How To Make a Strength Potion in Minecraft

Potions in Minecraft offer plenty of benefits that make surviving as easy as a walk in the park, while others can be disastrous when consumed. The Potion of Strength is one of the best ones to brew because it grants players a substantial damage boost. However, not everyone has mastered the art of brewing in Minecraft.

How To Make a Strength Potion in Minecraft

Luckily, potions in Minecraft aren’t exactly difficult to brew, though gathering the materials does take some time. You’ll learn all about making these helpful drinks below.

What You Need

Players must gather the following materials or objects to brew Potions of Strength.

  • Blaze Rods
  • Glass Bottles
  • Water
  • Nether Warts
  • Brewing Stand

Water is everywhere in Minecraft, and you may also find lots of sand because beaches are sources of water. Therefore, you must gather plenty of sand, melt it down in a Furnace, and craft some Glass Bottles. Filling the Glass Bottles with Water is required to craft the base Awkward Potion required to make Potions of Strength.

Fortunately, biomes like deserts are also full of sand. It’s up to your current location and how you explore the overworld that dictates how soon you get water and sand.

Next, gathering some stone blocks that make up a Brewing Stand is best. Stone is also ubiquitous, as a few minutes of exploration will net you at least three blocks. However, this point is where things start to become more challenging.

The other materials can only be found in the Nether. To get to the Nether, you must build or repair a Nether Portal. Once you construct and activate one, you gain access to the remaining materials.

The best way to find Blaze Rods and Nether Warts is to locate a Nether Fortress. These structures occur naturally in the Nether, and you’ll have to find them by exploring.

Blazes are found in Nether Fortresses, so you’ll need to kill them to get enough Blaze Rods. After that, roam around the Nether Fortress and harvest Nether Warts. These fungi are red in color and grow in Soul Sand gardens.

Another source of Nether Warts is a Bastion Remnant. These are large castles generated in the Nether.

Blaze Rods are necessary to make Blaze Powder, but it’s essential to keep some unprocessed as they make excellent fuel for Furnaces. One is needed to craft a Brewing Stand.

To make Blaze Powder, open the crafting menu and place some Blaze Rods into any slot. It’s that simple.

Here’s how to craft a Brewing Stand.

  1. Walk toward your Crafting Table.
  2. Interact with it to bring up the crafting menu.
  3. Place three stone blocks on the lower three slots.
  4. Drop a Blaze Rod into the middle slot.
  5. Get your Brewing Stand.

With all of these out of the way, you can start crafting Potions of Strength.

Making Potions of Strength

You should have all the ingredients in your inventory. Doing so eliminates the need to open chests and retrieve something you forgot. Once everything is complete, you can leave the Nether if you’re still there.

  1. Approach your Brewing Stand.
  2. Place a Blaze Rod into the leftmost space.
  3. Drop three Water Bottles onto the lower three slots.
  4. Drag and drop a Nether Wart onto the top slot.
  5. Wait until the Nether Wart disappears, and you get three Awkward Potions.
  6. Fill the top space with a unit of Blaze Powder.
  7. Wait again and you’ll obtain Potions of Strength.

You may leave the Potions of Strength in the Brewing Stand and drop one unit of Glowstone Dust onto the top square. Doing so will upgrade these beverages into Potions of Strength II. These give an even more significant damage boost.

Using Potions of Strength

A standard Potion of Strength will grant you a damage boost of three, while a Potion of Strength II has a damage increase of six. The former lasts eight minutes, but the upgraded potion lasts only a minute and a half. Therefore, you should brew these potions according to your needs.

Because weaker weapons deal less damage to mobs, you may struggle in combat without help. Potions of Strength are perfect for killing pesky enemies in a few hits, especially when the enemies in question are difficult to slay.

What’s more, you can convert Potions of Strength into Splash Potions of Strength. Replace the Glowstone Powder with Gunpowder. Splash potions are much easier to use in a fight because you don’t slow down to drink from the bottle, an issue standard concoctions have.

The Ender Dragon and Wither are two bosses in Minecraft that take a long time to kill. If you combine enchanted weapons and lots of potions, you can make these fights trivial affairs. Where others struggle, you easily steamroll bosses.

Increased Damage

No player who wants an edge in combat will pass up brewing Potions of Strength, as gathering the ingredients isn’t difficult once you gain access to the Nether. You can fight with increased efficiency and significantly reduce the chances of dying. Combine these potions with powerful gear to further elevate your damage output.

How long did it take you to brew these potions? What’s your best weapon in Minecraft? Let us know in the comments section below.

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