palmOne LifeDrive review

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There are some good points: this is the first time that palmOne has included Bluetooth and WLAN at the same time in a device. Both are easy to set up, letting you synchronise wirelessly and connect to the Internet simultaneously. WPA-PSK encryption is supported, and you can also choose from various automatic encryption levels for failed login attempts to the handheld – including one that will wipe your entire hard disk. It’s also lighter than it looks; at 193g, it weighs about the same as an average mobile phone – and it’s built impressively well.

But while the sheer storage capacity, wireless, Microsoft Exchange compatibility and passable media capability may tempt some, it’s all wrapped up in a bulky, underpowered and expensive package. And, as a portable entertainment device, it simply doesn’t stack up. With so many decent smartphones, PDAs and media products now on the market, including new hard-disk-based mobile phones, the LifeDrive feels like too little, too late.

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