What Are the Newest AirPods Out Right Now?

Released in October 2021, the AirPods 3 are the latest addition to the Apple family of products. The company has upgraded both the features and the appearance of the third-generation earbuds to guarantee a seamless listening experience. However, determining whether you should invest in earpieces can be overwhelming since there are many factors to consider.

What Are the Newest AirPods Out Right Now?

This article will break down the major features of the AirPods 3 to help you decide whether the product meets your audio streaming needs.

AirPods 3 Features

At first glance, the AirPods 3 promise to become a staple in Apple’s offering and another best-selling product for the tech giant.

Let’s take a look at what the newest AirPods bring to the table.


At $179, the AirPods 3 are reasonably priced, and you can purchase them on the official Apple web page. The site lets customers personalize the product by placing initials, emojis, and numbers on the earbuds, giving them a custom feel.

New Design

Apple’s AirPods 3 feature a brand new design for the wireless earbuds, a first for the product since it was initially introduced in 2016. The sleek appearance is reminiscent of the AirPods Pro, with a more compact stem and a rounded earpiece.

The product should feel lightweight, hugging the ears at the perfect angle without putting too much pressure on them. Although the AirPods Pro came with silicone tips for extra comfort and protection, the latest release lacks this feature. Instead, these AirPods are tipless, so some Apple users might mistake them for the original earbuds.

The unassuming white plastic design aligns with the overall aesthetic of Apple’s previous releases, while a thin silver line runs along the bottom of the stems. The product is narrower than traditional solutions, so customers won’t have to reposition the earbuds to find the perfect spot.


These AirPods boast an IPX4 rating, meaning that they can hold their own against rain, sweat, and the occasional splash from a water bottle. However, it’s best to keep them away from downpours and large amounts of liquid to prevent long-term damage. Another perk of the product is that it’s equipped with an IPX4-certified charging case, so drizzle won’t stop you from charging your earbuds.

Extremely Responsive

The shorter stems feature a built-in sensor that enables you to adjust playback controls by gently tapping the AirPods. Tapping once will pause or resume the audio, while two taps are a trigger to skip forward. The sensors make the earpieces extremely user-friendly, and you can answer a call by pressing one stem.


The AirPods 3 come with the standard Apple chipset seen in their previous earbud versions. The high-performing chipset allows you to quickly connect the AirPods to your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device and supports audio sharing. Users can switch between their devices without difficulty since you don’t have to access any Bluetooth settings.

While most of the AirPods’ benefits work only with Apple products, the chipset enables you to link the earbuds to any smart device via Bluetooth. This feature lets more people enjoy the AirPod listening experience and enlarges Apple’s customer pool.

Perhaps the most interesting hardware update is the skin-detect sensor which determines whether the AirPods are hugging the ears or sitting in your bag or pocket. When it concludes you’ve taken off the earpieces, the sensor automatically pauses the audio to preserve battery life.

Audio Quality

Traditional earbuds are often uncomfortable because they fail to accommodate the shapes of our ears. But Apple seems to have found a solution to this problem. The AirPods 3 have been designed using EQ technology, which automatically adjusts the sound quality based on the AirPods’ position in your ears.

Moreover, the AirPods 3 is equipped with Dolby Atmos and spatial audio support, providing an enhanced listening experience.

Siri Integration

The Siri-integrated H1 chipset gives you more control over your listening experience, enabling hands-free audio access. You can tweak the volume, change songs and make or answer calls by issuing different “Hey Siri” voice commands. If you’re using an Apple product that runs on iOS 15, Siri will even read the contents of new text messages. Additionally, you can ask the voice assistant to check battery life, look up the weather forecast, switch between playlists, and more. While not everyone finds the voice assistant integration necessary, it’s an invaluable asset to users who are constantly on the go and need simple ways to take the hassle out of their daily routine.

Charging Case

Apple has also released an upgraded version of the MagSafe Charging Case to accompany the AirPods 3. Like its predecessors, the case supports wireless charging. But it also has a magnetic lining that stops the earbuds from accidentally falling out, preventing scrapes and more severe hardware damage.

There’s an additional charging option, and users can now boost their AirPods’ battery with a Lightning cord. Both earbuds fit perfectly inside the case, which will activate a tiny light on its front to alert you that the AirPods are charging. An orange light indicates they’re not fully charged. Once the light turns green, you can take them out and continue listening to your favorite music or podcasts.


The enhanced battery life makes the AirPods 3 stand out among its competitors. You can stream audio files for up to six hours, while battery life decreases to five hours when you activate the spatial audio feature. The charging case provides the earbuds with a whopping 24 hours of listening time. You can quickly boost the battery thanks to the fast charge support if you’re on a time crunch. Once you activate the feature, charging the AirPods for five minutes offers one hour of streaming time.


The AirPods 3 are integrated into Apple’s “Find My” network that connects millions of iOS devices to help owners keep track of their products. If you misplace or lose your AirPods 3, the “Find My” support might be able to help you locate them. Users can also activate special alerts that notify them when their earbuds have been found.

Devices Compatible with AirPods 3

The AirPods 3 are compatible with iOS devices running on iOS 13 or newer systems. Additionally, you can connect them to MacBooks produced between 2012 and 2022. Apple has compiled a list of compatible devices to help you determine whether the AirPods will work with your Mac.

AirPods 3 vs. AirPods Pro vs. AirPods 2

Apple has upped the ante with their third generation of AirPods. The second-generation features an outdated design without EQ technology and isn’t water or sweat-resistant. Moreover, the AirPods 2 have shorter battery life and no wireless charging option.

Although Apple has created the AirPods Pro to be the most powerful earbuds on the market, they share many attractive features with the AirPods 3. The only notable difference is that the Pro version is equipped with silicone tips and noise-canceling options.

Time Will Tell What Apple Has in Store

Although Apple takes several years to develop and release new AirPods models, it’s rumored that future earpieces might come with health features for monitoring posture and body temperature. In that case, the company may add upgrades that enhance the functionality of the Apple Watch. While this is only speculation, Apple is likely searching for ways to transform its listening devices into multipurpose gadgets that boost our quality of life.

However, until the next product release, users have plenty of time to enjoy the perks of the newest AirPods.

Have you used the AirPods 2 or AirPods Pro before? Which features did you like best? Do you plan on switching to the latest model? Let us know in the comments section below.

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