Dongle Dangler aims to help you never lose your iPhone 7 audio cable again

After removing the 3.5mm audio jack from the iPhone 7, Apple decided the most elegant solution for audio compatibility was to bundle in a short audio-to-Lightning connector cable. For many iPhone 7 users, this little cable has fast become the most difficult item to keep track of – after all, nobody looks cool whipping out an iPhone 7 with the dongle attached at all times. Thankfully, there’s one new Kickstarter project aimed at solving such awkwardness – the Dongle Dangler.

Without wanting to belittle the Dongle Dangler team’s efforts, this iPhone 7-dongle-saving solution is, essentially, a keyring with a 3.5mm audio connector on the end of it. Plug it into your 3.5mm-to-Lightning cable and voila, Apple’s cable becomes a keyring accessory.

If you think this is totally pointless, and that most users should just use Bluetooth headphones, you should know that the Dongle Dangler has already smashed its $500 target. Granted, that’s still only 196 backers, but it’s clearly a project important enough to garner interest.


If you want to pick up a Dongle Dangler for yourself, you can do so for just $5. Forking out $9 will bag you two Dongle Danglers and, should you need them, $20 grants you five. For $400, you can get 100 of these little things, presumably so you can sell them on.

As a concept, the Dongle Dangler certainly seems to solve the problem of losing that infernal adapter cable. However, I’m not sure if adding a flimsy cable to my keys is the smartest solution. You may never lose Apple’s iPhone 7 adapter again, but you may find that it’s become frayed and broken in your back pocket.

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