What Does ‘Other Viewers’ Mean for Facebook Stories?

People sharing collections of videos and photos in the form of stories is a popular social media feature. Stories are entertaining and engaging, creating intimacy amongst friends, family, and customers. Whenever you post a Facebook story, it is advertised for all to see right at the top of your newsfeed; tempting your visitors to take a quick peek.

What Does 'Other Viewers' Mean for Facebook Stories?

If you’re seeing the “Other people viewed this story” message and want to know what it means, this article explains it. Let’s get started!

Who Are Other Viewers for Facebook Stories?

Facebook has decided to keep the identities of the other viewers of your Facebook stories confidential. Therefore, you’ll only know how many “others” there were and that they’d be a combination of Facebook and Messenger users or your followers.

In Facebook stories, you can create and share your shorts, videos, and photo collections with friends or everyone. These stories are fleeting, though, and eventually disappear after 24 hours.

Since the platform assumes you want all your stories viewable by people you know, the default privacy setting is “Friends only.” However, you can open your Facebook stories to the entire world when you set your privacy options to “Public.” In the case of the latter, viewers who are not your Facebook friends will get counted as “Other Viewers” or “Other People.”

Facebook does not reveal “other” identities to protect everybody’s privacy. If you prefer to see everyone who views your stories, you can always change the setting back to the default, “Friends.” Facebook is O.K. with sharing those names.

Facebook Viewers FAQs

How do I change the privacy of my Facebook Stories to control the viewers?

Anything added to Facebook Stories appears on Facebook and Messenger—it gets shared with the same audience on both apps. If you prefer not to have anyone view your Facebook stories, you can manage who sees them under “Privacy Settings.”

Can you see how many times someone views your Facebook Story?

No, you can’t tell whether someone has repeatedly watched your Facebook story or only viewed it once. However, you can see the number of times people have seen it.

Is there any way to see “Other Viewers” profiles or names?

“Other Viewers” are people that have viewed your Facebook story but are not your Facebook friend. So anyone other than your friends will be counted as “Other Viewers.” These people can consist of your followers or anyone on Facebook and Messenger.

By default, your Stories privacy settings get set to “Friends only.” When the option has been changed to “Public,” anyone can view it, but you cannot see who did. There is no third-party app that allows you to see any names.

7 thoughts on “What Does ‘Other Viewers’ Mean for Facebook Stories?”

Sarah says:
If people are allowed to view your story even on public we should be able to see who views it. If it’s OK for them to view what you post then it should be fair to know who Is viewing your story.
Yo Mama says:
Or, you know, set your dang story to Friends like they suggest in the article. If you want to be Public with your stories, then why do you care who looks at them? Probably because you’re trying to stalk your ex and see if they are still looking at your profile and checking your stories. Guess what? If you deleted the person, but are dumb enough to set your stories as Public, then that sounds like a definite YOU problem.
Josh says:
I can see who viewed my story, check again.
James says:
there are ways around this, altough not reliable it’s hit or miss.
but it should be viewable by everyone
James says:
I will say though that if they are going to make it so your storie viewers are public they may as well just tell you when anyone visits your profile. I use stories as a gimmick to find out who is creeping. but i really hate for people to know when i creep 😛
Wanda says:
I agree just cause your not friends with someone and they like your story it would be nice to see if we do know the person cause you do have stalkers and creepy people out there so yes yall need to make it to where we can see the name we shouldn’t have to change our setting to friends it’s not fair to us that do share our stories!
Cynthia Gowin says:
Totally agree 100% !
Shauntell Thomas says:
I agree because I do have some that are stalking my story on Facebook
Michael Picking says:
I believe other views should be shown on your story as this would identify any stalkers so you can block or report them
Candy says:
I think it’s something that should definitely be shown if you post public as well. Also people could have stalkers they aren’t aware of that would be important to know.
Fxck_sake! says:
Get over yourself dude. It’s not like you haven’t stalked anyone on fb. And i call bs on anyone saying they ‘just wany to connect with friends’ give me a break. Wanting to find out who’s seen their post are just really desperate for attention.
Fera says:
Is my view counting too to my story?

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