How To Move Files from the Galaxy S9/S9+ to the PC

Many Galaxy S9 or S9+ users have an interest in creative expression.

How To Move Files from the Galaxy S9/S9+ to the PC

The extremely high-quality cameras on these phones make it easy to snap impressive photos and videos. The voice recording function is efficient too. But if you’re into sound, image or video editing, you probably prefer to do part of the work on your desktop or laptop.

There is another reason why you might need to move your files to your PC. In time, you will run out of storage space on your phone, even if you back everything up to Samsung Cloud.

It’s clear that Galaxy S9 and S9+ users need a convenient way to move their files to PC. There are many different approaches for this. Here is an overview of the Samsung Smart Switch app.

How to Use Smart Switch

Smart Switch makes it extremely easy to transfer files between devices. Let’s look at the steps for moving documents from your phone to your PC.

  1. Download and Install Smart Switch to Your PC

First, you should download the .exe file that installs the PC version of this app. Then run it and go through every step of the installation.

  1. Connect Your Phone to Your PC with a USB Cable

The Smart Switch app will detect your phone after you connect it. When you do this for the first time, you might need to allow your phone to install drivers to your phone.

  1. Choose Which Items You Want to Transfer

On the computer, go into the Backup Items tab. Here you can select the types of data you want to transfer. Click on OK when you’re done selecting.

  1. Select Backup

Once you click on Backup, you will need to grant access to file transfer on your phone. Make sure the screen’s not locked.

Wait for the data to start transferring. You’ll receive a message when the transfer is done.

  1. Disconnect Your Phone From Your PC

Remove the USB cable from both devices.

Where Can You Find Your Files?

By default, this is where you will find your files:

  • In DocumentsSamsungSmartSwitch if you have Windows 10
  • In AppDataRoamingSamsungSmart Switch PC if you have Windows 8, Vista or 7

How Do You Approach This Process Using Your Phone?

Your Galaxy S9 or S9+ has a Smart Switch app that you can use to achieve the same results. How do you access it?

  1. Connect Your Phone to Your PC
  2. Go Into Settings
  3. Select Cloud and Accounts

Here, you should select the Smart Switch option.

  1. Go Into Smart Switch and Select External Storage Transfer

Tap on External Storage Transfer. Then select Backup.

A Final Word

Smart Switch is convenient because it’s compatible with many different devices. It’s also simple to use and it lets you transfer data very quickly.

But there are other data transfer apps for the same purpose. dr.fone is a popular option for Android users. You can also use Samsung Cloud to sync your data across platforms.

Whatever option you go for, you should repeat the backup process periodically. It will help you keep your phone free of clutter while allowing you to hold on to your important data.

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