How to Find Jungle Biomes in Minecraft

There are dozens of different biomes in Minecraft. Each one has its own distinctive block types, conditions, and features. The jungle biome is just one of those many areas. Filled with big trees and thick foliage, it’s perfect for gathering wood. However, jungle biomes aren’t always easy to find.

How to Find Jungle Biomes in Minecraft

This guide will look at several methods and tips you can use to locate a jungle biome.

How to Find Jungle Biomes in Minecraft Without Cheats or Mods

You can use some sneaky cheating methods to locate jungle biomes instantly, which you can learn more about below. However, if you prefer to play without exploiting any mods or hidden commands, here are some tips and methods you can use to find a jungle biome.

Look Around the Edges of Similar Biomes

Typically, biomes that have similar climate conditions tend to spawn close to or next to each other in the game world. So, one of the easiest and fastest ways to locate a jungle is to find similar biomes and walk around their edges.

The climate conditions of the jungle are as follows:

  • Temperate: 0.95
  • Downfall: 0.9

These characteristics put the jungle biome in the temperate biomes category. Other examples of temperate biomes include plains, swamps, dark forests, forests, and rivers. The jungle biome may appear alongside these areas or near bodies of water.

Jungles are also commonly seen beside deserts, savannas, and taiga biomes. So, if you spot one of those kinds of biomes, explore it. Look around the edges and circle the biome to see what other biomes are adjoined to it.

Scan the Horizon for Key Features

Another way to find jungle biomes is to simply look around, scanning the horizon of the game world and trying to spot the signs of a jungle. Jungle biomes are quite easy to spot, as they’re home to very tall trees bunched together in large numbers.

The trees can grow to a height of 30 blocks. Plus, they’re often covered in vines, making the whole area look very green. A good method is to, therefore, find some high ground. This will give you a clear line of sight around the world, making it easier to notice those telltale jungle signs.

If you’ve got the supplies, you can even build your own scouting tower. Make a very tall tower of blocks and stand on the top to look around in every direction. This might help you spot a jungle somewhere on the horizon.

Pick a Direction and Keep Walking

Another method that some gamers use to find jungle biomes is to pick a direction and head that way until they see a jungle. You’ll need some luck with this method, but it can be an excellent way to discover a wide range of biomes and areas you might like to explore.

Stock up on supplies before you go. This will help you stay alive and build things you might need along the way. It’s also best to ignore any enemies so that you move as fast as possible. To make things easier and move faster, you could try sailing. You can sail all along the edge of the coast to look for jungle trees, for example.

It also helps to have maps to track your progress as you go. So you may like to prepare a few maps before your journey to go along with your other supplies. This will help you chart the various biomes you pass along the way. It’ll also make it easier to head back to your starting point if needed.

Pay Attention to Frame Rate Drops

Many players have reported sudden frame rate drops when traveling through jungle biomes. In other words, the game may start to move a little slow or feel choppier and less smooth when you’re near these areas.

This is often frustrating for players. However, you can use it to your advantage in your search. Your game’s frame rate may slow down as you get near a jungle biome. This will depend on your hardware, but even players with high-end machines have reported frame rate issues in jungles.

So, if you encounter a sudden frame rate issue, a jungle biome may be nearby.

How to Find a Jungle Biome With the Locate Command

If you don’t mind cheating or prefer a rapid way to find jungle biomes with minimal fuss, you can use the in-game locate command. You’ll need cheats turned on to do this, which you can do via the “More World Options” menu when setting up your game world.

Here’s how to use the locate command:

  1. Open up the chat window. You can do this by pressing the “T” key on computers or the right arrow on consoles.
  2. Type in “/locate biome jungle” and press “Enter.”
  3. The game will then give you a message to tell you the exact coordinates of the nearest jungle biome.

You can then use maps to travel over to the jungle. Or, you can use another cheat: the teleport command. To do this, open the chat again and type “/tp,” followed by the coordinates you were given. For example, if the nearest jungle is at 500, 50, 200, you would type “/tp 500 50 200.” Then hit “Enter” to magically teleport yourself to that location.


Are there any mods for finding jungle biomes?

Yes, there are a couple of mods that can help you locate jungles in Minecraft. The “Nature’s Compass” mod is a top option. It lets you search for the location of any biome. You can also try the “Biome Locator” mod for a new in-game item to track biome locations.

What are the variants of jungle biomes?

There are three jungle variants in the current edition of Minecraft: the jungle, the sparse jungle, and the bamboo jungle. The sparse jungle has notably fewer trees than the standard one. Meanwhile, the bamboo jungle has large amounts of bamboo and less dense trees than the regular jungle.

Are jungles dangerous in Minecraft?

Yes, jungles can be quite tricky to survive in. The huge amount of trees and foliage can make jungles feel like mazes, and it’s easy to lose your bearings. These areas also often have uneven terrain, increasing the risk of falls. Plus, since the game often loses frame rate in these areas, getting around can be frustrating and awkward. You may want to lower your game’s graphic settings to make it easier.

Find Jungle Biomes With Ease

The only guaranteed method to find a jungle biome right away is to cheat with the help of the in-game commands. However, by exploring the world and using your navigational senses, you should be able to find jungles without cheats or mods. It may take time and a little luck, but you should find what you’re looking for in the end.

Have you got any secret tricks for finding jungle biomes? Which is your favorite biome in all of Minecraft? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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