How to Get to the Home Screen on an Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 is a virtual reality headset that allows users to play VR games unhindered by wires and cables. It has its own sensors for tracking your movement, eliminating the need for PC tethering, which was a problem with previous-generation devices. One common problem users struggle with is navigation, which can make it difficult to return to the home screen.

How to Get to the Home Screen on an Oculus Quest 2

The good news is that returning to the home screen isn’t too tricky, but Oculus sometimes doesn’t give the best instructions. Read on to find out how to return to the home menu.

Oculus Quest 2 Basics

The Oculus Quest 2 consists of a headset and controllers. The headset has built-in earpieces, so you won’t have to use other audio devices. Since it has room-scale tracking, the Oculus Quest 2 can keep you safe from hitting other objects.

With special sensors, the Quest 2 tracks your position and movement. Therefore, the Quest 2 offers an immersive experience no matter what title you’re playing.

It’s still necessary to have a Facebook account before you can use the Oculus Quest 2, though there are plans to remove this mandatory step. After that, you’ll need a mobile device that has Bluetooth turned on. Fortunately, the smartphone isn’t as necessary after the setup phase.

Here are the controls for the Oculus Quest 2:

  • Select options using the triggers, A button, and X button
  • The back button for menus and screens is either B or Y
  • To go to the Home Screen, press the Oculus button
  • Hold the Oculus button to reset the controllers’ orientation
  • Grip buttons are used to grab objects or make a fist using the VR hands
  • In the Oculus Home, press the Menu button to bring up the menu
  • You can wake the controllers up using any button above

Now that you know your way around the Quest 2, we can dive into going back to the home screen at any time.

Getting to the Home Screen

Whenever you’re using your Oculus Quest 2, you can always bring up the Oculus Home. Here’s how:

  1. Wake up or turn on your Oculus Quest 2.
  2. Launch a game.
  3. Press the Oculus button when you wish to bring up the Oculus Home Screen.

From the menu, you can view the following options:

  • Time
  • Date
  • Internet connection
  • Battery levels
  • Profile settings
  • Apps
  • Friends section
  • Notifications tab
  • Settings wheel

The Oculus Menu is where you’ll spend a lot of time, particularly if you’re new to VR. There are plenty of settings to adjust, so you’ll have to find what works best for you. Notifications, friend requests, and more are all handled in this menu.

When you press the menu button, the menu appears as an adjustable window. It will pop up no matter what app or game you’re currently running.

Oculus Quest 2 Home Menu Problems

While it seems easy enough to return to the Oculus Home Screen, some people report opening it and seeing an empty screen devoid of apps and notifications. There are some reasons this can happen, but it’s usually a fairly easy issue to fix.

The problem consists of the empty home screen and an error message telling you to try again later. We know it may be tempting to throw your headset out the window, but let’s give these fixes a try first.

Restart the Quest 2

Sometimes, electronic devices can boot up badly, and the most straightforward fix is to restart the system. Should your Home Screen return to normal, then it was probably a bad booting sequence. This solution tends to work, but it’s not a cure-all.

If the Home Menu still refuses to load correctly, you should try the next few steps.

Reconnect the Quest 2 to Your Oculus App

Another cause of the error is changing your account details. These include:

  • Email address
  • Username
  • Password

Sometimes, the information change prevents the headset from properly connecting to your account since it may not have the newest updated login credentials.

Fortunately, there’s a straightforward fix to this.

  1. On your mobile device, launch the Oculus App.
  2. Go to the settings menu on the app.
  3. Turn on your Oculus Quest 2 if you haven’t done so.
  4. Select the Quest 2 in the app.
  5. Connect the two and wait.
  6. Restart the Oculus Quest 2.
  7. You should now see the familiar Home Screen layout.

If your login information stays the same and you still see the error, the following cause is more likely to be the source of the problem.

Wait for Oculus Services to Return Online

The Home Menu is connected to the internet since Oculus requires it to connect users worldwide. However, those same services can also go offline due to server problems or other errors. Thus, you’ll find yourself unable to log in.

You can check this website and see if Oculus is down. Alternatively, the current official Twitter account for Meta Quest will also tweet if the platform is experiencing technical difficulties.

Perform a Factory Reset

Factory resets should be the last resort, but if nothing else works, this is your best option. It does wipe your data, meaning you may want to back up your information first.

Here’s how to perform a factory reset on the Oculus Quest 2:

  1. Hold down the Power and (-) buttons simultaneously.
  2. Wait for the boot menu to appear.
  3. Use the volume buttons to select “Factory Reset.”

  4. Press the Power button to confirm your choice.
  5. Wait.

Here’s how to perform a factory reset via the Oculus App:

  1. Open the Oculus App on your phone.
  2. At the bottom, tap the “Devices” menu.
  3. Pick the Quest 2 that you paired to the app.
  4. Select “Advance Settings.”
  5. Choose “Factory Reset.”
  6. Confirm your decision.

Oculus Support is also ready to help if you submit a ticket. When doing so, giving them as much information as possible will increase the chances of the customer service representative giving you helpful advice.

Additional FAQs

Can you use the Oculus Quest 2 without a Facebook account?

As of 2022, there isn’t a way to use the Oculus Quest 2 without a Facebook account. Meta is trying to eliminate this requirement, but there’s still no news about any progress. We still need Facebook accounts to use the VR headsets.

Are there voice commands for Oculus Quest 2?

Yes, there are voice commands for the Quest 2. You can set them up quickly and navigate the menu quicker than the Touch controllers. There’s also the choice of deciding whether the voice commands are stored.

As for privacy issues, the company states that when your microphone or headset is off, it won’t listen to anything around it.

Another World to Explore

The Oculus Quest 2 provides a user-friendly and intelligent VR experience, allowing users to customize their virtual world and even implement voice commands. The headset works without a wired connection to a PC, though that’s necessary for graphics-intensive games. Navigating to the home menu is simple, and the problems that may arise are also easy to fix.

What do you think the Quest 2 can improve on? Why do you enjoy VR? Let us know in the comments section below.

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