Symantec reveals the 100 dirtiest sites on the web

Symantec has compiled a list of the 100 “dirtiest” sites on the internet.

Symantec reveals the 100 dirtiest sites on the web

The security company’s chart lists the sites that are created specifically to infect visitors’ machines with malware that’s designed to steal personal details or take control of the infected PC.

Symantec isn’t publishing the list of sites, as many of them can infect unprotected PCs simply by visiting them. However, the company has sent the full list to PC Pro.

Nine out of the top ten most dangerous sites host adult content, with the URL of the remaining site suggesting it’s linked to child abuse.

Thirty-seven of the top 100 are adult sites, several of which have URLs that are slight variations on the names of well-known porn sites – a ruse obviously designed to trap the accidental visitor.

That trick isn’t only restricted to adult sites: one of the sites on the list has a name very similar to a well-known Apple rumours site, while others are concerned with seemingly innocent pursuits such as HD video and designer gloves.

The number of individual threats hosted on the sites is staggering. Symantec claims the most dangerous site contains more than 86,000 threats, while even the 100th on the list has more than 3,500. Three quarters of the sites on the list have been distributing their wares for more than six months, suggesting authorities are doing little to snuff out such threats.

Symantec ranks the UK as the fifth “dirtiest country” on the internet, based on the location in which the infected sites are being hosted. The US tops the chart, with China, Germany and Canada completing the top five.

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