How to Scan Food in MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal comes with an enormous food database you can use to keep track of your calories. However, since there are so many items in the database, it can be challenging to find the item you’ve just consumed. Luckily, the app has a feature that allows you to scan food and facilitate the process of adding new entries. And all you need is your camera.

How to Scan Food in MyFitnessPal

In this entry, you’ll find out how to scan food using MyFitnessPal.

How to Scan Food With MyFitnessPal?

The meal scanner is one of the handiest things in MyFitnessPal. Whenever you wish to add a beverage or a meal to the app, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Start the app.
  2. Hit the Plus symbol in the lower part of your main menu.
  3. Choose whether your meal is a snack, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  4. In the next window, choose to search for your food manually using the barcode function or the database.
  5. Hit the barcode in the upper section of your meal entry window to launch the camera.
  6. Move the camera over the barcode of the item you’re drinking or eating. If necessary, permit the app to access your camera.
  7. Within seconds, the app will determine what you’re consuming, the portion size, and come up with nutritional information. Depending on the food or drink you’re having, you may have to change the number of your servings. For instance, if you’re eating only half a cereal box, and the app provides information for four servings, you can amend the number to two.
  8. Once everything seems OK, hit the checkmark in the upper part of the screen to add the item to the Diary.

How to Scan Food With MyFitnessPal on iPhone?

Premium iOS users with their language preferences set to English can access the food scanning feature:

  1. Start the app and log in.
  2. Hit the “scan meal” option.
  3. Use your camera to zoom in on your food item.
  4. Hover over the food or drink for a couple of seconds, but don’t take a photo.
  5. Your library will now list a number of suggestions.
  6. Find the item in the suggestions and add it to the Diary. If you wish to enter multiple foods, move your camera over them to integrate the entire collection.
How to Scan Food

How to Scan Food With MyFitnessPal on Android?

Unfortunately, the Android version of the app doesn’t support the food scanning function. The feature only works on iOS 13 or higher.

Additional FAQs

How Do I Enter Step Count on MyFitnessPal?

You can’t enter your MyFitnessPal step count manually. The only option is automatic step tracking:u003cbru003eu003cbru003e1. Start the app and press “Diary.”u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-243579u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e2. Scroll down to the “Exercise” section.u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-243580u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e3. Select “Connect a Step Tracker” and choose “Add a device.”u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-243581u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e4. Pick an app that will track your steps automatically.u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-243582u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003eu003cbru003eYou can also connect an Apple Watch to monitor your steps:u003cbru003eu003cbru003e1. On your iPhone, give the app permission to keep track of your steps.u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-243620u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e2. Turn on the “Motion and Fitness” features.u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-243621u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e3. You’ll now see a list of the apps MyFitnessPal can sync with. Choose “Health app,” and decide which data you wish to share.u003cbru003e4. MyFitnessPal will be automatically installed on your watch, and start monitoring your steps.

How Do I Add My Own Food to MyFitnessPal?

Another great thing about MyFitnessPal is that it lets you add your own food:u003cbru003eu003cbru003e1. Launch the app and log in.u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-243567u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e2. Navigate to the “Me” section in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-243588u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e3. Go to the “My Items” tab.u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-243589u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e4. Press the “Create” button next to the “Meals.”u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-243590u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e5. Name your meal, add a photo (optional), and save your dish.u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-243591u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003e

How Do You Scan Food Labels?

Take the following steps to scan food labels on MyFitnessPal:u003cbru003eu003cbru003e1. Hit “Diary” and press the “Add food” button.u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-243601u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e2. Here, you’ll find the “Search for a food” box and the barcode icon next to the field.u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-243603u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e3. Allow the app to access your camera.u003cbru003e4. Place the camera in front of the barcode so that it’s aligned with the screen. Make sure to get the entire barcode.u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-243571u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e5. The food should appear once you’ve scanned it correctly.u003cbru003e6. Press the “Check” button in the upper part of the screen to confirm the new item and add it to the Diary.u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-243573u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003e

Does MyFitnessPal App Save Your Favorite Meals?

Having to enter your favorite meals can be a real pain in the neck. Fortunately, you can easily copy your dishes and save them to another date:u003cbru003eu003cbru003e1. Hit the pencil button to edit the meal.u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-243614u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e2. Press the box next to the items you wish to incorporate in your remembered meal.u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-243616u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e3. Press the knife and fork symbol to save your meal.u003cbru003e4. Name the dish and hit the “Save New” button.u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-243615u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003e

Keep Your Favorite Food in One Place

Diversifying your menu and including new items is a great way to improve your diet and lead a healthier life. And now you know how to incorporate foods into your MyFitnessPal assortment. So, whenever you come across a meal that will fit in with your plan, hover over it with your camera or scan its barcode to integrate it with other delicious dishes.

How many meals does your MyFitnessPal consist of? Have you tried scanning new items? How did it go? Let us know in the comments section below.

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