How to Change a Signature in Outlook [PC or Mobile]

Your email signature is a quick way to verify who you are and provide your business details conveniently. It’s like a virtual business card with all your pertinent information and adds a personalized touch to every email you send.

How to Change a Signature in Outlook [PC or Mobile]

But as your circumstances change, your signature details may require altering. If you want to know how to change your signature in Outlook, we’ll take you through the steps in this article.

How to Change a Signature in Outlook on a Windows PC

To change your signature in Outlook via Windows:

  1. Launch Outlook.
  2. Click on File, Options, Mail, then Signatures.
  3. Click on the signature you wish to change.
  4. Make your changes via the Edit signature box.
  5. Once you’re done, click Save, then OK.

How to Change a Signature in Outlook on a Mac

To change your Outlook signature via macOS:

  1. Open Outlook and click Outlook in the menu at the top.
  2. Click on Preferences.
  3. Click Signature.
  4. Locate your existing signature. Then, click Edit.
  5. Make edits to your existing signature. Then, click the floppy disk icon to save.
  6. Click the X icon in the upper left window. Now, your Outlook Signature will reflect the edits.

If you need to update your signature for multiple emails, click the Account option in step 4. Then, select the email with the signature you’d like to change.

How to Change a Signature in Outlook on an iPhone

To update your Outlook signature via the Outlook app on your iPhone:

  1. Launch the Outlook app.
  2. At the top left, tap your profile icon.
  3. Tap the Settings gear icon.
  4. Go to the Mail section.
  5. Click Signature.
  6. In the Signature screen, update your signature.

How to Change a Signature in Outlook on an Android Device

To update your signature via the Outlook app on your Android device:

  1. Open the Outlook app.
  2. Tap File, Options, Mail, then Signatures.
  3. Tap the signature you wish to edit and make your changes via the Edit signature box.
  4. Once you’re happy with the results, tap Save, then OK.

How to Delete an Email Signature in Outlook

Perhaps you’d like to delete a signature on an email. If you added a signature to the wrong account in Outlook, or you decided it’s no longer necessary, follow these steps to delete your signature:

  1. Open Outlook and navigate to the Signature option (shown in our tutorials above).
  2. On a Mac – Click on the Signature you’d like to remove. Then, click the icon.
  3. On a PC – Click the Signature, then click Delete.
  4. On an iOS device – Highlight the text. Then, backspace until it disappears.
  5. On Android – Delete the text.

When you send an email, your signature will no longer appear. To add a new one, follow the same steps above in reverse.

Tips for the Perfect Email Signature

Your email signature is more than a sign-off. It’s important because it provides the recipient with contact information and your name, and it’s professional. Here are some things to include in your Signature:

  • Your Name
  • Job title & department
  • Your email address
  • Your telephone number
  • Links for a call to action
  • A profile picture

Aside from what you should include, keep in mind that most Signatures should be professional. While you can customize them, it’s best to stick with black text and italics or bolding. Avoiding bright neon text is a good idea because it can be difficult to read.

Additional FAQs

Here are the answers to more of your questions about Outlook signatures.

How do you add a picture to your Outlook email signature?

To add an image or company logo to your email signature in Outlook:

1. Launch a new email.

2. Choose Signature.

3. Select the signature with which you wish to include an image in the Select signature to edit box.

4. Click the picture icon, find your image file, then click Insert.

5. Right-click the picture to resize it, then select Picture.

6. Click the Size option, then use the choices to resize your picture. Check the Lock aspect ratio checkbox to keep the image proportions.

7. Once you’re happy, click OK, then OK again to save the changes.

How do I create a signature template in Outlook?

If you want to create an email signature using a signature gallery template, choose a signature template you like to copy into your message, then customize it.

1. Once you have downloaded the signature template you want to use, open it in Word.

2. Select the different parts of the signature, then select “Copy.”

3. Launch Outlook, then choose New Email.

4. Paste the signature into the email message body.

5. Now, customize the signature by changing the text, adding a photo, or adding your hyperlinks.

To change your logo/photo:

1. Right-click the image, then choose Change Picture.

2. Select your photo’s source location.

3. Click Insert.

4. Select the image to get the drag handles, then use these to resize the image as necessary.

5. Choose the Format menu options to format your image.

To include hyperlinks:

1. From the signature, right-click on a social media icon or select website text, right-click, then select Edit Link.

2. Enter the link to your social profile in the Address field.

3. Click OK.

To save your signature:

1. Select all the components of the signature, right-click and select Copy.

2. From the

Message menu, click Signature, then Signatures.

3. Select New, then give your signature a name, e.g., Personal or Business.

4. From the Edit signature field, right-click and choose Paste. Your signature is now shown in the field.

5. Select OK to save.

Now all your messages will automatically include this signature

How do I make my signature look handwritten?

To include a handwritten signature, you can either scan or take a photo of your handwritten signature, then add it to your Outlook signature.

1. Sign your signature on a piece of white paper.

2. Either scan or take a picture of it and save it on your computer in .gif, .png, .jpg, or .bmp file format.

3. Open the file on your computer.

4. Click it to open the Picture Tools Format tab, then select Crop to crop the image.

5. To save the signature as a separate file, right-click the image, then select Save as Picture.

6. To include the signature in a document, select Insert, then Pictures, and choose your saved signature.

Whenever you wish to use this signature:

1. Put the insertion point where you want to insert the signature block.

2. Select Insert, Quick Parts, and AutoText, then select the name of your signature block.

Changing Your Autograph in Outlook

Outlook’s email signature allows you to finish every email with a quick summary of your contact details, making sure your recipients can easily reach you via different methods. The process is so simple that designing professional signatures and changing your signature details whenever you need to in Outlook is a piece of cake.

Have you ever used any of Outlook’s templates to design a signature? If so, were you happy with the way it turned out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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