How to Pair Your Amazon Echo Buds

The days of wired headphones are dwindling. They’re great in a pinch but a lot of consumers are leaning toward wireless earbuds. If you’re new to the earbud game, you’ll quickly realize that listening to audio isn’t as simple as plugging a cable in.

How to Pair Your Amazon Echo Buds

Whether you’ve just purchased your Echo Buds, or you’ve had them for a while, pairing can be tricky but not impossible. Either way, have no worries because we’re going to walk you step-by-step through setting up your Echo Buds.

Pairing Your Echo Buds

One of the main perks of having Echo Buds is that you get access to Alexa on the go. But you first have to set everything up and make sure it’s working correctly.

Here is how you can setup your Echo Buds:

Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth

You’ll need to start by making sure your phone is ready to pair. If you’re using a newer iPhone (iPhone X or later), simply pull down from the top right of your phone’s screen and tap the Bluetooth symbol so it lights up blue.

If you’re using an Android, pull down from the top of the screen and ensure that the Bluetooth symbol is blue.

Open the Alexa app on your phone

If you don’t already have the Alexa app you can download it from the App Store or Google Play Store. Also, make sure that you’re signed in to your Amazon account.

Press and hold the button on your Echo Buds

To put your Buds in pairing mode press and hold the physical button on them until the light flashes blue. The Echo Buds should appear on your device when they’re connected.

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Place the Buds in your ear

Be mindful, there is a right and left bud. You can use only one or both but because these are stereo buds you’ll have a better experience using both at the same time.

Pair Echo Buds-side

Tap the option to pair when it appears on your phone.

Pairing Without the Alexa App

You can wirelessly stream anything via your Echo Buds without going through the Alexa app. However, that means you won’t have the benefits of Alexa services.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your computer, tablet, or phone.
  2. Open the case of your Echo Buds and press and hold the button you find on the case for three seconds. The Echo buds must be inside the case this time.
  3. Release the button. Now take the Echo Buds and put them in your ears.
  4. Go to your device and use the Bluetooth settings to make the two paired correctly.

These are the two ways you can pair your Echo Buds with devices. Alexa app will work with Android and iOS devices, and you can pair them with any Bluetooth supported device.


You’ve followed all of the steps above but your Echo Buds are giving you a hard time. Fortunately, Amazon gave us a quick and easy solution to finding out the underlying causes of our Echo Bud issues.

For such a simple looking case, it’s actually equipped to tell you what problem your tech is having. Different color lights and flashes mean different things. Let’s review them to help you move past your error code:

  • Battery – The green, yellow, and red light indicate battery life. If you’re seeing green then you have about two hours of life left. Yellow means you have less than two hours left and red means your battery is below 5%. If your buds are showing a red or yellow light, charge the case with the buds in it and try again.
  • Flashing Red – This indicates an issue with the connection. Either the pins on your Buds have become dirty or clogged with debris, or they didn’t pair properly. If you see this light try cleaning them, or unpair and reconnect.
  • Blue Flashing – The blue flashing light means your Buds are ready to pair. If you don’t see this, it isn’t going into pairing mode. Try charging your case for a bit then holding the button again. Also, check that your Bluetooth is turned on (the receiving device).

What Can You Do with Echo Buds?

If you pair your Echo Buds using the Alexa app, you’ll have a whole set of actions at your disposal. There is no need to press and hold and click on anything. All you have to do is say “Alexa” and then give a command that might be something like “turn down the volume” or “skip this song,” or even “call Mike.”

But you can also do something more complex like reduce the noise or enable the Passthrough feature. The noise reduction option makes sure that you don’t hear too much background noise when you’re out. On the other hand, the Passthrough feature makes sure that you get enough ambient sounds when you need to. Think of airport announcements or when someone is talking to you on the street.

All you have to do is put your Echo Buds in your ears and double tap on each touch sensor to go from the Passthrough feature to Noise Reduction. You can also ask Alexa to do that for you.


What If Alexa Isn’t Responding?

Imagine getting so comfortable with asking Alexa to help you with different tasks, and then she stops responding all of a sudden. That can create a pretty inconvenient situation. No need for panic, it’s probably something that you can fix relatively quickly. Here are some of the things you can check:

  1. Is your phone’s volume down? Make sure to increase it.
  2. Is the Alexa app open? Are your Echo Buds online? If not, make sure to get them back online.
  3. Is the Wi-Fi down? Maybe you should reboot your router.
  4. Double-check the Bluetooth connection on your device.

In case your Echo Buds lose Bluetooth connection often, you should probably restart your smartphone and go to the Alexa app, and unpair your buds. Then start the process of pairing again. If the problem persists, you might need to factory reset your phone or other device and go through the entire setup process.

Pairing Your Echo Buds Is Easy

The Echo Buds are tiny, but they are powerful. They come with Alexa, which can do a lot for you when you’re indoors and outdoors. The pairing process is quick and straightforward, and if you experience any issues with it, you should be able to fix it quickly.

If the outside noise gets too much, you can reduce it. If you need to make sure you hear something, you can activate Passthrough.

How easy was it to pair your Echo Buds? Have you encountered problems? Maybe you know another troubleshooting method? Let us know in the comments section below.

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