Best iPhone X cases, covers and accessories

After years of rumours and weeks of waiting, the iPhone X is finally here.

Best iPhone X cases, covers and accessories

By far the most advanced iPhone ever made, the iPhone X introduces several features never seen before in an Apple handset. A bezel-less screen and wireless charging put it two steps ahead of the iPhone 7, but they also make it one of the most fragile, expensive handsets on the market. And at a starting price of £999, it’s not the sort of phone you want to drop.

Dropping it on its screen is going to cost you an unpleasant amount of money, and its wireless charging tech means dropping on its rear will be expensive, too. So, now that you’re sufficiently scared, check out our list of the best iPhone X cases – and also accessories.

Best iPhone X cases: Apple


Of course, each time Apple releases a new phone, it updates its iPhone case range to fit the new model. Given the similarity in size between the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, you can use those cases interchangeably. However, because of the smaller iPhone X frame and the fact the camera bump has switched orientation, you’ll need to get an iPhone X-specific case (and pay extra for it) if you get it from Apple. Colour-wise, you can get a silicone iPhone X case in: Blue Cobalt, Rose Red, Ultra Violet, Flash, Spicy Orange, Cosmos Blue, Dark Olive, White, Pink Sand, Midnight Blue, Black, Red. The neon yellow Flash and Spicy Orange are the latest in the line up. 

Best iPhone X cases: Gear4


Cases can come in all shapes and sizes, but if you’re likely to drop your iPhone X down several flights of stairs, it’s worth checking out Gear4’s collection of cases. They might look fairly lightweight, but they feature non-Newtonian materials which make them extremely tough and drop resistant. Essentially, the greater the force of the impact, the stronger the case momentarily becomes.

Gear4 makes several types of case, but my favourites have to be either the Victoria or Piccadilly.

Get it here: Victoria iPhone X case 

Best iPhone X cases: FLAVR30021_1

The iPhone X is a cracking looking phone, and if you want a case that emphasises its looks – while still keeping it protected – it’s worth checking out FLAVR’s cases. Admittedly, they don’t offer the same protection against falls as other cases, but they’ll keep your phone safe from scratches – and they come in some funky designs, too.

FLAVR has numerous case designs for the iPhone X, but my favourite has to be the Comic happenings design – mainly because it’s monochrome.

Buy it here: Cosmic happenings iPhone X case

Best iPhone X cases: Xqisit

Xqisit might have one of the worst brand names in history, but it makes good case – especially if you’ve got an iPhone X. They’re not the most fashionable, nor the toughest, but Xqisit cases offer the best of both worlds. They aren’t  the most expensive on the market either.

Shop here 

Best iPhone X cases: Mous Limitless768w 

Mous’ Limitless iPhone X cases promise looks with durability, and on the surface at least, its new  range delivers. Mous says it uses Airoshock, a smart material capable of absorbing tremendous impact – and that means they can be slimmer than you’d expect.  iPhone X cases start from £29.99, so they’re not cheap, but they should last.

Available to pre-order now-

Looking for a designer iPhone X case? 


The amount of designer iPhone X cases are still a little low, but Kate Spade has launched a selection of foils and glitter cases. Prices start at £40. Alternatively, Lucrin has a full range available from its own site, as well as a selection on sale on Amazon. Lucrin specialises in material iPhone X cases and its leather options come in red, burgundy, dark brown, fuschia, light taupe, royal blue, navy blue, off-white, orange, purple, tan and white for £47. You can also get ostrich leather cases for £142.  


Best iPhone X accessories

Best wireless charger: Belkin


The iPhone X comes with wireless charging – but Apple is yet to release a wireless charger for it. In the meantime, I’d recommend this Belkin charger. It’s Qi certified, so it’ll work with your Apple handset, and it also features a soft secure charging pad with an LED indicator – to show your iPhone X is charging. And at £30, the Belkin 5W charger isn’t too expensive, either.


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