Minecraft: How To Make a Water Breathing Potion

The world of Minecraft is vast. You can explore various regions to craft new items and discover challenging enemies. One of the areas you can visit is under the ocean, but unless you come prepared, you’ll quickly run out of breath. Water Breathing Potions can help you overcome this obstacle.

Minecraft: How To Make a Water Breathing Potion

This step-by-step guide will show you how to make a Water Breathing Potion in Minecraft.

How to Make a Water Breathing Potion in Minecraft

The Water Breathing Potion is one of the most useful consumables in Minecraft. There are many variations, but each type lets you breathe underwater. This enables you to fight sea monsters, mine underwater regions, and demolish underwater monuments.

However, making Minecraft Potions isn’t easy, and the same goes for Water Breathing Potions. You need to follow the recipe carefully to get the desired effect.

Before you can start making your Water Breathing Potion, you’ll need a range of materials and items:

  • Crafting Table (you can craft it using four Wood Planks)
  • One Blaze Powder
  • One Water Bottle
  • One Nether Wart
  • One Puffer Fish
  • One Redstone, Gunpowder, and Dragon’s Breath (for variants of the Potion)

You’ll also need to craft your Brewing Stand.

  1. Craft four Wood Planks by placing one block of Wood in your crafting grid. You can use any kind of Wood, including Jungle and Oak.
  2. Put the Planks into each box of your crafting grid to produce your Crafting Table or form a square on the crafting grid.
  3. Defeat Blazes to obtain one Blaze Rod. These can be located in a Nether Fortress.
  4. Mine three Blackstones or Cobblestones.
  5. Place your Crafting Table in front of you.
  6. Open your Crafting Table and access your 3X3 grid.
  7. Put one Blaze Rod in the middle of the upper row and three Blackstones or Cobblestones in the mid-row.
  8. Craft your Brewing Stand, and you’ll now be able to access its Brewing menu.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of making Brewing Stands, you can steal them from Minecraft villagers or villages. Igloos with a basement should also hold a Brewing Stand, so look for them if you spawn in snowy biomes.

Now that you have all the ingredients, it’s time to make your Water Breathing Potion.

  1. Open your Brewing Stand.
  2. Add your Blaze Powder in the box on the left side of the screen. This activates the Stand and gets everything bubbling.
  3. Go to the lower section of the Stand and place your Water Bottle into one of the boxes. If you fill each slot with Water Bottles, you can craft multiple Water Breathing Potions.
  4. Put your Nether Wart into the upper box and wait for the brewing to finish. This will now give you your Awkward Potion.
  5. Navigate to the upper box and place your Puffer Fish inside.
  6. Let the brewing process complete, and your Awkward Potion should now turn into a Water Breathing Potion. If you wish to make your Breathing Potion last longer, combine it with one Redstone.

As previously mentioned, there are different types of Water Breathing Potions. One of the Potions you can craft is the Splash Water Breathing Potion. To do so, simply make your Water Breathing Potion and mix it with one Gunpowder. This item allows you to use the Water Breathing effect on other players by throwing the Splash Water Breathing Potion at them.

Alternatively, you can craft your Lingering Water Breathing Potion by combining one Dragon’s Breath with one Splash Potion of Weakness. Here’s how to create a Splash Potion of Weakness:

  1. Open your Brewing Stand.
  2. Put a Potion of Weakness in the bottom box.
  3. Place one Gunpowder into the upper box and wait for the brewing to be over. You’ll now have one Splash Potion of Weakness.

Lingering Water Breathing Potions are similar to Splash Water Breathing Potions. But rather than throw it at a player, they let you create clouds that allow anyone inside them to breathe underwater for a certain period.

A regular Water Breathing Potion lasts for three minutes. You can extend this to eight minutes by mixing the Potion with one Redstone. It’s an advanced element, but you shouldn’t have trouble acquiring it. The easiest way might be to mine a Redstone block or get it from dungeon loot or mobs. Redstone is scattered across different biomes in lower terrain levels. As a result, you’re more likely to find the item in caverns in cube-shaped veins.

Using the Water Breathing Potion depends on your device:

  • Right-click the Potion and hold the button if you’re a PC user.
  • Tap the Potion and hold it if you play Minecraft on a smartphone.
  • If you’re an Xbox player, the default command is to press and hold your LT button.
  • Hold L2 on PlayStation 4.
  • Hold ZL on Nintendo.

How to Make Water Breathing Potion in Minecraft Using Commands

Commands (aka Slash commands and console commands) are an advanced feature you can activate by typing in specific strings of text. There are many ways to execute commands.

  • Executing console commands in your chat window
  • Using your Minecart with a command block or standard command block
  • In multiplayer servers (through a console)
  • As part of your behavior or data packs in functions
  • Clicking JSON text with the “run_command” action (for Java Editions only).
  • Executed with your WebSocket server or an NPC in the Bedrock Edition

Here are the commands you can enter to receive a Water Breathing Potion, depending on the platform:

  • PC/Mac: /give @p potion{Potion:“minecraft:water_breathing”} 1
  • Minecraft Java Edition on PC or Mac (versions 1.9-1.12): /give @p Potion 1 0 {Potion:“minecraft:water_breathing”}
  • Minecraft Java Edition on PC or Mac (version 1.8): /give @p Potion 1 8237
  • Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, Education Edition, Pocket Edition: /give @p Potion 1 19

When Should You Use Your Water Breathing Potion?

Water Breathing Potions were considered niche before the aquatic update released in patch 1.13. Since then, the items have become integral to Minecraft. There’s a ton of loot underwater in shipwrecks and ruins, such as treasure maps leading to buried Hearts of the Sea and Diamonds. All of which can prove invaluable assets for your collection.

You also need Water Breathing Potions to complete the Ocean Monument challenges. More specifically, you may not be able to conquer the Elder Guardians in this area without a Water Breathing Potion. Conquering these submerged dungeons, which are chock-full of brutal enemies, is nigh impossible without the effects of this Potion. Therefore, if you want to obtain Sponge Blocks, Gold, and Prismarine in this region, make sure to bring a few Water Breathing Potions.

Are There Any Alternatives to Water Breathing Potions?

Even though Water Breathing Potions are the best way to discover underwater regions, making them isn’t always practical and easy. Fortunately, you can enhance your breathing capabilities in many other methods besides consuming a Potion. Here are a couple of options that can help you survive your deep dives:

  • Turtle Shell Helmets – If you can get your hands on a Turtle Shell, you’ll be able to craft your Turtle Shell Helmet. This item enables you to breathe underwater for 10 seconds longer, which can make a world of difference in some areas.
  • Creating air pockets – You can use a wide variety of items to form underwater air pockets. Once you swim headfirst into them, you quickly recharge your oxygen supply. The objects that can achieve this effect include Cakes, Banners, and Stone Cutters. You can even use doors by placing them in an underwater area with enough space and opening them to set up a water-free pocket that replenishes your breath.

Conduits are another excellent solution. These convenient underwater items have the Conduit Power buff, which gives you night vision, fast mining, and, most importantly, unlimited breath. The only caveat is that you must remain near your Conduit.

To craft your Conduit, you’ll need to collect a Heart of the Sea and eight Nautilus Shells. The latter can be recovered by defeating the Drowned or looting treasure chests in shipwrecks. The former can also be located in shipwreck treasure chests, but it’s harder to come by.

Here’s what to do after collecting the ingredients.

  1. Open your Crafting Table.
  2. Place your Heart of the Sea in the midsection.
  3. Surround the Heart with eight Nautilus Shells and complete the crafting process.

Afterward, you’ll need to craft your Conduit Housing using around 57 Prismarines. This number should help you build enough fields to house and activate your Conduit. Take the following steps to make a Conduit Housing:

  1. Open a 3X3 crafting frame.
  2. Place your Conduit inside the frame.
  3. Add Prismarines around your Conduit.
  4. The Conduit should now open up and have a blue sphere, indicating the Conduit buff is active for nearby players.

Embark on Your Marine Adventures

Water Breathing Potions are a must-have when exploring uncharted regions of Minecraft oceans. Make sure to stock up on these items or some of the alternatives before your next adventure. You’ll be able to defeat your enemies and recover loot more easily.

Do you prefer land or marine exploration in Minecraft? What items do you equip when diving? Tell us in the comments section below.

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