfort rather than function, there’s plenty of options to choose from. This is a cozy and beautiful cabin made out of wood blocks. It starts with a 3×7 foundation in the ground and uses wood planks as flooring. The build uses wooden columns to create a nice house as your safe base.

To help you build the house step by step, you can follow this YouTube link.

Start Off Simple

Minecraftis a super fun playground for those who love being creative and innovative. It gives you freedom to explore your ideas and you can build anything you want. However, a beginner might find it not as easy as it looks. Hence, you need to start with something simple like some of the Minecraft house ideas and tutorials in this article.

What is your favorite Minecraft house idea? Do you have another favorite? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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