How to Cancel Your Subscription to Paramount Plus

You can only cancel a Paramount Plus subscription on the same platform you subscribed with. While the easiest method is via the Paramount Plus website, it only works if the subscription was made directly from there. In case you used third-party billing service providers like Google Play, App Store, Roku, or Amazon, then you need to use these same platforms to unsubscribe.

How to Cancel Your Subscription to Paramount Plus

This article explains how to cancel your subscription for Paramount Plus.

Cancelation in Standalone Accounts

On a standalone account, you need to cancel the subscription through the company’s website directly. Here, the subscription method is the same for paid subscriptions and free trials. Once you cancel, access to the platform isn’t lost immediately. The subscription status stays active until the billing period is over. When it ends, you can no longer access the services.

  1. After logging in to the paramount account, pick the “Account” option.
  2. Go to “Subscription and Billing,” and select “Subscription.
  3. Choose the “Cancel Subscription” option.
  4. Select “Yes, Cancel,” to confirm the action.

Cancelling Paramount Plus on Amazon

On the Paramount Plus support page, it’s suggested that you should contact Amazon account support to cancel the subscription. However, it is still possible to unsubscribe through the accounts dashboard.

Follow the steps below to cancel Paramount+ through Fire TV or Amazon:

  1. On your Prime account, hover over the account name at the top right corner then select “Account Settings.”
  2. Go to the “Channels” option found in the menu bar and find “Paramount+.”
  3. Select the “Cancel Channel” option.
  4. In some cases, you may get a retention offer prompt. You can take it or if you still want to continue with unsubscribing, select the “Cancel my Subscription” option.
  5. Once concluded, you should get a confirmation that the subscription is now canceled.

Cancelling in iPad and iPhone

If your signup was through the App Store on iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV+, cancel the subscription through the App Store on the device. You can also cancel the service using the iOS app. As mentioned, you need to go use the platform or app where you originally subscribed.

  1. Open the App Store app on the device then select “Account.”
  2. Select “subscriptions.”
  3. Choose “active” followed by “Paramount+.”
  4. Select the “Cancel subscription” or “Cancel Free Trial” option.

You’ll receive a note confirming when the subscription is meant to expire. Alternatively, use the settings app on your iOS device to unsubscribe.

Cancelling Paramount Plus Using Other Devices

You can cancel your paramount subscription depending on where you signed up. The steps are similar on most of the other devices so you can follow the steps provided below if your device isn’t on the list.

Apple TV (4th Gen or later)

  1. Launch the “Settings” menu.
  2. Choose “Users and Accounts.”
  3. Select your account followed by “Subscriptions.”
  4. Select “Paramount Plus” from the list.
  5. Choose the “Cancel subscription” option and confirm.

Android Tablet, Phone, or TV

If the signup was through the Google Play Store, you have to go to the subscription page on the Play Store. Choose Paramount Plus then cancel your subscription.

Cancellation on Prime Video

To cancel Prime Video, you need to visit Amazon for account support.

Canceling the Free Trial

When you’re newly subscribed, you get a free seven-day trial. You‘re then charged at the end of the trial period. The amount depends on the plan you choose. However, canceling the subscription before the trial ends means you don’t get charged. Cancelation of the free trial is similar to regular subscriptions. You just have to follow the steps listed.

Paramount subscriptions can be canceled at any time. You’ll still be able to access the service all through until your billing cycle ends. In case you want back in, you can do so at any time by re-subscribing.

Reasons Why People Unsubscribe From Paramount Plus

There are various reasons why you might want to cancel your subscriptions:

  • Cost: Even though the cost is lower than some streaming services, the cumulative expense of handling multiple subscriptions becomes burdensome at some point. To trim expenses, you may choose to cancel some of the less-used subscriptions.
  • Content preference: There are different content options on Paramount including exclusive series, TV shows, and movies. Sometimes, it may feel that the content doesn’t align with your preferences and interests. If the platform no longer delivers the quality or variety preferred, canceling may be the best idea.
  • Switching to other streaming services: Streaming is competitive and new platforms are emerging from time to time. Paramount Plus subscriptions may be canceled to switch to another service with more features or content that matches the trends. Recommendations and exclusive deals can inspire such a switch.
  • Temporary break: This could be a chance to reduce screen time, digital detox, or focus on other activities. Cancellation allows you to take a step back and maybe come back later.


How long does unsubscribing take?

Normally, the cancelation request is processed immediately. However, there are instances when it can take longer, especially during busy periods. After the cancellation, you should receive an email or a message confirming the changes made.

Can I re-subscribe after canceling?

If you change your mind after unsubscribing, there is the option to re-subscribe. Go to the website and handle the payment and billing process all over again.

What do I do if Paramount Plus isn’t available in my region?

If you’re in a country with no access to Paramount Plus, you may need a VPN to bypass those geoblocks.

Will I be penalized for unsubscribing?

No. There are no penalties for un-subscribing from Paramount Plus. However, such a cancellation should be done before any more costs are charged on your card. In such a case, you wouldn’t be able to recover the subscription amount.

Exit Paramount Plus With Ease

Paramount Plus offers many different shows and it isn’t as expensive as some other platforms. However, it isn’t for everyone in terms of show variety, perks, and services. Some people view Paramount as a “Star Trek Network” mainly because you can access all the Star Trek Shows on the platform. Often, this isn’t enough, which prompts people to cancel their subscriptions.

Did you cancel your paramount subscription successfully? Why did you want to cancel? Tell us in the comments section below.

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