Apple vs Samsung: The UK cities that love the iPhone over everything else

Ever wondered what the most popular smartphone brand in the UK is? It’s arguable that Apple and its iPhone wins out based purely on the fact that the Android marketplace is so fragmented. However, a lot of people also use Samsung devices – be they the latest Samsung Galaxy S9, a lower-tier Samsung Galaxy J5, or clutching an ageing Galaxy Note 3 until it finally gives up the ghost.

Apple vs Samsung: The UK cities that love the iPhone over everything else

Thankfully, the folks at Fonehouse think they may have the nation cracked – breaking the UK up into which cities like which brands the most. Using their sales data, they’ve worked out which UK cities prefer Samsung over Apple. Unsurprisingly, London is an Apple city – its streets awash with iPhones as far as the eye can see.

Manchester also falls into the Apple bracket along with Liverpool, Norwich, Newcastle and, well, most big cities in the UK.

All hope is not lost for Samsung fans, though. Southampton, Birmingham, Leeds and Edinburgh all love the family-owned South Korean company more than the cultish allure of Silicon Valley darlings, Apple. Bar Newcastle’s allegiance with Apple, it would have made for a nice Samsung spine up through the UK.

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If you’re wondering why Fonehouse is only talking about Apple vs Samsung, it’s because there really aren’t many other players in the UK. Huawei’s P20 Pro may have shown the Chinese manufacturer is more than capable of making an absolutely fantastic handset, but a 2018 Statista survey shows that there really isn’t anyone else in the UK market as important as Samsung and Apple.

According to Statista’s findings, 48% of the UK market belongs to Apple and its range of iPhones. Samsung slides up next with 35% but then the next largest by market share is Sony with its Xperia range of phones on just 4%. HTC, Nokia, LG or Motorola make up just 2% of the UK smartphone market each. Huawei is even lower on 1% alongside Google and Alcatel. It’s a grim picture to paint when you realise that, while Samsung and Apple do make great devices, they’re arguably never the best you’ll find on the market in a given year.

Here’s the full map from Fonehouse for you to look over for a full breakdown of what city in the UK loves Apple or Samsung more.


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